180 Day Mark-There Are No Borders To Race Wars

You know when you see someone else winning your brain should release dopamine making you want to win and try harder, right? You know that when you see beauty in the world your brain is supposed to release dopamine, thus creating a reason for you to find more beauty in the world, right? The epigenetics of the “fancy” families are limiting your ability to experience the world. The birthrights that are supposed to be a gift are really just a trap.

I escaped the death camp in Sierra Vista, Arizona 6 months ago. I am no longer running from my family cult, but merely taking a stand. Now it is up to the odds and the Gods to see who dies first, either my Dad or me. I have endured a lifetime of survival while he has spent his life creating destruction. Who would you bet on? The odds are forever in my favor and so are the masses.

On this little adventure through Washington, I have accomplished my goal of letting the people here know I am alive and there is still hope to be had. Yesterday, I thought about going to Canada, but no border will save me. This race war is in our genetics and bloodlines. Imaginary lines have saved me many times on this trip, but a border to a country does not matter.

It is hard for me to give up on hope that there is somewhere to run. My Mom and Brother have never ran, but I have spent a lifetime running because I did not know everything. I am done running. Now we just wait it out because we have all the time in the world. It is time to embrace our collective destiny. If you could do anything, what would you do? Well, do that! Start preparing now because there is hope.

I have been learning about epigenetics on this trip, because after my Dad dies we will need to fix the mess he has created. I know my Daddy Bennit(aka Hilter) was not a good man, but even he did not create such darkness in our modern world. The world went dark when my Dad took over and the food went to shit along with the economy and people’s health. We all deserve so much more! I do not care who you are or who your relatives are, you deserve better than this. You don’t have to believe me yet, I will keep telling you till it sinks in and becomes your new reality.

Also, on this little Washington adventure, I learned that my desire to stay unmarried and not have children is way more revolutionary than I could have ever imagined. I have spent a lifetime trying to escape my parents and every time I get into a relationship it is just entering a new prison. No one is meant to have this much power in their mere being, it’s inhumane. I have paid greatly for this power and now my family is pissed off that their greed and poor planning has lead them to this place. Well, I am pissed too. So there is something we agree on.

The amount of relief I feel about never having to touch a man sexually again is amazing! And I was thinking about it. No wonder the white women are the deadest of the bunch. No one wants them and they don’t even like themselves. They are merely for breeding and the men would rather be having sex with other men. I can completely understand why they hate everyone. At least in the ethnic families women have some power. We may still be considered less than, but what we say goes.

No one can make me marry anyone. No one can make me have sex with anyone anymore. No one can overtly kill me.

May the odds be forever in your favor.

Nicole Graves

P.S. Stop getting Covid shots!

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