16 Signs Of Gaslighting-Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Gaslighting is one of a narcissists favorite toxic tactics. It is easier to change the story and distort the truth than it is to sell themselves in reality. This toxic tactic can wear away at your heart and soul, because doubting oneself is the first reaction most survivors have in order to try to make sense of everything. When someone you love tells you that you have it wrong, it is hard not to doubt yourself. If they love you, they would not lie to you. Unfortunately, this is the logic narcissists use against you. Here are some techniques and signs of a toxic person gaslighting:

Signs Of A Person Who Gaslights

  • They manipulate-use and control of others as an extension of oneself
  • They use emotional invalidation and coercion
  • They frequently tell blatant lies and exaggerations
  • They deny they ever said something, even if you have proof
  • They use what is near and dear to you as ammunition
  • They wear you down over time
  • Their actions do not match their words
  • They throw in positive reinforcement to confuse you
  • They know confusion weakens people
  • They project
  • They try to align people against you
  • They tell you and/or others you are crazy
  • They tell you everyone else is a liar
  • They rarely admit to flaws and are highly aggressive when criticized
  • They have and use a false image of themselves
  • They frequently break rules and violate boundaries

Gaslighting erodes your self-worth and makes you not trust yourself or your own reality. This is one of the most toxic tactics of narcissistic abuse. It gets people stuck in a toxic reality that is not their own. Beware of anyone who wages war on your truth.

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