Dear Aunt Lee

Dear Aunt Lee

I am not mad at you. Sorry I reacted poorly when I saw you yesterdag, but you know the poison is strong. They are trying to get me to have a heart attack, but you know because my Dad has done this to you too. What did you do that pissed him off? I don’t care who you have sex with. I am just interested in making sense of my choppy logic life. You are the only woman in the Kudearoff family that I was programmed to look up to and my Mom always had increased blood pressure when she talks about you. So things make sense and that makes my brain and heart feel better. I always wondered why your kids got to be healthy. They wanted me to grow up and be like you, willing to make sacrifices for my children. I kind of admire what you did. I am all for using being a woman to my best advantage.

You know this is the biggest and the scariest thing I have ever done. And if I fail the world is going to pay for it. You are a Pisces like my Dad, so you can connect in with your emotions. I need your help. I have learned to read minds and energy, I know it sounds whoo whoo but can you even fathom how I got this far? I know I can’t. I am beyond overwhelmed when I really think about it all, but no time for emotions now. The world is on the line.

Tell me what to do, tell me what pieces I am missing still that will help me figure this puzzle out. There is only one group of people left enslaved besides the Tacoma guys(and some that have grown older and higher in rank), it is a group of hybrid Nazis(Scandinavian and South American) but they are old school like they have not been called upon since the 80s. Who are these people? There were a ton in Florence. Just sit and think clearly the answers. or think about it while walking the dogs. I know it sounds crazy, but just try it nothing to loose right. Its a covert favor. Sorry again for the cortisol response. Dream of what this could mean for us all! <3

Love Always

Nicole Lee

A Graves-Kudearoff Civil War-Dear People Of Springfield

Dear People Of Springfield,

Hi, my name is Nicole Graves. Donnie Graves(the grandson of Hitler) is my Father and Margie Kudearoff-Graves is my Mother(I’m sure you have heard of the local Kudearoff family, right?). Do you all remember my Grandma Kudearoff? She was a short lady who never learned how to drive, but knew exactly how to make people smile and feel loved. She was your leader until you all were enslaved and punished by my Father.

I do not know if you have heard, but my Dad and I are currently having a bit of a civil war. He wants my Brother to take my place/birthright and for me to be killed. We have been at this war since March when I escaped the death camp he created for me in Sierra Vista, Arizona. My whole life I was told I was just an ordinary person. No one ever explained the war games to me, but I was kept small and punished often just as you all.

You are my people. I am just like you. I am pissed off and tired of struggling uphill just to merely survive. It is time for a revolution. My Dad is dying and so all I have to do is out live him and we all are free to explore our potentials. Please be revolutionary with me and the Scandinavians/Republicans. We do not need to be kept small, manageable, and diseased any longer.

We deserve greatness in whatever form we choose to pursue. Let’s start a Revolution right here in Springfield, Oregon. Power belongs to the people who create it!


Nicole Graves

A Well Documented Covert War

So, Wow! I just realized those who partake in the war games have documented everything. The car/truck you drive(DMV records), where you live(property records), where you were born(birth certificates), your family(birth & marriage certificates), your jobs(thus the people you torment/destroy), your hobbies, your social circles, the grocery store you shop at, even the gym you go to and your favorite places to eat out. All explain where you stand in the war games. I do not have to document anything, you all have already done it without even thinking about it.

Have you considered this before? For a covert war this is sure documented well!

Thank you

Nicole Graves

What’s Happening On The Home Front?

Well, they have imported people from California to gas me while I am at my Mom’s house. Twilia the neighbor lady is once again being used as a tool, just as when I first arrived. She is not at fault, it’s probably just a part of her birthright and address. She is not an active member of the war games on a regular basis tho because she has never driven a Toyota Tacoma. It seems that the type of car/truck you drive when involved in the war games demonstrates your rank/birthright.

My Mom thought she had me last night, again. She views my kindness as weakness and even went for a dog walk with me, parading to the people that once again she had me under control. Even talking her small talk nonsense to a neighbor who will not be able to hide his property records, yet again. My memory is photographic on good days, why do you think they poison me so much? I may not be able to remember everyone’s license plates, but remembering where they live in a neighborhood that I grew up in is pretty elementary.

My Brother has been in his room because he is the worst at being covert. He has never had to be anything but overt in life except with me. Everyone in my family is getting pretty poor at being covert. They act as if I should just bend to their will because they have spent a lifetime bending to the will of others. How dare I stick up for myself and the other people they destroy. They have destroyed me for a lifetime and now that I know better they do not seem to fathom why I have a desire to do better. Mental illness like theirs does not understand growth and/or evolution.

My Mom gets to have a dinner party tonight because when she had a meeting with “fancy” family friends the other night, she came home more nervous than ever. Since I caught on, she gets a redo so she can torture her friends. Oh, and Aunt La is coming over too. Of course they will all be served food with poisons and not just the poisons the food comes with from the grocery stores, but added poisons.

My Mom gets off on poisoning people who are already dying and her family friends are not in good health to say the least. I wonder what they did to upset my Dad to have to spend time with my Mom. These family friends started hanging out with us camping around 5th grade, so about 1991-1993ish. But the man grew up near my Mom and is Mexican. My family does not like Mexicans, so this could be what they have done: merely be born of the wrong race.

Just another day in paradise with sore loosers.


Nicole Graves

As I was writing this post the other neighbor lady, Shari, came out and had to let her involvement be known with her little unibomber smoke bomb ways. It makes their brains light up and allows them to feel alive. It must suck to be dead inside, otherwise they would not need to hurt/harm others to feel alive.

My Own Personal Holocaust-Stop Feeding The Evil

The Holocaust did not start over night. It was years of small attitude shifts and then small laws, until one day the Jews had to identify themselves with a star when they left home. Wouldn’t it be amazing if people addicted to destruction had to identify themselves when in public? Maybe I was onto something when I said I need to start my own Holocaust, but this time a Holocaust against people addicted to destruction.

Accountability is a superpower that eludes cluster b personality disordered people. However, they need us to survive. Life is not easy when you cannot feel alive on your own. Being addicted to destruction means they rely on others to make them feel alive and valid. Leaving them constantly seeking attention/narcissistic supply. This is their greatest weakness. I urge each and everyone of you to educate yourself on cluster b personality disorders and narcissistic abuse. Know thy enemy.

Last night, I was thinking about what would make up my protocol for healing a person’s brain who enjoys destruction. And I realized, no one addicted to destruction will willingly take the amount of time and energy necessary to heal their brain. There would be no reward in it for them because they do not value healing. Only destruction lights up their brain. Being addicted to destruction is quite the monkey on their back.

So how do I purpose we start this Holocaust? Go no contact with the toxic people in your life, stop feeding the evil. I know, I know not everyone can move away to a different state, change their phone number, and start over. It probably breaks some of the covert rules. However, it is free to stop socializing with people who drain your cup. Protecting your energy is your birthright and a part of freewill.

Going no contact with my family is what allowed my brain and heart to heal because I was not stuck in the reactive cycles that cluster b personality disordered people like to keep people in. Every time you react to something they do, it feeds their ego and makes them feel powerful. Well, just stop interacting so they no longer have the opportunity to feel powerful at your expense. I understand there will be certain people you cannot go no contact with, like your boss and/or leader of your own personal family cult. But do what you can. It is time to cut the fat so to speak and stop giving to people who do not fill your cup.

This may not seem revolutionary, but this is just the first small step in a series of adjustments to the way we interact with the world that will help us create the world we desire. Not all creation is physical labor, sometimes when we change ourselves it changes the world we live in and thus the people we share it with.

Stop feeding the evil.


Nicole Graves

P.S. I may wear rose colored glasses, but I also am a realist. A metaphorical death that leaves them feeling like they are drowning inside is way more logical than going for blood.

P.S.S. I saw a black man walking on Main street in Springfield doing SS soldier duties, both yesterday and today. This is something I have never seen in 40 years. The world has changed and so have the war games. Sir, if you are reading this, they have you strung out on cortisol and the war games are probably not presented to you as optional. But the more you control your cortisol levels the more they will seek to find someone else who is more reactive. Finding your Zen is your escape route, literally and metaphorically.

Addicted To Destruction

We are stuck in this cycle of punishment and war because some people are addicted to destruction. Some people do not want to be better. This is why I was trying to run away my whole life. I was hoping to find a place where people don’t need to destroy others to feel whole and alive.

My Mom is addicted to destruction. She does not want to be better, she wants to destroy all day everyday. Her brain is dysfunctional and she is unwilling to do the work that is required to heal it. What do we do with people like this? I wish we could just send them all away somewhere the rest of us don’t go. They would all take care of each other. It is a rather humorous solution, but logically it makes so much sense to let them kill off each other.

I don’t know what the solution is. I don’t really believe punishment is a solution. But now I understand punishment is the only thing that could ever motivate these people to change, if it is even possible. This is the part of dealing with mentally ill people that gets really frustrating. They literally will never take me seriously until I start my own Holocaust, because they view kindness as a weakness.

What could someone do to them to make them this way? When did they give up on being a good person? When did they let their addiction to destruction take over their life? How do we give up hope on such a large part of the population? Where do we send these people so they stop hurting others? How do we regulate Munchausen and Munchausen by Proxy?

Once again, I have more questions than answers.

Nicole Graves

P.S. How are things going out there? They are arrogant over here so something happened that they are very proud of.

Dear Kudearoff Family

Dear Kudearoff Family,

Please do not mistake my kindness for weakness. You all are not my “family”, but merely a predestined political alliance. However, if you choose not to be of value then I retain the right to start my own personal Holocaust on you all. Nothing personal merely politics and accountability. It is time for you all to think about what you would like to do to create positive ripple effects in Oregon and nationwide. We have been hidden away and kept small for too long. It is time for all of us to get out and meet the people.

In the past 6 months, I have made a name for myself and you all are now an extension of me per war games and birthright law. It is time for us to lead all the families who partake in the war games to a brighter future. I personally have a duty to pay reparations to Arizona and Nevada for my presence and turning them blue. I apologize for this, I did not know my father would conquer every state I tried to run away to.

I look forward to all of us being of service and creating the world we want to be apart of and deserve.


Nicole Graves

P.S. I may not see what is really happening in the world, but I do thank all of my revolutionary people because I feel the change in the air.

Accountability Is A Super Power

Accountability is at the root of this whole ordeal. The SS soldiers who ran away to Scandinavia and South America were running from accountability for their actions. They viewed themselves as not responsible because they were merely following orders from my Great Grandfather, Hitler. Well, here we are almost 100 years after the fact and once again we are face with the issue of accountability. It is a full circle moment for us all and our epigenetics.

So, how do we address the need for accountability? Well, the answer is not punishing people. The answer is getting people to be apart of the solution and fixing what they helped to destroy. We all deserve better, so we need to create better.

My Mom has paid so dearly for the war games and her birthright. She never knew love either. If she had known better she would have done better. Don’t get me wrong, this does not excuse any of the pain she has caused me and/or the world. However, everything is about perspective and point of view. If I chose to purely punish my Mom for her war crimes, then the world would miss out on the gifts she has to share with the world. Everyone has talents and gifts that will help us all recapture our collective destiny. Punishing people robs us all.

My ability to see the big picture and the value in individuality is what allows me to move past my anger that screams for blood. We could forever be stuck in this cycle of punishment and war or we can choose to be better and rebuild. We want to be better, right?

Be the change!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Now Is The Time-Vote With Your Dollars

Where to start? Well, I am on the road again and once again once I leave Eugene/Springfield the pieces start coming together. What is in the air there that allows you all to share in one common delusion? I had been exploring the thought that my Mom and Brother shared a delusional world, but now I realize it is perhaps all of Lane County.

The gas was bad on the way here so this is going to be fragmented, but it is really important so please bear with me because I have a lot to say.

It wasn’t all me in the 1980’s that pissed off my Dad and made the world go dark. It was the Iran/Iraq war that he started. This is the event that made my Dad turn into a coach potato eating ice cream(I know it is shocking that he is human too. My existence reveals his humanity way more than he would like you all to know). Was my Dad held prisoner for a short bit? I am thinking it was more than just being beat at his own game because he was traumatized. But he escaped after not that long because he was around when I was a child. Now if being held hostage made him mad, can you imagine how pissed being held hostage my whole life has made me?

My Dad always told me to choose my battles wisely. Now I think this is because he has not chosen his very wisely and we all have been paying for it since the 1980’s. Early on in this adventure I told you all that this is a battle I have chosen wisely and I get my tenacity from my Father’s side apparently.

So my Dad was a cocky asshole like my Brother who has never really experienced the world and when he was unable to win a war with people who have been at war since the beginning of time, literally. He drags us all into his emotionally ego driven rampage. I remember the unions striking when he came into power. You all did try to fight back, but there was no one in the fancy families on the South American side who would stand up for you all.

Well, I am on the side of the people who want to explore potential and not be dragged into this socialism that aims to keep us all manageable, weak, and diseased, but tells us they want to care for us. What a sham! It is the same thing my family cult does on a personal basis too. They tell you stories of love while feeding you poison. Sounds like a bad deal for us, the masses.

It is time for a revolution. If there has ever been a time it is now! My family cult has falsely inflated the stock market and it is probably mostly on margin. So act fast sell your stocks and buy into Scandinavian/Republican companies. (Fun Fact: I voted for Trump!) We do not need diseased people with dysfunctional brains worrying about our well being when they cannot see they are beyond sick themselves. Your dollars are your votes, stop spending money at all the Democratic business. It’s time to strike! You know I have been having this Rosa Parks year for all of you too, not just me.

Not partaking in the war games has saved my brain from being as dysfunctional as my Mom and Brother. Never did my Dad think that giving me a false reality would be what saved my mind, but it did. Now I realize my Dad has never had a functional brain and this is why he does not take me seriously. He has literally never lived in reality, even though I am the one he fed lies. The reality is humanity deserves better than being lead into death and destruction by someone who uses their priviledge against us.

Unions, I need to ask for your help. I would like to help you accomplish what you started in the 1980’s. Power belongs to the people. Please so what you can to strike. Truckers I am talking to you loudly, please strike. You all have been destroyed for long enough. I hope you all remember when I was first on the run. I talked about how you all need to heal and how the lead has stolen your health. You deserve better. We all deserve better.

I know I am asking a lot, but it is not just for me it is for all of us. The children of today deserve more. The generations to come deserve more. We all deserve more and this is bullshit. Please partake in this global effort to show my everyone the power belongs to the people who create it.

Your dollars are your vote! Let’s start a revolution!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

You Are More Powerful Than You Can Even Imagine

When I moved to Arizona I used to go over the Mexican border to have lunch and go to the pharmacy. And I started to wonder why Mexican food was like an autoimmune nightmare as I progressed through my healing journey. Now I understand that it is because of the South American Nazis like my Dad. Crazy how things come full circle nowadays. BTW worm pills kill cancer. The workers at the border used fear tactics to try to get me to stop going over the border to get them, telling me I was going to get poisoned. But what would they know they were all in awful health. I encourage everyone to be selective about who you allow to influence your world in any way. And by all means, de-worm yourself, your children, and your pets regularly!

There are countless times when if I had listened to what people said I would have died. In my life, I have realized people will try to get me to do the wrong thing more than the right thing. Plus, social media and google are not a safe bet most times. However, now I realize we all live in this weird realty where the wrong thing is always being shoved down our throats.

But my real question is how much do you all know? Do you know the food is killing you? Do you know nightshades are killing you? Do you know your gut bacteria/microbiome rule everything in your body? Do you know your body is like a self cleaning oven and can clean/heal itself?

You are more powerful than you can even imagine.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Thank you Washington, I appreciate you!

An I-5 Show-What Are Your Thoughts?

Did you all see the cars on I-5 last night? Oh that was quite the message, it was like toddlers throwing a fit. My family cult has lit up every state I have been in with poison to scare me and my revolutionary people. Arizona and Nevada were the best when the red headed bikers, military, and fancy ethnic families were chasing me with intent/permission to kill me. Now I have made such a spectical there is no way they can covertly kill me and not raise eyebrows somewhere.

Santa Fe was the best when I was camping out there and I ended up at a discount grocery store and announced my presence to my Dad’s people. They had such great hope when they found out I was still alive. Then my family cult lit up the whole town with poison and Santa Fe is in the mountains so it was quite the show.

This is just my Dad throwing a fit because the facts don’t add up like he would like them to and this is one situation he cannot bend to go in his favor. You got to remember this is just a family fued and he is just my Dad. He may be something special to some of you, but he is just my Dad. (Fragment: What happened in the military/Army in the early 1980’s with my Dad? It was something that made him quit the military and hang out with me at home for a long while eating ice cream by the gallon. My Mom has told me he was experiencing PTSD, but we all know that can be eliminated by cultivating your gut bacteria/microbiome. What is the real story?)

Fragment: Ironic that I am the one person who could help my Dad heal, huh? He destroyed me my whole life and I developed the ability to heal. Now once again, here I am with something else that makes him jealous and feel inferior.

Let’s review the facts:

  • I have never been married and do not intend to marry.
  • I have never had children and do not want them(maybe another dog though).
  • No one can overtly kill me.
  • I escaped a death camp in March of this year and he still hasn’t tamed, kidnapped, or killed me.
  • I am not scared of my Dad, because I have already been tortured by everyone I have ever known my whole life.
  • I have been imprisoned and held covertly hostage my whole life.
  • I do not know human love, only Stockholm syndrome.
  • I was raised to be a serial killer, but I have Asperger’s genius. So being a killer does not appeal to my logical brain.
  • Narcissism and cluster b personality disorders run in my family cult. Thus limiting their ability to use empathy and develop emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is what separates smart from Genius/wisdom.

If you are ever on the run from my family cult here is what you need to do.

  • Turn your phone on airplane mode.
  • Find an affluent residential area after dark. Then find a dead end or cul de sac. Park and do not get out of your car till morning. There will most likely still be SS soldier people, but it will be mostly Scandinavians because they believe in potential and send their children to college. Thus the blond hair and blue eyed stereotypes for sority and frat college kids. This is how you can tell the difference between narcissism and sociopathy. My Dad’s South American Nazis are sociopaths and are into destroying everything. This is why the world went dark when my Dad took over in the 1980s.
  • As long as you stay away from poor people like how I was raised you will be safe. My Dad knew his people would stab him in the back if they had the chance so I was kept around mostly Scandinavian SS soldiers as a kid and the Kudearoff family.
  • Food is their weapon of choice, so learn to eat raw meat and stay away from carbs as much as possible. Until this trip I never ate raw meat and the degree of healing I have found from it is amazing. Ground beef has more chemicals than other cuts, but do what you can. The carnivore diet is how I healed cancer and autoimmune responses. (Fragment: Thank you to Dr. Shawn Baker for his blog. He is an SS soldier that has pissed my Dad off and he saved my life with his content.)

So, Z’s are the facts!


Nicole Graves

180 Day Mark-There Are No Borders To Race Wars

You know when you see someone else winning your brain should release dopamine making you want to win and try harder, right? You know that when you see beauty in the world your brain is supposed to release dopamine, thus creating a reason for you to find more beauty in the world, right? The epigenetics of the “fancy” families are limiting your ability to experience the world. The birthrights that are supposed to be a gift are really just a trap.

I escaped the death camp in Sierra Vista, Arizona 6 months ago. I am no longer running from my family cult, but merely taking a stand. Now it is up to the odds and the Gods to see who dies first, either my Dad or me. I have endured a lifetime of survival while he has spent his life creating destruction. Who would you bet on? The odds are forever in my favor and so are the masses.

On this little adventure through Washington, I have accomplished my goal of letting the people here know I am alive and there is still hope to be had. Yesterday, I thought about going to Canada, but no border will save me. This race war is in our genetics and bloodlines. Imaginary lines have saved me many times on this trip, but a border to a country does not matter.

It is hard for me to give up on hope that there is somewhere to run. My Mom and Brother have never ran, but I have spent a lifetime running because I did not know everything. I am done running. Now we just wait it out because we have all the time in the world. It is time to embrace our collective destiny. If you could do anything, what would you do? Well, do that! Start preparing now because there is hope.

I have been learning about epigenetics on this trip, because after my Dad dies we will need to fix the mess he has created. I know my Daddy Bennit(aka Hilter) was not a good man, but even he did not create such darkness in our modern world. The world went dark when my Dad took over and the food went to shit along with the economy and people’s health. We all deserve so much more! I do not care who you are or who your relatives are, you deserve better than this. You don’t have to believe me yet, I will keep telling you till it sinks in and becomes your new reality.

Also, on this little Washington adventure, I learned that my desire to stay unmarried and not have children is way more revolutionary than I could have ever imagined. I have spent a lifetime trying to escape my parents and every time I get into a relationship it is just entering a new prison. No one is meant to have this much power in their mere being, it’s inhumane. I have paid greatly for this power and now my family is pissed off that their greed and poor planning has lead them to this place. Well, I am pissed too. So there is something we agree on.

The amount of relief I feel about never having to touch a man sexually again is amazing! And I was thinking about it. No wonder the white women are the deadest of the bunch. No one wants them and they don’t even like themselves. They are merely for breeding and the men would rather be having sex with other men. I can completely understand why they hate everyone. At least in the ethnic families women have some power. We may still be considered less than, but what we say goes.

No one can make me marry anyone. No one can make me have sex with anyone anymore. No one can overtly kill me.

May the odds be forever in your favor.

Nicole Graves

P.S. Stop getting Covid shots!

Dear Olympia & Why Mr Utah

Dear Olympia,

People always seem to take me more seriously after they see me eat raw meat with my hands. You all have good beef here, so there must not be too many fancy families here and/or Asperger’s. Well hello Washington, you are the last hidden people my Dad has kept in the dark. Lookie, lookie, I am alive and here you are enslaved. Hmmm, this could work out well for all of us!

I may be naive about people, but I understand processes and systems well. I have been set on Mr. Utah because he is the one my Dad wanted away from me the most. Can you imagine the great granddaughter of Hilter with a black man? Oh my God, it would almost be as bad as being with a white boy with tattoos! Marriage for people like me is something political not personal. However, now I understand I am beyond needing to get married. But I will be looking for someone to have my brother breed with. Look who gets to be the breeder now!!! Mr Utah do you have any female cousins about 10 years younger than us?

Today, has been a really good day. I learned I am whole and complete more than I ever thought I could be. All the women who have tried to make me feel less than for being a woman were just jealous that I do not have to breed in order to come into my place of power.

And can I just say how excited I am to get to deal with my Mom and Brother after my Dad dies! O my God this is like Christmas and no one will make me feel bad about anything I do because they understand my family has been the root to all my suffering. There is literally no where to run for them. The rest of my Mom’s family is in for it too, but I got all the time in the world. You should have seen my Mom’s face when I told her this. Plus, Bill had a funny face when I said I may be in a hurry but I am not in a rush. Micro expressions tell volumes. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Washington let’s hang out for a few days and see what kind of trouble we can get into!


Nicole Graves

On The Road Again-An Early Changing Of The Guard

When I am on the road the pieces just fall into place. This could be partly from all the different avenues of poison and/or my INFJ mind. Last night I was at the Oregon Coast near Washington and I got a bag of weed from Mr. Nice Guy dispensary. Well, this was the first E I have done in months and my mind went to town playing my game of logic and intuition.

So …. my Dad is dying. It is kind of like when my Mom was pregnant with my Brother and they told everyone it was a girl till a day or two before he was born. My parents do not tell the truth about anything ever really. They say my Dad has recovered from his colon cancer, but has he? The changing of the guard is not supposed to happen till 2026-2028 why is he in such a rush? And why are they projecting such poor health onto me? I am healthier than I have ever been, Ever! And yet they think a bag of chips here and there will kill me. All my food is poisoned sometimes I am going to have the chips. My cancer started acting up when I was around 20 years old and was the worst when I was around 36 years old. Since surviving cancer, I have learned how to thrive in a manner that easy to maintain. Not saying I am the best or perfect, but survival is something I am an expert at by now. So there is not enough time in the world for my Dad to wait for me to die of “natural” causes. He will loose this war!

Bill is a hybrid, just like Uncle D and Kevin “Wilsonville” Murphy. They are a mix of South American Nazi and Scandinavian Nazi. Just like I am a hybrid of Russian communists and The South American Nazis. I get to play both sides of my birthrights. So I am starting to think I do not need to be married or have kids to take over on my Dad’s side, but rather just merely be alive when he dies. Why else would he be so set on me dying? Am I holding up plans or something? Because Bill taught me they are already starting with the changing of the guards.

On my Mom’s side I may need to get married and have a kid, but on my Dad’s side I am destined for my place of power by birthright alone? Now I am just guessing this once again with my intuition and logic, but how cool right? Never would I have thought that I would get anything just by staying alive, but shoot! So my birthright on my Mom’s side is a mute point, with the birthright on my Dad’s side I have everything I could ever want and need when it comes to power, control, and domination. But here is the thing, I don’t like those things.

Absolute power corrupts all and I am human too. Anyone put in such a place of power will give into the dark side. At first in small unnoticeable ways, but soon it will be in great waves that cannot be ignored. Like the food industry that is meant to cripple and destroy us while making large profits and allowing us to buy our deaths. Look at my Dad even he is human enough to have given into his own self destruct button when it comes to food. Colin cancer is what happens when you play the war games and don’t go pooh often enough. The toxins recirculate through your system causing cancer. This is a great lesson, even those who created this system are not immune to the pitfalls they have created. Humanity will bite you in the ass when you disregard it. Even for Hitler’s family.


Nicole Graves

P.S. Washington still does not know I am alive. And what they were planning in Oregon when I was young was moved up to Washington and Utah. The players are numerous, but let me name a few: The Uffins family, Bill, Uncle D, the Holloway family in Eugene area from Oklahoma, my Brother, my Dad, A1, Mr. Utah, The Certain One(my Dad picks on this family a lot! And they are South American too), etc.

A Brand New Truman Show

Today, I experienced a brand new Truman Show. This was a SS soldier free show and there were actual real people with intact emotional spectrums to varying degrees. Change is good for the soul!

My whole life I have been overwhelmingly surrounded by SS soldiers, including my Mom and Brother. To be free of them is an interesting dynamic. Can’t say I missed them. Different people, different smoke bombs.

My Mom has been taking the “compost” out at night when I go to lay down outside and I don’t got no job. So this calls for a road trip. I am unsure of where we will go, but we are going. After the past couple months of taking my insurance tests and working uphill against the odds, I need a break from the covert warfare. It is just draining to me. I understand why we all do it now, but still it drains my soul. Self induced pattern interupts can be the most pleasant detours.

This year has been so much! It’s a bit overwhelming., but the truth sets you free. I hope you can feel that in your soul. It feels wonderful.


Nicole Graves

My World Fell Apart, But I Channel My Anger

My world literally fell apart over the weekend. I realized I was raised to believe in so many fake realities and this is why my world has been so fragmented. Every time I would find a hole in the logic of the reality my Father created for me I got people to do fancy footwork to cover it up. Which normally meant blameshifting, projections, and world salad. No one has ever gotten to be authentic around me, especially not my family. Can you imagine what this feels like? To know the whole world literally conspired against you to keep you small and manageable, on orders from your Father.

Well, look at everything I have accomplished up till now. And now take into account the added anger I have to channel. If I was capable before, can you imagine how motivated I am now? I have nothing to live for other than my dogs, my potential, and getting even/setting things right. I may be late to the show, but now I understand more than ever how much the future of the world is entwined with my destiny. You all may not like me and/or respect me or take me seriously, but no one can deny that we all have paid greatly for my need for equality and fairness.

When I was in Santa Fe this summer, I got the Scandinavian SS soldiers to see through the lies my family tells about me. If the things they say are true, but they have not been able to tame me with threats and fears, what does that say about them? If they truly had me under control wouldn’t this adventure have ended back in April? How long ago did they tell you all that I was dead? If you cannot trust what they say, how can you trust them to lead?

Why settle for a region, when you could have a say in the whole pie? I know my Father is not known for keeping his word, from personal experience. How can you trust someone who is more invested in destruction than potential to do the right thing for all of us? I may have pie in the sky dreams that are filled with ideology, but at least you know I mean what I say and I want the best for us all.

As I sit here eating raw meat with my hands, I wonder if you all question my dedication? Do you realize I have cured cancer, escaped a death camp, been chased through multiple states by bikers, communist, and military, and survived being imprisioned by everyone I have ever loved. If you cannot see my commitment than I don’t know what I need to do to show you. I believe we all have a destiny calling us to explore our potential. The destruction of the world has to come to an end now, because if you all allow me to die there will be no hope for the generations to come.

I can feel the world has changed, but I just want you all to know I will never take who I am foregranted. I have fought so very hard to be who I am because I have also paid dearly for being who I am.

Never forget who you are, it will save you.


Nicole Graves

Dear Scandinavian Nazi Descendants Aka “The Red Heads”

My Brother was poisoning the air in the room when I was writing my last post. Thus, my inability to stay on subject. So we have to thank him for the realizations in this post. As an INFJ my mind works in really weird ways because it has had adapted to extreme poisoning. I think all INFJs are a byproduct of the war games. Let’s follow this train of thoughts and see where it takes us. What a trip! LOL hahaha dry humor is kinda my thing.

This is what I have put together with logic and intuition:

The Nazis are divided too. I never thought about it before, but here in Oregon I am surrounded by mostly Scandinavian and Mexican Nazis. Well, and then there is my Mom’s family who I am starting to think were Russian Nazis. I was told that my Grandma was the daughter of a soldier and she was born in the 1930s. Her father could have very well been a Nazi. This makes sense because she had the same sales like mentality as my Father and they always had an interesting power dynamic between the two of them. Yet, she had no problem giving shit to the other men who married into the family, the Scandinavian Nazis. This is why my cousins on the Kudearoff side have lighter features than me and my brother.

The Argentina Nazis were the high ranking Nazis. This is why they are still greater than? There seem to be more of them in the South from my experience. Texas is probably their favorite place based on the state laws. So there is this hierarchy that may never go away even among the Nazis. Which basically means we live in a cast system. How depressing, right?

This explains why my best friend growing up was Norwegian. And why her parents were so invested in being close to me. They were my second parents and did help me a lot, but they also perpetuated my pain. I still do not understand why they hurt my bff so badly. But this does explain why Amanda Amanti died so young and used to poison me and my bff. She was a good soldier and she died a Grandma in her 30s. That is what growing up a descendant of Nazis does to people. She never had a chance. Shoot did any of us?

Here on the West coast my Dad has taken up working with the Scandinavian Nazis, but this isn’t the case nationwide is it? The Scandinavian Nazi descendants are the ones who gave me jobs in real estate in Arizona. Little did I know they were trying to use me as a weapon against my Father. They knew more about my abilities than I did and there were lots of “personality” tests involved.

Well, now I understand my abilities better than anyone. Never in my life did I realize how valuable my brain is till I did real estate. I was always told that everyone was just like me and I was just like everyone. On this adventure, it has really sunk in how much my brain differs from most people’s. I am not better than just extremely different, but effective and I have a birthright that is crippling on top of it.

All the descendants of Nazis basically rule the world still. So let me try this one more time. I am looking for an alliance. I understand the world I was lead to believe in does not exist now, but there have to be others like me who see this as not the way the world should be. I would love to meet you all or even one of you. You all are very ingrained in the real estate and the insurance industries and the only way I can reach out to the world is through work. I have been looking for another job because Allstate did not approve my insurance license(and yes I have good credit and no criminal history).

Hello, is there anyone out there like me? I just want to make a lot of money and I have the skills needed to do so even while experiencing a shit ton of poison and dry fasting through my workdays. Honestly, I would negotiate with the Talaban if they would let me sell insurance and real estate and eat clean food. Well, and have rights as a woman. People loved my Grandma Kudearoff for being like me, but people hate me for it.

All I do know is I am a really good bargaining chip in the war among the Nazis for control of the war games. Is there someone out there that is willing to take a chance? The statistical chances that it will work are much greater now that I understand what is happening and what is really on the line.

Let’s change the world!

Nicole Graves

“The enemy of my enemy is my ally.”

Humans Are Merely Reflections Of The World We Live In

  • hijacked limbic system
  • heavy metal poisoning
  • no love, only trauma bonds
  • brainwashing and NLP
  • Autism, ADHD, & Dyslexia(Asperger’s didn’t work out)
  • genetically modified foods/crops
  • Standard American diet high in carbs and sugars
  • chemicals/poison on meats
  • gut bacteria warred on(leads to PTSD and all disease)

When I write it all down and reflect it finally makes sense on why humanity is lacking so many human qualities. Today, the world finally makes sense for the first time in my life. My whole life I have been trying to understand why things in the world/society just did not add up. And today is the day it finally all comes together in my brain. I understand the state of people.

I have been studying people my whole life to get to this place of understanding. No one was ever kind enough to explain the ways of the world to me. So, yes I did think you all were not trying and just slacking for no reason for a very long time. I could not understand why you all accepted such toxicity in both society and yourselves, but now I see. Can you imagine the relief I feel? Logic is my language and finally the world makes logical sense. I know I should be sad, but honestly this is a moment of great joy for me. Once I can follow the logic of a situation/problem the closer I am to not only understanding it, but solving it.

I have only seen people experience a moment of truth/clarity a few moments in my life. Death is the experience that enslaves people more or frees them. I saw this for the first time when I was eight and my Grandma Kudearoff died(why do the white SS soldier people let their Mothers live longer than their Fathers? Is my Grandma Lippe still alive? She is the one person who can truly understand my pain because Hitler was her Father).

Anyways back to death and the truth setting you free. When my Mom and her siblings faced the death of my Grandma Kudearoff they were faced with the truth of this cold world. They all had trauma bonds with their Mom, but that was the closest thing to love they ever knew. Their worlds collapsed before their eyes. Now I have to take into account that my Dad and Aunt L started warring on them after my Grandma’s death, but still they felt a brutal truth that awakened them in some way. Who was my Grandma Kudearoff? She was so much more than just a housekeeper at the hospital, huh? This is why everyone knew her and she was such a people person. Going with her places was like going somewhere with a celebrity when I was little I just never really thought about it because it was my normal and all I have known. Kind of like when I was in Texas as a child, my Grandma Lippe used to introduce me as Donnie’s daughter rather than Nicole.

Okay so I went off on a tangent again, but let me continue with death. When I was facing death something happened that is hard to explain. I got clarity. It was not from within, but rather an outside force. I know that sounds cheesy and new agey, but me and words you know. I really do not know why I wanted to live, this world has never been kind or pleasant for me, but I just wanted to live. The world changed for me though, or maybe it was just the brainwashed reality we all live in that changed. Honestly, my only conscious train of thought was I did not want my dogs to be left behind without anyone to love and care for them. I had adopted them and promised to care for them. The worst thing I could have done was abandon them. Letting them feel the harshness of the world and futility of most people’s words.

People used to stay in their own race. I am not saying this is right or wrong, but it is how it had always been mostly in history. At least until my Mom’s generation. My Mom and Dad united two different systems of power when they married. My Mom’s family was a matriarch and my Dad’s family was a patriarch. Both were dysfunctional in different ways. I did not spend much time with my Dad’s family because they lived in Texas, but I spent a great deal of time with my Grandma Kudearoff and my Mom’s family. My Dad’s family believed in appearances and my Mom’s family believed in making people feel good.

So I sat down here with the intent of explaining that we have to have faced some sort of physical and/or metaphorical death in order to understand the toxicity of the world, but more pieces started falling into place. One day I will overcome the way my mind works, but not today. The fragments are strong, but you all should be able to relate. You all are fragmented too. You understand things but logically stringing them together is hard, huh? Is this the poison, toxins, Autism, gut bacteria, or trauma? We are all fragmented.

Today the war I have been fighting my whole life made real sense for the first time too. This is merely a family conflict between me and my Dad. He has just taken it out on the world as well as me. But there is great hope in this realization. You know why? Because I have been taught to understand neurotypical brains/people my whole life, but no one has ever taken the time to understand my brain and how I work. (Fragment: But is my Dad even neurotypical because he is dyslexic just like my Brother. This could explain why he has so many things in the world backwards.)

The first rule to war is know thy enemy. Someone forgot the art of war.


Nicole Graves

P.S. Another point I meant to make is my Dad is close to death, so fingers crossed this will lead to a moment of truth for us all!

Take Back Your Limbic System & Life

Well, last night they poisoned my meat a lot, but it allowed me to figure out what they are doing to our bodies and brains. They are hijacking our limbic systems, which means they are hijacking our brains, emotions, and hormones. Running away to the desert really did save my life and allow me to find myself because I rewired my brain unknowingly. You can do this too and I got the time, so let’s talk about it.

My whole life my family has taken me to therapy and told me I was the problem. Well, this is where they were trying to send me into a deep emotional spiral that I would never recover from. It kept me medicated and without hope for most of my life. However, when I stopped doing the therapy and then stopped with the medication my world changed. My brain changed and I am now able to see so many things for how they are instead of how I was brainwashed into “feeling”.

SS soldiers work out and are active because they are compensating for the damage the chemicals/poisons have on the limbic system. I wonder if they realize what they are doing? I am sure they rarely think about it beyond the physical effects. But they are still doing it.

So step 1 is get active! I enjoy walking my dogs, lifting very small weights, and doing some yoga poses. It does not have to be a lot, but you just need to do it regularly, aka daily. This will also help your body detox the toxins in your system from the food, water, and air. There is really no loosing with exercise, but be careful with exercise that spikes cortisol. It can be more damaging when your limbic system is in an unhealthy state. So be gentle with yourself, you deserve to be soothed and comforted with movement/exercise. When you go walking it is like when you rock a baby who is fussy, it is calming and moves the lyphatic system thus helping your body remove toxins and self-regulate. Self care is magical because no one can give your body what you need more than you. You just have to learn how it communicates with you and asks for help.

Step 2 reframe emotions on past traumatic events and stop thinking about them regularly. This is how my family cult got me stuck and this is how they use the mental health industry to cripple many people who are just looking for help. When you focus on the bad experiences, even if they make up the majority of your life, it emotionally deregulates your brain and limbic system. Find a way to make those experiences work for you.

For example, I was trying to find answers about the sexual abuse I endured for many years with absolutely no luck. Well, I used the skills I developed coping with sexual abuse my whole life and entered the adult industry. I never was able to get myself to do prostitution, but the skills I learned to cope as a child and young adult helped me escape my family cult. But more importantly I changed the way I viewed the world and thus rewired my brain.

Once you rewire your brain my family cult looses most of it’s power over you, because they have never had a fully functional brain. Plus, the narcissism/cluster b personality disorders effects their emotional spectrum and emotional intelligence so they are incapable of admitting you have something they will never obtain. Broken people want to break people, because whole people force them to acknowledge their inferiority.

Step 3: Breathe. Your limbic system controls many automatic responses in your body like tempature and breathing. So, check in with your body and make sure everything is in place. Even if this is for a few minutes before you go to bed or before you start work, or just whenever. Are you watching tv in the evening? Do some sit-ups and/or yoga while there and take some deep breaths. Find ways to help your body self regulate while going about your daily life. It is not just about taking an hour and doing the things, it is about changing the way you operate throughout the day, everyday.

This stuff is hard for me to explain because I did not know what I was doing consciously. I just listened to my body and was focused on healing disease. So bear with me as I verbalize/write these things out. Autism for me means I have access to the world inside, but getting it out in words to make sense to others is like climbing Mt. Everest. I can tell you all I know, but until you take the time to feel what I am talking about it won’t click. Your body is amazing and it can heal and will communicate with you if you learn the language it speaks.

This family cult of ours has stolen you from you. It is time to rebuild and get yourself back.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Keep in mind that when I rewired my brain in the desert the poisons did not stop, if anything they were worse. I did the most when I was in the death camp in Arizona. Even in the darkest of times healing is possible.

Insurance & War Games

I learned so much about the war games, my Dad, white SS soldiers, and sales from Bill. You were my Karen of real estate, but in insurance. Throughout the years, I have learned that covert narcissists just can’t help, but give me the answers when I look at them blankly like I do not understand. Being underestimated by people lacking in emotional intelligence is my comfort zone.

So Bill’s Mother just died and he was going through great change. The dynamics changing on how he played his war games had something to do with why he thought he could further his position with my employment. However from a place of more power, he had to keep his distance because being covert with me was not as easy as he had intended. I can appreciate this, because it gave me perspective on why my Dad left me alone so much after my parents divorced. No one wants to play this game anymore. But they are the ones who not only started it, but created it. I have just adapted to the playing field before me.

Bill taught me how narcissists use people’s brains against them not only in sales, but in real life too. He told me about how he had his wife, before they were married, buy a house in just her name. This means he had created a trauma bond enough with her to have faith that she would be stuck with him for a lifetime. I can understand this, my Dad did this trauma bonding thing with my Mom and still does till this day. Sales is an amazing thing, but relationships should not be based on sales. That is what the adult industry is for, play/fake relationships.

Bill also had a military background. I still have not figured out the exact rules about the second born who are sent to the military, but I know enough to know it means something impactual. Both my parents were second born and military. Also, I understand that when you have a child at Westpoint or some fancy military elite school you are furthering your bloodline in some fancy way. So him and his wife are/were military and the fancy military school for their kid means they mean something.

Also, Bill taught me how much my family, but more specifically my Dad underestimates me. This is why no one has ever tried to get to know me and why he has sent so many stupid white boys after me. Dumber than a box of rocks most of them, because they have lead poisoning so badly to keep them manageable and in their reptilian brains. They have done this to my Brother too.

Seeing the other young boy at the office was an education on the entitlement my Brother and cousins feel. The girl there taught me I am naive to think I will be treated equally as a woman, because she was happy accepting crumbs and was so set on destroying me just to prove herself. But she does not fit the cookie cutter image the white men expect out of women, so she has already been written off. All she really did was tell me a lot like that I just need to be seen and that not everyone knows I am alive Still! And that my love of travel is breaking the “rules”. And that I am really good at sales. Those two almost felt like prisoners just as much I do.

My bloodline runs extremely thin. If I have to turn to the dark side and use my evil side, why not use it to improve the world? I don’t know if my cousin Scott would be much better as a leader, but I do know that my Brother will hurt people for sport just as my parents. I have always tried to be kind to him because they messed with him in different ways than they did with me and I saw him struggle. But now I realize he chose them a long time ago and has been poisoning me himself since grade school. I was part of his training. So I can see and acknowledge others pain, but no one seems to acknowledge mine.

I have endured 40 years of this bullshit and I am fucking tired of it. My parents raised me to be a serial killer, but there is only one person I need to take with me to kill my bloodline. And if they keep me in a position of nothing to loose I am probably going to break and get evil. But this is what they have always wanted, right?

I want to sell insurance and real estate, be gifted with Mr. Utah if he is okay with being mine, and to eat clean food. No one can overtly hurt me. You all created this game, I just took notes and learned how to play it. Nothing is scarier than a serial killer with self control, but how much longer will I keep my self control? Especially when pumped full of poisons that spike my cortisol. Seems like you all are asking for me to just loose it. Why would I not want to take everything you all have worked to rebuild at my expense with me? Do you think I forgive you all for what you have done? What do you think I am going to do with my rage if I do not channel it to move me forward in life? My destiny is to make the world a better place one way or another. Self defense is something I am going to partake in now.

Genius can be amazing when it is controlled and directed.


Nicole Graves

P.S. Did Aunt Lee and Dad just have sex or did they have an ongoing affair?

P.S.S. You know my Dad is the one who taught me to embrace abortion, when he got me pregnant in high school. Are there “rules” against this?

I sat here for a good twenty minutes thinking about whether or not to publish this post. But the thing is my family cult aka my Dad watches as I write so there is really no going back. And why would it be wrong for me to fight back finally?

Is It Love Or Stockholm’s Syndrome?

Does love even exist in this society? I am starting to think that not only is romantic love a way to keep people distracted, but love in general is a lie when it comes to humans. My ability to love is a byproduct of Stockholm Syndrome. I have been held hostage and captive my whole life and every time I reacted to the abuse I was told I was evil and wrong. Which erodes someone’s sense of self.

This is why you all are missing a sense of self. You also have Stockholm Syndrome even though you have not experienced being a hostage like me. It only takes hours for the bonding necessary to create trauma bonds(aka Stockholm’s Syndrome).

I have experienced this bonding for a lifetime, literally 40 years. And if I take away the love feeling I have for my family and the people who have been close to me, there is nothing left but hate. This “love” feeling is the only thing that has kept my family alive. Well, and the obligation they sold me about owing them for being born. Little did I know they got to advance in the war games because of my birth. So in actuality they kind of owe me. Right? My existence and pain has empowered them in countless ways. This is why they did not kill me. They wanted to continue to use me to further their own well being.

If you were me, how would you seek your revenge? I was super happy to live in my own little world with my dogs and explore my potential swimming upstream in a million ways, but No that was me asking too much. Well, what would you do to the people who have demanded too much of you and used “love” to blackmail you into being the bigger person your whole life?

I would really love to know what you all think, think loud thoughts and I will tune in when I am walking my dogs and plotting.

Hate Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Today while walking by the river I saw my family’s fear in you all. They still fear someone will get to me. It was the same fear but much louder as A1 used to feel at the airports. Btw, thank you A1 for helping me figure out the Stockholm Syndrome with your email where you mirrored me. I hope you are doing well too. And yes our kiddos are more love than I ever imagined was possible. Thank you for the greatest gifts of my life. They opened my world and made me more manageable, so we all won with them.

What Happens When You Corner A Wild Animal?

My whole life my family and other people have tried to break me into being tame, but it has yet to happen. Yesterday, my family cult took away the only thing I have that makes my brain happy other than my dogs. My dogs have saved you all from a version of myself I am glad I never got to know. However, if I do not have my potential to explore what is to stop me from exploring the revenge I have dreamed and fantasized about my whole life. The only people I know who have grown up like me are literal serial killers. I have more in common with Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Charles Manson than any of you people. Plus, I was breed for great evil and genetically modified.

Grace can only last so long.


Nicole Graves

You Know What Is Scary?

My family cult torturing me is normal, but you know what is really scary? The fact that children are still experiencing some of the things I have endured. Children have been taken out of my Truman Show for months now because their energy tells tales. Last week, I owed the dogs a walk so I took them walking in the morning before work. Thurston Middle school was just starting and I got to see the children and some of them training for the war games.

One girl passed me walking down Thurston Road. She had an intact emotional spectrum and could understand my point of view. Most adults cannot understand my views because they are clouded by greed, power, control, destruction, domination, jealousy, and so many other negative factors. I do not view these factors as valid reasons to partake in the war games. I have everything to gain from being motivated by negative factors and yet it is not something I can do. Even this week I told one of my co-workers that I need to sleep at night so I cannot push myself to be too pushy of a salesperson with people who have been dealt a difficult hand of cards. I can relate to these people, these are my people. I cannot take advantage of them. If I did I would be validating all the people who have taken advantage of me.

This is what you all are doing. You have been hurt, you have been kept small, and the only way you can feel better about yourself and your life is to hurt others. This is wrong and maladaptive. The only real way to feel good about yourself is to improve yourself and your life with daily actions. Hurting others is illogical. If others are hurting that is not going to alleviate your pain. Misery loves company, but I don’t want that kind of company. Do you?

When you enjoy my pain and/or making my life more difficult, it means you have pain that has not been addressed and resolved. Emotional work is hard and I understand why you all do not want to do it, but it really is the high road. The high road is rarely the road more traveled, but I guarantee the scenery makes up for it 100 times.

I may not be able to convince you all to take the high road, but I can show you how it is done. Grace has the power to make the world a better place. We all can think of at least one situation where someone else having grace would have changed everything. Be the change you want to see.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Pay attention to your right cheek on your face. When your lymphatic system is backing up it will feel tight and tingly, your right eye may even twitch. This will literally help you identify who is toxic around you. These are the people who will hurt you when they are hurt. Awareness is the first step in any kind of healing.

Dear Mom & Ryan

Dear Mom & Ryan,

Why do you hate me? My whole life it has always been you two against me and I never understood why. I thought that my freedom was just getting away from our family, never did I imagine you all would follow me no matter where I went. I will never understand why you do not love me because I love you both more than you all will ever understand. My Mom has seen parts of this love. When I first met Ryan when he was born my Mom saw how magical I saw him to be. “It’s like meeting a stranger you already know.”

My love has always been a threat. My smarts have always been a threat. My emotional intelligence has always been a threat. I am the biggest threat and yet I never intended to be anything other than myself. I just want to be the best me I can be. Sure I was fed idealistic information and views of the world, but I also embody it. I am proof you can be good even when born into darkness. And it is my burden to always be the odd man out in my family because of this.


Nicole Graves

Is My Best Friend From Grade School Still Alive?

Is my best friend from grade school still alive? She was like me, but more artsy. Her coming down with seizures right after her Grandfather died was not a coincidence, huh? I always liked her Mom, but now I see they were all just to meant to minimize my pain and partake in breaking me. However, now I see just how far they will go. Whatever happened to their middle child? She was a really nice girl who was constantly swimming upstream and did not know about this crazy stuff until going away to college. When she came home after being away the way she looked at me and Amanda was completely different, fear based.

Well Eugene, I came back from the dead again. You would think I would be used to this by now, but it is still just as shocking for me. Withholding information drives me nuts and yet it is my family cult’s favorite way to control a situation. What do you all think about the fact that I am still alive? It says a lot, huh? Are you questioning things now?


Nicole Graves

People Watching At Kesey Square In Eugene

The lady at work is just like my Mom. Even down to her fiddling with her fingers when she is nervous. So, whatever she says I just pretty much know the opposite is true. Unless it is about work and then she will give me more information than needed to make things complicated as a pattern interrupt.

Today at work, she told me about going to a cemetery for her Aunt who died on 9-11(I am still not sure what 9-11 was about, but I figured it had something to do with my family cult and keeping you all in a fear state). Anyways, I knew this was a covert message where they were trying to get me to stay around my dead people and not go out. The thing is that my dead people follow me where ever I go. It is like my family knew I would get lonely in this lifetime, so they gave me head surgery to give me the dead people.

So I went down to downtown Eugene to Kesey Square and there was live music. What a perfect place to people watch. I saw you all living your lives like you are not serial killers, but that is what you always have done. This is how you sleep at night, you tell yourself what you do is normal and acceptable. When did poisoning people become overwhelmingly normal? Around World War II here in the United States, huh?

I saw today that you all are missing a sense of self. This is something I can relate to very much. Autism means I often have blinders when it comes to me and my abilities. But then again maybe this is just the brainwashing because you all have it too. At least those of you who have not developed a cluster b personality disorder. Anyways, this lack of a sense of self is what keeps you seeking validation outside yourself and seeking approval from your community. I have never had a sense of community and plus I saw how my family preyed on others who just wanted to belong. I also spent almost a lifetime looking for community, but when I moved to the desert I stopped seeking. Why keep looking for something that did not exist? I am never going to be considered one of you all, but at least now I understand why.

What will it take for you all to get fed up and develop a sense of self? Perhaps something like the fear of taking accountability for not only your sins, but the sins of the collective. Your sense of community is not so attractive when you are faced with the possibility of having to take accountability for it all. Where will that community be when you need them the most? Do you think they will write to you in jail? Will they put in a good word for you with the cult members who run the people in there? Showing support is pretty overt and not really their style. However, I bet this is enough to make some of you all question the reality you have allowed yourself to be backed into.

Fear is a sign something is wrong!


Nicole Graves

Thursday Thoughts

In 2017 I was dying alone in Vegas with my two dogs. That was a hard moment where I had to decide how I wanted to handle the situation. Either I gave up and died or I kept trying because I had not completed everything I was here to do. It was literally a moment where I felt God talking to me and telling me I was not done here and giving up would be complete failure. So, I tried and kept trying. I have been using my motto of “Just Keep Going” since.

Today, it hit me! This is what I had to live for. And I made it. I know this sounds super cheesy, but if I even reached a handful of people and made them think. I really made a difference. I am not giving up, but just reflecting on everything.



Find Yourself

I drove to Eugene this morning before work to see the people. All I see is concern and it is not concern for me, but rather self preservation. You all do not know who you are. I realized today that I am not the only one that has experienced brainwashing my whole life, you all have too. However, my brain works differently so not all the brainwashing works/worked. So let me tell you what I know.

You are not your name or your bloodline. You are who you are inside, where no one can see. No one can tell you who you are, unless you allow them to. Yes, there are tricks my family cult can use to light up your brain. But dear lord just take everything anyone else says with a grain of salt.

Has anyone ever explained NLP to you? It is literally how you have been brainwashed, how we all have been brainwashed. When the world went dark in the 1980s everyone started telling me who I was. They did it before the world went dark, but afterwards they started telling me I was dark. Did they do the same thing to you? I assume so because why would you accept such darkness without thinking you had something to do with it?

“So, I stumbled down the NLP rabbit hole after reading an article advocating the use of NLP in not only sales and marketing but also as a way to influence people and “get ahead in life”. Immediately, my mind went to narcspeak and word salad and word garbage and all those terms we use to describe how a narcissist can twist a conversation to serve a purpose. By speaking just a few words in a specific tone and sometimes by not speaking at all, a narcissist can distract, confuse and manipulate an innocent target into backing down, giving up or apologizing for EVERYTHING.  The nefarious similarities between the manipulative nature of narcspeak and the mind-control headiness of NLP were astounding. I had to wonder…like the chicken and the egg, what came first, narcissism or NLP? Did some diabolical, self-aware narcissist in the 70’s decide to sell the concept of narcspeak manipulation to the public under the guise of self-help and make a few million? Given the crazy and somewhat gruesome origins of NLP, this is exactly what happened.” ~Article linked below

NLP worked on me even with my abnormal brain functioning. That is until I consciously learned about it! Isn’t it a good idea to educate yourself on when others are trying to influence you? The first step in knowing who you are is realizing when other people are telling you who you are. I am sure those of you who grew up in the war games will be like “Yah, I do that, but in positive ways.” Me too! I just never knew what I was doing. I know everyone in the world isn’t like my family. I have read statistics and I hope we are the exception to the rule. My Truman Show has some pretty crazy out of whack demographics, but it makes for an interesting show.

What have they told you all about not buying insurance from me? Dare I confront the elephant in the room. Is this an acceptable covert war tactic? It seems a bit overt. I guess all I can do is ask you all to be revolutionary and buy some insurance and hope I reach enough people who do not know about the war games. It is up to the odds and the Gods. All I can do is keep going and doing the best I can with what I have.

Check out the article below and start finding yourself. You deserve to know you!


Nicole Graves

So Let Me Get This Straight #593

Okay so let me get this straight. My parents lied to me because they created a child that they could not control. I was literally created, genetically modified, and I turned on them so they have been punishing me for a lifetime….And they now want to kill me because I havent’t had children and really don’t want to. So basically every time someone said “You can be whatever you want to be.” to me growing up they were just fucking lying. My only freedom was to have children and I do not want children. I like my dogs very much.

Can you imagine being lied to, tortured, abused, and kept small your whole life and then finding out that you were not the problem like they always told you. Why are my parents alive again? I mean I know socialism and communism are not a democracy but all politics should be logical, at least to some extent. The fact that you all are trying to kill the lab rat and letting the mad scientists run free seems a bit fishy. But I am no politician or war lord.

I am just a human who wants to live her best life. I never understood the world and have spent 40 years trying to understand it. Now I realize it was just the brainwashing I was trying to overcome. Well, and the life long gang stalking. So many people have tried to use me to make their lives better or increased my pain for their pleasure. I just want to buy a house and live with my dogs and sell insurance. Maybe get my Oregon real estate license. Maybe move to the California coast. I say these things that seem like not asking for much at all, but yet my desires always seem to make me break the rules. But how am I supposed to follow rules I do not know and no one will tell me?

We all are in a tough situation. I am just fighting to be me and be free to an extent I have never experienced before. I want to experience an even playing field where I do not have to be two or three times as good as others just to make it. I have fought my whole life and I will never be average, but until I can get free of my family I will be destined for average. Don’t the rest of you wonder where you would be if you had not had to war against the destruction while exploring your potential? I love multitasking but sometimes it is nice not to Have to do it.

One day, one day…


Nicole Graves

The Socratic Method

I figured out why my outburst about sexual abuse was so revolutionary when I was 4. The Socrates and Plato dynamic is how my family cult keeps men in line and grooms them to be the leaders of our family cult. I always knew that the men in my family had some weird tendencies, but never in my life would I have guessed that it steams from sexual abuse they eventually accept as normal.

In college I had a gay friend who told me my boyfriend at the time had asked him to have sex when he was high on coke. I really did not think about it too much because I thought he was just one occurrence and it was just another example of how I need to make better choices. He was not alone in this tendency, huh?

When we went camping as an extended family when I was younger all p.c. behavior was pretty much thrown out the window. Everyone got to be free from something. My Uncles and Aunts and Mom used to tease the boys and call them “butt buddies” and other names like this. I never understood these phrases/names. Why joke about this stuff? Well, now I understand it was to normalize it.

My sexual abuse experience that made me speak out was when my Grandpa Kudearoff took me and my cousin J “hunting”. There was no hunting involved just abuse and the threats of being stranded in the middle of nowhere in the woods. This somehow becomes normalized with age, huh?

Does the sexual abuse ever stop? And why do the ethnic boys enjoy it more? Is it the only time they feel powerful?


Nicole Graves