You Are Home

You know, you are always home, right? This is why our family cult wars on our bodies. When they war on your body they steal your home. Your body is your home. When they steal your home you will forever pursue other options to call home. You will perpetually try to buy yourself a home, instead of realizing you are home.

A man yesterday at the beach pulled up and told me, “You are pretty far from home aren’t you?” As he was looking at my license plate. I think this was supposed to rattle me, but all it did was reinforce that I am home. Oregon has never been home to me, it is just where my family lives and were I was raised and tortured. Arizona was not really home, but I found myself there. Las Vegas was home, because that is where I found a brand of freedom I have never experienced before.

Until you get in touch with your body and cultivate it to be your home. Our family cult will continue to keep you enslaved by seeking a home outside of yourself. You have everything you seek inside of yourself. Your body is your home.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

DAy #215-A Halloween Wish

If I could have one wish, it would be for you all to put yourself in my shoes. What do you think it feels like to have been gang stalked since 6th grade? To have never really had friends, but rather prison guards looking to limit your experience of life. To know so much in life, but to never be able to manifest your own dreams because that would threaten your family’s evil plans to take over the world. How would you feel if love had always been the greatest weapon used against you? How would you cope with being kept in the dark about the war games for 40 years and then finding out this is why people have treated you so unfairly? How about the fact that your brain has literally been genetically modified and when that did not work out as my parents planned they tried brain surgery? The list of traumas is never ending just pick a small handful.

Today I see people who are still signing up to gang stalk me, but they know it is wrong. They are unable to look me in the eyes and/or be proud of what they are doing. There were a few people who were just dead inside, but even those seems to be scarce in the past few days. I suppose people realizing that we all live my life to an extent, because we all have been genetically modified and set up to fail miserably has helped even the people who are dead inside have a little empathy. What does it feel like to learn you are not as different from me as you all thought you were? Is this why it is not as easy to enjoy my pain now, because it has become your pain too?

What else do I need to teach you all to get you to be human?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Dry fasting and sleeping will make anything better. I did an 18 hour dry fast and slept most of today. I may stink, but I sure feel pretty good. Of all the things I could be missing, I miss hot cooked food (specifically scrambled eggs cooked in butter) and baths the most. Well and clean clothes and blankets. Life does not have to be complicated, you just have to figure out what you value.

The Beach-Saturday Oct 30th 2021

When you are something it is always with you and apart of you. I have been studying the people around me today, because once again this is a demographic I have not seen much in my life. These are people who mostly were not born into the war games, but yet they are still empty inside, empty vessels looking to channel another. And they know I can see it, because they get nervous when I really look at them. These people are so empty they are looking towards the war games to fill them up inside. They are so scared of exploring who they are, they would rather be told who they are.

These people are on the opposite end of the spectrum as me. I have fought tooth and nail for the opportunity to know myself and be myself. Yet, they have never known themselves and are happy to give up the opportunity. They take forgranted the freedom to be an individual. They do not realize that some of us have had to experience multiple figurative deaths in order to be as free as them. And just to have the opportunity to explore our individuality. These people are also mostly(not all but mostly) under 35, so they have been born with genetic modifications to ask how rather than why.

The bottom of the barrel people are getting more interesting as the days pass. They are just seeking to feel special and the systems have always made them feel less than, so this is a very special moment in time for them. But they do not seem to ask why the system that has kept them down and small is finally willing to make them feel special.

My family cult released so many crows in Santa Barbara because they know I believe them to be messengers from the other realms. They thought it would be a funny trick to play on me. But the joke is on them. See crows are messengers from the other realms. They do not bring messages from the other realms. It is in their being. It is who they are. They Are Messengers.

Just as I am beautiful even without showering or complying to social norm standards. Beauty is apart of who I am not something I put on. It is in my being and always with me.

When you know yourself you do better, information changes people.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

The Systems/Industries Working Against Us All

Let me talk this one out on paper. I think if we see the systems working against us in black and white it will have a revolutionary effect.

  1. Food Industry-it is all meant to kill us slowly and take our money in the process
  2. Farming Industry-government subsidies all for our family cult to control the food industries before it is even grown/raised, many of South Americans were farmers when first came to US(maybe now too?)
  3. Healthcare Industry-sickness is a business, they do not aim to heal you only keep you enslaved
  4. Hospitals-for profit and often associated with Catholic church-not interested in healing on enslaving and punishing
  5. Organized Religion-for profit fear tactics and control tactics
  6. Insurance Industry-fear tactic, dictates prices for services, makes us all pay for those who get sucked into healthcare industry-run by Aryans
  7. Housing/Real Estate Industry-keeps us small, diseased, manageable, and preoccupied-I took a LEED building course & buildings are not made for health or sustainability unless you pay much more–run by Aryans
  8. Automobile Industry-that new car smell is just a fancy way to say poison-used as a weapon for Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy-I have not driven the majority of my life this is also why my epigenetics are better than most
  9. Oil/Gasoline Industry-my Grandpa Graves was big into the oil industry in Argentina it is a South American thing-this is how they get the poison to the people is through the gas-this is why truckers are so sick
  10. Beauty Industry-makeup has heavy metals still, we are sold a fake image to keep us always striving for the unattainable-plastic surgery is a huge industry- plastic surgery erodes your gut bacteria just like other surgeries setting you up for chronic illness-and implants are linked to autoimmune issues
  11. Tatoo Industry-poison you pay to implant into your skin that seeps into your blood stream and bypasses your liver for a lifetime-changes epigenetics, may cause gene mutations in your children-tatoo artists=professional Munchausen by proxy
  12. Prison/Jail Industry(aka Punishment Industry)-it is literally a for profit industry that uses their cheap labor to manufacture things for other industries and they feed these people the worst foods and probably do medical experiments on them
  13. News/Media Industry-for profit fear tactics and control tactics-withhold real information and spread what they want you to know or what they want you to keep preoccupied with
  14. Telephones/Cell Phones/WiFi-a means to spy on you and see what you do in your personal life-wifi is designed to mess with your humanity the frequency throws off something in your brain/body just like cell phone radiation-tracking devices
  15. Government-just figure heads for our family cult-they are relatively powerless-I was around when the Certain One was dealing with the government in Sacramento to get weed legalized-we pay them off to do things and/or blackmail them
  16. Pharmaceutical Industry-meant to make you sicker in the long run and keep you addicted and reliant–not a healing industry
  17. Legal/Medical Marijuana Industry–just another venue to poison the people seeking comfort and/or to ease their pain(Fragment: you should have seen how sick the people were at the dispensary in Southern Arizona were that I went to. They put so much poison in the weed there! They use it to thin the herd.)
  18. Adult Beverage Industry-just another venue to poison the people seeking comfort and/or to ease their pain-my brother worked at the distributor-these are the people who poison the soda as well
  19. Cigarettes-meant to keep you addicted and spending and a venue for poisons-I had a Sugar Daddy who was a tobacco farmer in NC-they bought his tobacco but would not tell him how many cigarettes they made out of it. like this much tobacco equals so many cigarettes-super shady industry
  20. Education Industry-a way to control what we know and who gets to know what-a way to socialize, condition, and break children/young adults to become war game players of tomorrow-school teachers are something that some families in my family cult do generation after generation-Amanda Hunt my best friend growing up, her family is a line of school teachers from within the war games
  21. Clothing/Shoe Industry-a way to poison people-your feet have the largest pores in your body so you absorb the most toxins through your feet(thanks Mom). When you try on cheap shoes at Walmart pay attention to what you feel in your body. When I try on flip flops there I can feel it in my liver and lymphatic system. Just tune in and try it, I dare you.
  22. Cleaning Supply Industry-a way to get us to poison ourselves regularly in the name of cleanliness- contain heavy metals and then when mixed with untrustworthy people more poisons added via Munchausen by Proxy-cleaners cause cancer which gets you to buy into the healthcare industry
  23. Gym Industry-used to poison people(this is where I get concentration camp showers)– used to throw off their limbic systems-your body is not meant to be stressed that badly when we are in such bad health already-exercise needs to be gentle and be a soothing experience–keeps people seeking something in the wrong fashion so they will always be seeking and rarely obtain–also my family cult really enjoys giving people heart attacks with intense exercise-SS soldier industry
  24. Fast Food Industry-food that is overtly designed to get you addicted, diseased, and kill you

We can keep going all day, but you all are starting to get the idea, right? It is not just my family cult, it is our family cult. Our family cult is the wizard behind the curtain in so many different aspects of our lives, aiming to make us all small, diseased, and manageable(Not to mention genetically modify us all). Just let me know when you all are ready to be revolutionary, I will be over here in Santa Barbara eating chips, working on my writing project, and waiting for you all to have had enough.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

No One In Our Family Cult Knows True Health, Security, Or Home

Do you realize that no one in our family cult has ever realized their health potential? None of us know how good we are supposed to feel. Or what true happiness, serenity, security, and peace feel like. I started cleansing my body in 2014 and since then I have made amazing progress. And I still had addictions and have been no where close to perfect. However, I am the one of the very few who have not taken part in the Munchausen and Munchausen by Proxy that is required in our family cult. Can you imagine what most of us are missing out on? How much of life is designed to never be obtained, but always be pursued?

When you consider that parasites, viruses, heavy metals, and bacteria are all something we inherit from our Mother and Grandmother we are facing generations of trauma. Maybe this is what people are talking about when they say we inherit generational trauma. Emotions do have an origin in the physical body.

Since I ran from the death camp in Arizona I have made such strides in my healing. Fasting and giving up so many things because of poisoning/Munchausen by Proxy have been a huge contributor, but the fact that I have been surrounded by gasses and still am healing is eye opening. We have explored the food industry and how it is meant to keep us enslaved. But the more I think about it and look at the world with different eyes, the more I think the housing system is designed to keep us all diseased, enslaved, preoccupied, and manageable.

We all work so hard to have a home because it represents security and comfort. But what if that comfort and security is literally designed to kill and enslave us? I know it seems a bit extreme, but really think about it. When I lived in the 5 bedroom house with a pool, it was a death trap too. There was water damage and the smoke bombs A1 continually set off were intense. I do not think I have ever lived in a house without mold. Mold is used as a tool for punishment and a training tool for younger children. This is also how our family cult gets the candida in our body to overgrow, along with the food system.

Have you all ever lived in a house that hasn’t been designed to kill you? My Mom has fought tooth and nail to stay in her house ever since my Dad left her. It has taken everything for her to keep it. She bought the house with my Dad before I was born and it is still not paid off(I am 40). If you were trying to enslave a whole world of people, the housing market would be a key component. Maybe this is why the real estate industry is run by the Hybrids/Aryans?

So we slave away our whole lives to survive and seek out comfort. But do we ever get what we seek? I have never felt better than I have physically on this adventure. Sleeping in my Jeep has been magical. Sure it is small and not perfect, but how I feel has changed so much. After living in the death camp, I can’t help but think modern buildings are used as a prison on us. On the outside, Mountain Steppes Apartments in Sierra Vista looked like any other cheap apartment building built in the 1980s. However, after a couple years of living there and having a mold spores test sent away to a lab, it was literally designed to be a death camp and keep everyone there small, not just me. I can’t help but think that the whole real estate system and housing system is no different than the food system. It is meant to enslave us, keep us diseased, and manageable.

The housing system is a part of the destruction of humanity. Can we ever really feel safe when we all fear not having a place to call home? But yet we live in homes that are designed to keep us small, diseased, and manageable?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. I worked for a hvac company in Sierra Vista and oh boy did that make the pieces fall into place. This is the job that caused my family to create Covid because they had announced my death and this sales job got me out in public again after years of being hidden away. We are being enslaved in every way possible. Comfort kills.

Why I Am Not Human

I realized why I am not human like you all last night. I do not know human love and I never have. Sure my Grandma Kudearoff used to light up my brain with NLP and other sales techniques to replicate feelings of love, but that is not real love. You all have other living humans you care about who you would miss if something happened to them. I do not know what that feels like. This is why you all were shocked by my response when I thought Mr. U had died. No one has ever shown me love so everyone could die and my life would not change much. People not destroying me all the way is the closest thing to love I know. I assume your version of love is better than that, right?

I talked to Mr. U on the phone briefly last night and he is not willing to live in the real world with me. He said he would come visit next weekend, but I am a realist and that would probably break him, so I doubt he will. Disappointment has everything to do with expectations, so the less I expect the less I will be disappointed.

This revolution has been really fun. I got to briefly live so many things I believe in and I got to feel heard and seen for the first time in my life. Even if it does not result in anything, it was still nice to know what these things feel like. And I appreciate you all for being so open to listen and see me for me. I hope you do something with the information I have shared with you all. It can save you, even if you just apply it in a covert manner behind closed doors. Information changes people and the small things you do in your daily life are the things that truly define you and your quality of life.

Hope has been my biggest addiction in this life and I know how much it can hurt. I am not giving up on being revolutionary, I would still adore it. But much of life is about expectations. I need to adjust my expectations to save myself from more hurt. We can still be revolutionary. You all still need to segregate and put each other first. I will still write and make videos when I need to talk, but I am going to go back to playing dead mostly. It is my comfort zone and it saves me. When I don’t try life is easier, I am sure you all can relate to that.

Over the next couple months, I am going to stay in Santa Barbara and work on a writing project I have always wanted to do. The only thing I really took from Arizona besides my dogs was a box of journals. I started to journal again when I broke up with A1 and I have always wanted to publish them. Well now I know I have an audience, so I am going to make my dream come true. It will help keep me busy and make sense of my life. I love projects.

In Jan, I have an insurance firm up in Oregon that I want to work for and I will go back up to Oregon. I guess this is just a waiting game of seeing who dies first, me or my Dad. They cannot overtly kill me. And I do have faith that I can make it. However, it will be a lot easier if I don’t have hope for anything other than his death. Death waits for no one.

I can’t make you people be revolutionary, and you all can’t make me believe that genocide is right. So we will just have to agree to disagree and move forward. But this is something that my family cult has trained us all to do so I think we will all be just fine. Conditioning is a beautiful thing when change is nonexistent.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. I don’t break remember that. Life is still beautiful. No one can ever take that from me.

The Wrong Thing, For The Right Reasons

Maybe I have been going about this all wrong. You all have been conditioned to do the wrong thing your whole lives and look at it as normal. Just as I was conditioned to do the right thing. Maybe we need to go with what works for us all.

I need a small group of you to kill my Father. Use your car as a weapon as he has taught you to do. I have seen numerous people on this adventure who were made to wreck their car. Even ones who flipped them on purpose. Car wrecks cause great trauma, so it is one of my Dad’s favorite training tools. Shoot maybe build a bomb and blow up his car and/or house. I am not good at the wrong thing, but you all have been trained in it. Do what you think will work best!

To the convicts, you all are a scary bunch and you are pretty ruthless. Maybe one of you all has nothing to loose like me and you want to channel that into something positive. Or the Native Americans you all have the most rage out of any group. Use that rage to make the world a better place.

I know this is just me making highly unlikely pleas and breaking you people more. But you never know. My Mom always told me, “You never know till you try.” (Shoot add her and my Brother to the list as well. If they were all gone all of our lives would be so much better). On this trip, I have tried so many things. So, I can rest well at night knowing I have really tried my best. I still have this unexplainable feeling that things will work out. I get glimpses of the future and I have seen a brighter future. I know that sounds unimaginable. But hope and knowing are my weird super powers. I just can’t share that hope with you all anymore because it hurts.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

I know there has to be another Kipp Kinkle or Ted Bundy out there. Shoot in this society there has to be a ton of them just waiting for a project to channel their evil into. 🙂

Ideas Of How To Improve Your Epigenetics

Epigentics are about the things you do everyday and the things you do not do. It is about how you chose to cultivate your environment for health, the small things. With the way the world and the systems are we have been brainwashed to forget what is natural. Here ares some ideas of how to live more naturally in this unnatural environment. These kind of things are how you will be able to overcome the genetic modifications my family cult have set you up to experience with the systems in place.

How to improve your epigenetics:

  1. Walk more
  2. Use unscented laundry soap and add baking soda to your wash(skip fabric softner)
  3. Air dry your laundry
  4. Air dry your hair
  5. Eat liver
  6. Grow your own food
  7. Grow herbs in your kitchen window
  8. Get more house plants, especially in your bedroom
  9. Make your own cleaning products whenever possible-vinegar and orange/lemon essential oil are pretty amazing
  10. Move more
  11. Daydream more
  12. Make your own body oil/lotion/body scrub
  13. Stop using antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer
  14. Only use soap on your smelly and dirty bits in the shower
  15. Coconut oil is antibacterial and does not kill your microbiome so use this before or after showering
  16. Dry brush your skin
  17. Use a sauna
  18. Red light therapy
  19. Derma roll your skin
  20. Exfoliate your skin
  21. Add essential oils to your shampoo and conditioner
  22. Walk by the beach-iodine is in the air
  23. Get out in the sunshine more
  24. Take vitamins and minerals
  25. Heavy metal cleanse
  26. Parasite cleanse
  27. Virus cleanse
  28. Candida cleanse
  29. Stop eating fruit
  30. Avoid sugar
  31. Avoid carbs
  32. Avoid fiber
  33. Avoid coffee
  34. Avoid dairy
  35. Avoid gluten
  36. Avoid corn
  37. Avoid nightshades
  38. Avoid soy
  39. Avoid grains in general
  40. Avoid vegetable oils
  41. Eat more healthy fats
  42. Eat more meat and eggs
  43. Raise your own chickens
  44. Dry fast at night
  45. Intermittent fasting/have an eating window
  46. Avoid screen time at night and/or get those orange glasses
  47. Get a rescue dog-they help cultivate your microbiome and soul
  48. Take detox baths
  49. Learn to relax as much as possible
  50. Sleep more
  51. Stretch more
  52. Eat less
  53. Talk about your feelings rather than bottling them up
  54. Be grateful
  55. Envision the future of your dreams and how you would like things to work out
  56. Be a positive person
  57. Ditch learned helplessness
  58. Put yourself first
  59. Be more childlike
  60. Play more
  61. Read more
  62. Learn more and cultivate your brain
  63. Do things that make you get in touch with your spirituality(whatever that means to you)
  64. Get out in nature and unplug
  65. Turn your phone off
  66. Meditation and deep breathing
  67. Avoid sunscreen whenever possible
  68. Find the beauty in everyday life
  69. Avoid being stuck in your feelings, use your logic to find a way out(emotional addiction is a big tool my family cult likes to use)
  70. Keep a journal
  71. Create rituals that bring you joy in your daily life(ex. coffee in the morning, dog walks, just simple small things you look forward to every day)
  72. Value what you do have
  73. Cook your own food-avoid eating out whenever possible
  74. Eat more fresh herbs
  75. Listen to MHZ music(mediation music)
  76. Use self check-out at the grocery stores
  77. Use fewer bath/beauty products
  78. Apply “less is more” in as many aspects of your life as possible

It only takes 6 months of committing to a healthier life to change your gene expression. Pick a few things that you will be able to stick with. Then add in something more here and there when you can. Life is easy and so is health. Don’t let it stress you out, let it be something you enjoy. Be revolutionary in your daily life and watch magic take place

You are in control of who you are, always and forever.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

You Have To Choose To Be Revolutionary

My revolutionary people

I am unsure how many of you can see my Jeep cam, but I know the demographic at Whole Foods gets to see from the response they had to my presence this evening when I was getting my E meats from the butcher there tonight.

Let me recap:

I can teach you all everything I know, but it will do absolutely no good until you do it yourself and practice it. Sure being a good person sounds like a good idea, but the true test is when you actually have to put yourself on the line to do the right thing and practice the things that sound like a good idea in theory. Theory is great, but what you do is what defines you. You can listen to me all day until I turn blue trying to get you all to see my point of view, but unless you are willing to do things differently there is no use. It is like someone who is terminally ill learning about health, but not doing any of it. Sure it sounds like a good idea, but it would be hard and take effort.

Until you all actually do what I have taught you and choose to BE revolutionary with you actions overtly. I am doomed to be a homeless lady in her Jeep with her two dogs. Sure, we will make the most of whatever we have to, but it will still be you all denying our pain and suffering like always. If you all do not choose me, than have you really learned what I have been teaching you? My revolutionary people would do the right thing, even if it was hard, even if it hurt. Because this is what I have done for you all and for myself. I can only do so much. I am not God. I am just human like all you all.

Humanity is a powerful thing when used correctly. When you just run from it all the time, it will be the end of you all and me.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

License Plate: California UR RIDE

Covid As Karma

You all know I am a good person, but even good people have limits. I have been thinking about what I would do to the people who are still continuing to use their car to fulfill their need to destroy via Muchausen by Proxy. I think I just had an amazing lightbulb moment. How about we give them all covid?

These are the people who look decent on the outside, but on the inside they are an absolute mess. They would have no clue how to heal themselves even with the simple instructions I have written out for everyone. Their logical brain is lacking so much that they will forever be stuck in their emotions. See it takes logic to talk yourself down with you are stuck in your emotions like my family cult.

What do you all think should we just give them all covid and let them determine their own future. Darwinism, survival of the fittest, has always been something I have believed in strongly. Fear and destruction are not a good mix to put out into the world, but maybe in this instance we should make an exception?

Love Always 🙂

Nicole Graves

Dr Mr. Utah-It’s Time For Our Utopia

Mr. U

They told me covertly you were dead, but we all know they cannot overtly kill or hurt people after I have made “such a mess on the internet”. Everyone would know and they also know that my family cult has genetically modified us all. When you hurt the whole world it is pretty hard to predict to how they will react to you causing more harm that they could be overtly held accountable for! Even their arrogance will not allow them to bypass the fear of overt accountability.

Remember a few months ago when I told you are my Marc Anthony. Well, you still are. I may not be the girl who bought into romantic love as much as her family told everyone, but I do need a partner in this life and a father to my children. It is time for us to build our utopian society. I have done everything I could do on my own and have accomplished the unthinkable. I have watched the world change as I have showed the people love, kindness, understanding, hope, and a way out.

Now is the time we need to come together. Now is the time I want to create my own family, so I never have to be alone in this world again. Maybe that is a bit selfish of me, but I deserve love too. I can’t do this on my own any longer. I don’t just need your help, you kind of owe me, you know? I have survived the unthinkable since I stopped talking to you when I was in Vegas. But I also saved us from having to destroy each other. So not only did I save myself, I saved you. Now your turn to save me.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. The moon is in Leo so please excuse my angry text message lol passion goes both ways!

Healing Covid Naturally

Covid is another fear tactic that I want to free you all from. Viruses aren’t scary and/or a death threat when you know how to take care of your body. Sure, it sucks to be sick and no one enjoys it, but it does not have to kill or scare you.

Now that my family cult knows how effective viruses are at scaring people they will continue to make them. Covid is not the first. Think back to the 80s when AIDS came out. Who do you think designed that? Who wants to punish gay men for being overtly like them? AIDS was probably not the first and Covid will not be the last. So we all need to adjust and accept to survive in the world we live in.

You know why so many people die of Covid? Because they have a high viral load to start with. Their immune system is always constantly fighting numerous viruses, bacteria, parasites, and trying to detox all the heavy metals and poisons in their body already on top of Covid. So what do you do to eliminate this problem? You cleanse your body and take the burden off your immune system .

We all inherit parasites, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals from our Mother and our Grandmother so if your family has been in the war games for awhile you have a lot of work to do. Also, if you are sexually active this means you need to work on this with your partner at the same time, because they will give you back all the bugs you have been working to kill if you do not kill them together. So being with someone who is invested in their health is important and a non negotiable if you want to live a healthy life.

Now you are wondering the how, right? Well start with a low carb/no carb and low/no fiber diet. Do the best you can, small changes work best. Or do a “meat cleanse” and eat carnivore for a week and get a lot accomplished in a short period of time. Fasting is also a great tool, but if you have not done much of it try a “meat fast” and just eat meat.

And/or add in intermittent fasting to your day and eat one meal that is meat only and one meal how you like to eat. There are so many ways you can change your diet to make it work for your health. It doesn’t have to be extreme. Do what works best for you. Diet is not a one size fits all thing. But we all do need to lower our carb consumption and have an eating window for the day. Dry fasting at night is a great tool too and really easy. Just don’t drink water or eat food after a certain time at night and then don’t drink water when you first wake up, wait as long as you can. So many options and small changes to choose from. Diet is the most impactual thing you can change for your health and overall wellness. So figure out what works best for you. Experimenting is the only way you will find out.

What if you get Covid? Well you need to realize you are sick and you are going to have to take weeks to get better. It is a pretty intense virus, but if you have cleansed it will be easier to overcome just as any other virus. I had it while in a death camp and so mine was worse than it has to be, if you are in a clean/healthy/safe environment.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Rest and drink clean water
  2. Get a shower filter to lower your toxic exposure and ease the burden on your liver
  3. Take antivirals-grape seed extract, oregano oil, clove, garlic(fresh garlic chopped finely and swallowed works great for all viruses), ginger, coconut oil, diatomaceous earth food grade, l-lysine, etc. The key with antivirals is to rotate them and take two or three at the same time. Every 5 to 7 days switch the antivirals you use(diatomaceous earth food grade and l-lysine can be taken continuosly-your body does not build a tolerance). This is the most important step. It would be good for everyone to start taking at least 1 antiviral everyday and switch it up every week. If we did this our whole society would get healthier and our collective microbiome would heal from all the damage caused by the war games. When we all heal together we all get better quicker. We share bugs every time we interact with another person. That lady who handed you your coffee this morning, yep she handed you her bugs(both good and bad).
  4. Take a multi vitamin
  5. Take Vitamin D 10k Iud/day, high dose L-lysine(this is great to take all the time, it will lower your viral load and you do not get a tolerance to it), Zinc, & Selenium—-all of these would be good to take if you are just starting to lower your viral load and have never done much cleansing
  6. Take epsom salt baths and put coconut oil on your skin afterwards—Magneisum in the epsom salts are very healing for your body. It helps with over 300 processes in your body.
  7. Stay warm
  8. Eat low/no carb– fasting is a great tool to help your body heal quicker too. Do intermittent fasting at the least.
  9. Eat nutrient dense foods and avoid nightshades
  10. Make and eat bone broth-throw it all in a crockpot
  11. Drink herbal teas-clove, mint, and ginger are great choices, but all herbal teas will help
  12. When you start feeling better do walking when you can, nothing crazy just gentle walking outside in the sun if possible/available
  13. Eat fermented foods/drinks and take probiotics– get those good bugs in
  14. Essential oils are a great tool-find a scent that lights up your brain because they are all good for you

Antivirals, vitamins, rest, and eating well are the only super necessary things, but the more you do the better.

We all need to pretend we are fighting a virus right now and start cleansing our bodies to ensure we improve our health. This way our immune systems can handle fighting off the viruses in our environment and they cannot be used against us as weapons of fear. If we improve our gut bacteria our immune system improves with it. Your body is like a computer, you need to defrag it and clean out the junk. And if you have never done this before it will be a bit messy to do the first few times and be time consuming. But it is way better to do it now rather than wait till you actually have covid or cancer.

Treat your body well and it will treat you well.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

If you take nothing else away from this post, remember to take L-lysine. It is an amino acid that you do not build a tolerance to that is an antiviral. This is key to cleaning viruses from your body and it helps heal/prevent autoimmune issues. Plus, it is super cheap! Health does not have to be difficult it is all about the little things you do everyday. Invest the $5-10/month on a bottle and your whole life could change. Healing is simple.

(Fragment: This would be what I would start my children on to improve their immune systems, because if you did not cleanse before you had them they are starting out behind just as you did.)

Candida Infections Cause Leaky Gut, Chronic Illness, & Nutrient Malabsorption

Candida is how my family cult creates chronic illness and disease in your body. I have never seen anyone with cancer who does not have a candida problem. It is an internal mold that grows starting in your stomach and it can grow to be throughout your whole body. Are you bald or have thinning hair? Do you have althete’s foot that won’t go away? Are you having a hard time digesting your food? Reoccurring vaginal infections? White stuff on your tongue? Constipation? Diarrhea? Bloating? Gas? Itchy rashes? Skin problems?

These are all signs of candida. This is not only from eating so many carbs and sugar, but it is from taking antibiotics and throwing off your gut bacteria. The bugs are good, you just have to cultivate the good bugs.

Things you need to do to reduce candida in your body:

  1. Eat fewer carbs
  2. Eliminate sugar
  3. Eat coconut oil daily
  4. antifungal herbs
  5. eat more eggs and meat
  6. fermented food and/or probiotics
  7. use fresh herbs in your meals like basil, garlic, thyme, clove, cinnamon, ginger turmeric, etc(fresh is better in this toxic world 😉
  8. healthy fats and oils
  9. avoid fiber
  10. oil pulling
  11. using coconut oil on your skin after you get out of the shower
  12. take your vitamins
  13. Biotin is the key B vitamin that helps your body get rid of candida

Eating garlic, coconut oil, and taking biotin everyday is a great mix. But do as many little things as you can. Go slow at first though because it may cause a reaction like the flu if your candida overgrowth is bad.

Also, be careful of who you have sex with because candida is sexually transmitted just as many viruses, parasites, and bacteria. Learning about health is what made me not want to have sex anymore. You can have sex with someone once and get a parasite and those are linked to larger conditions you develop down the road. (Ex. there is a parasite for bad driving, one for schizophrenia that you get from cats, etc.) There are so many it is scary. Who you are around and how much they value their health matter. Plus, we inherit heavy metals, parasites, and viruses from our Mother and Grandmother. Because the egg you started out as was made in your Grandmother’s body. So if your family has been into the war games for a few generations, it is safe to say you need to start detoxing tonight!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. When I told you all to avoid gluten I forgot to tell you it is because it also causes you to be unable to absorb nutrients from your food in the long run.

Support Your Liver

Supporting your liver is the most revolutionary thing you can do in this toxic war zone we live in. We all need to support our liver. Here are some ideas on how:

  1. Move your lymphatic system. You don’t have to sweat a ton, you can just go for a walk and/or do some yoga. Just move your body. Even if you just do five minutes of stretching here and there, do it! Ever little bit helps. It is all about incorporating movement into your daily life in as many ways as possible.
  2. Take binders that absorb toxins like spirulina, chorella, diatomaceous earth food grade, activated charcoal, benodite clay, high dose vitamin C, aloe(this helps heal your gut too), fulvic acid(great too remineralize your body and helps with grey hair) , etc. All of these have other benefits besides just heavy metal detox.
  3. Epsom salt baths
  4. Eat fewer carbs and more meat
  5. Skip fast food and eating out-in this world you are just asking to be poisoned when you eat out
  6. Eat more eggs and/or take choline
  7. Eat more healthy fats like coconut oil, butter, olive oil, etc
  8. Stop taking pharmaceuticals
  9. Stop eating fruit
  10. Avoid tatoos
  11. Take digestive enzymes
  12. Drink green tea
  13. Get liver support supplements
  14. Eat fatty fish and/or consume more Omega 3
  15. Meditate, deep breathing, relaxing, napping

The more you tune into your body and support it, the more it will be able to support you and allow you to live the live you deserve.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Air Traffic Control Commander

Can you imagine how annoying it is to have a Father who will follow you with air traffic, but won’t sit down and have a civilized discussion with you because he knows he is being illogical? It is pretty crazy making that is for sure. At night is usually when the air traffic is the worst because that is when most people are sleeping. Can you imagine how much the air traffic bill is for this adventure of mine has been? Us taxpayers are footing some of the bill because it is both commercial and military.

What do I have to do to convince those of you who are still taking orders from my Father that you should stop? What do I have to say to get the air traffic to stop? Can you imagine the ripple effects of this air traffic on our health as a collective? Or all the poisoned meats at all the grocery stores?

Today my Father threw a fit because I stole his favorite toys that he likes to play with. The Aryans were his pet project, you can tell by the way he kept them in a fear state continually. He likes to give people things so they live in fear of them being taken away. I like to give love and understanding because it feels good and there are no return and/or exchanges. Beauty is in the details, but so is pain.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Covid & Figuring Out Real Estate

You want to know how I figured out real estate? Well, my family cult gave me Covid at a work function I had to go to for the real estate firm I was working for in Sierra Vista(at the Meading Room north of Sierra Vista). Shortly before this they had gotten me fired from my second real estate job I was working up in Phoenix for Karen Nyguen.(Fragment: I learned so much from Karen. She is a really smart lady,but she did not know my family cult had kept me so sheltered. She taught me about NLP.) They were gassing and poisoning my things so badly at the death camp I couldn’t barely talk on the phone to people, because I worked from home. Plus, they got to the agents I was working with up there. I was working 60 plus hours a week working both real estate jobs in Phoenix and Sierra Vista. But this is how I financially got ahead enough to make it this long on this adventure.

So, I was down to one job and I was sicker than I had ever really been. Being sad and pissed off is normally when I make magic happen though(thus this adventure). I could not get out of bed more than to take the munchies to quickly go pee. So I was stuck with my thoughts and staring at my computer next to me in bed. I rarely met with clients so working was still an option. As I laid there and took my herbs, binders, and antifungals, I figured it out.

I realized I may not be able to be amazing on the phones like a used car salesman, but I could do well enough to figure out what they wanted and find it for them. See people love dopamine even if they do not know it. And so I found them dopamine by finding them price reduced listing, new listings, and homes with unique features that suited them. Buying a home is annoying and stressful, but getting a good deal makes it a whole lot better. Especially at the time, because there were not very many listing on the market.

An example: One of my favorite clients was Russel. He was a retired cook from the military who lived up in Northern Middle America. He was saving up to move down to Arizona to be by his brother who already lived down there. A very kind man to me. I enjoyed talking to him and we chatted often on the phone, which I rarely did with clients. But it felt nice to check in on him because I needed the company too.

When I was looking at listings I found a house with an outdoor kitchen. Sure, it was not what he was looking for, but the outdoor kitchen was right up his alley because that was the most important room in his new house. The listing may have not matched what he was looking for, but the idea did. I sent him the listing to keep him dreaming and to let him know that there is always room for dreams. I told him I doubt we will be able to find the kind of home he is looking for with an outdoor kitchen but that he should think about finding a house with a backyard big enough to add this feature himself.

I never sold Russel a home, but if I would have stayed he would have bought from me because not only did I make him feel heard and seen, but I made him dream and have hope. (Fragment: Russel you better get that outdoor kitchen sir!) These are all things that make your brain produce dopamine. And I did similar things for the people who did buy. I remember one fancy family who bought from me who wanted a pool and I actually met them in person. Roy just wanted them to see how clueless I was still and parade me around like people always have done.(Fragment: This is why I do not have a problem with parading myself around on this adventure. At least this time it is for my own good.)

I may never be the greatest on the phones, because who knows what poison I get on what days. But I will always be good at finding people what they want and going the extra mile. And when people know you want the best for them and have their best interest in mind they are forgiving, because they have seen your humanity. Humanity is why I am good at selling real estate. I know how stressful moving is and searching for a home is, but I also know how to make it easier on my clients. I know how I would want to be treated when I buy a home and that is what I do. Manifesting your dreams should be fun even though it is stressful. So you just have to make it fun for the people you work with, whatever that means to them.

People often think I am childlike and I am, but it is a conscious choice because being a serious adult does not release dopamine in my brain. It releases cortisol instead. I think this is why so many people are stressed out nowadays. If you take things too seriously then you will not be able to have a good time. And I have the ability to bring out the child like dreamers in people with the way I make their brains release dopamine and oxytocin. In sales when people feel seen, cared for, and like you have their best interest in mind they will buy whatever you are selling. It is not rocket science it just takes a different mind set.

Russel thank you for keeping me company.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Nate thank you for buying from me. I only got sent $150 check for it, because Scott stole the commission on that home. But I really enjoyed winning you over. I hope you both are very happy in your new home and working on that family.

Black List Of People Who Profit Off Your Pain

Here is a list of people I collected today who are still holding onto the idea of profiting off all of our pain to keep their upper class lifestyle(some are from the grocery store). I had to get some air this afternoon in the hills in North Santa Barbara by the golf course. These ones should be fun for you all. A good outlet for vicious! When I am being covertly vicious these are the kind of people who would bring me the most joy!

Happy Hunting! xo Nicole








81634B2 white tacoma





8KQT643–extra sure of himself white 4runner


Where You Will Meet Yourself

I have spent most of my life pretending to be normal and not smart like my family. Normal just means average. Do you know what it is like to have the ability to see through everyone beyond what they can see themselves? It’s just annoying really. I see what they could be if they tried. If they tried to have humanity. I go around seeing how much of themselves people have wasted. Thus, short changing society. Can you imagine how heavy that would be? Would you want to be around people if you could see these things?

This is probably why I play dumb most of the time. It is just easier than trying to confront people about how they are short changing themselves. No one wants to admit they are being kept small by their inability to use their whole brain and feel their humanity. I have given up this struggle a long time ago, way before I knew how to explain what was happening to them. I have decided some people just like to be kept small. Because the unknown is scary and fear is a great motivator. It is hard to be your own person and not like the people in your family.

But in case any of you are out there facing these issues yourself. I want you to know it is so worth it on the other side. I have battled not being like my family my whole life. Somehow I was unable to conform and it has been the most worthwhile part of my journey. The Road Less Traveled by Walt Witman says it all. Do what other people have been unable to make themselves do because it is amazing. Don’t just pick the easy route because it is well paved. Dare to be original.

The systems today teach how to be a copy cat and channel another. I have even seen some of you channeling me. And still I say, “Dare to be original.” The rewards for being yourself will always outweigh being a carbon copy of another. Until you know who you are life is really blah, but after you learn who you are things really start to get interesting. And the only way you learn who you are is by living and trying new things.

So try something different today, and live differently. This is where you will meet yourself.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

The Black List Lasts Forever- Even If I Do NOT

My revolutionary people,

I need you to promise me something. Even if I do not accomplish what I aim to do, I need you to promise me that you will continue to covertly discriminate against the people I have documented who continue to go out of their way to torment me with their Munchausen by Proxy.

I have faith that I am getting closer everyday to my goals, but these people are just annoying and hurt my dogs more than me. Promise me you will discriminate against them and hold them accountable and you will teach your children to do the same to their children. If I do not make it, then we will have someone to take our vicious out on.

Thank you and Love Always

Nicole Graves

California License Plates: 4LFV272, 4VWR341, 8SSR930

Arkansas 927 YHG

Haywood My Little Redhead Aryan

See Haywood was raised as an Aryan. I did not know what I was doing, but I just intended to love and spoil him. I never wanted children, but I did want someone to love my whole life. He had the best of everything and never knew too much suffering. Until I broke up with the idea that I had to conform in order to survive and live in the manner in which I had become accustomed to.

It took a lot to push me past the point of acceptance, each and every time I have denied money and security in the form of a man. Even the last time when it was the man who was my sales manager. The unknown is scary. But you know living in fear of the people you love and/or who control your life is even scarier. When the person in control of your life is unpredictable and only hands out comfort and security when they deem it to be necessary, life is always going to be scary. There is no end in sight. This is what makes you people fear your humanity. You all know my Father has no humanity and you have watched him punish me my whole life for not giving up my humanity.

As long as my Father is in power you all will continue to live in fear. Because this is how he controls you. He uses your humanity against you. My Brother is no different because he has conformed to the systems my Father has created without question and out of survival. You all’s fear is never ending and without hope. Well, here I am a genetically modified gift from God that will never be replicated, because of how much I endanger the systems. I represent hope for you all, just as I do my revolutionary people.

You know I do not want to take anything away from you, right? You know I do not believe in punishing people, right? All I want is for you to not destroy others in order to earn your lifestyle. Sure change is scary, but I know how you all live now and that is not without fear ever. You all are always scared of something being taken away. I know because this is why I waited so long to open my heart. I made A1 promise he would never take Haywood away before I even got him. Everything I loved and valued has always been used against me my whole life. I know your pain, because I have lived it. And the fear my Dad instills in you does keep you in line. But what if I could offer you love and understanding? And work with you to create a quality of life that you do not have to live in fear of loosing?

I understand change is scary, but change can also be really good. Look and me with Haywood and now Teka too. I know more love than I ever imagined was possible and love once given can Never be taken away.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. You all can hide your humanity on the outside, but I see what is on the inside and you all want to give into your humanity so bad just like I did.

P.S.S. Ask Eric and Amy Uffins and Ryan Holloway, I really am a good person.

Aryan Tetris & Puzzle Pieces

As this puzzle comes into focus more, one piece does a lot of Tetris where things line up and become clear. I am just going to use real names from here on out cuz fake names are too confusing for me at this point on this adventure. Nothing personal and not vicious just trying to make sense of this mess.

I see 3 groups of Nazis:

Scandinavians: mostly lighter skin/hair but not always, bigger bone structure, best epigenetics, believe in potential

Hybrids/Aryans: mostly lighter skin/hair, smaller bone structure, worst epigenetics, believe in money, power, domination, control

South Americans: darker skin/hair, tall but not wide bone structure, broad shoulders from excess cortisol, epigenetics close to the the Aryans, believe in Destruction with a capital D, they live for destruction and rarely pretend otherwise beyond surface level

All of these groups partake in Munchausen by proxy, but the South Americans and the Aryans the most(thus their epigenetics). The Scandinavians seem to only poison people when they have to. I think they know it is wrong and bad for themselves as well. The other two groups will destroy themselves to destroy others with absolutely no qualms.

Kris was a Aryan. Brenda was an Aryan. My Dad stole territories from them in Oregon by killing them. But since I have made this “mess on the internet” as my family likes to call it, these territories have been returned to the Aryans. There are a group of Aryans who are not the upper class white people who seem to still have a conscious because they have not sold out to be uber rich.

The Aryans are the ones who tried to steal me in Arizona when I was working in real estate. Karen Nygyen of Keller Williams in Phoenix, married an ethnic man, just as my Dad married an ethnic lady. Was it to gain his territory? Son, her husband, had a fear cortisol response to me, but Karen did not. She knew no fear of my family, it was a bit of an arrogance. This is the arrogance of the Aryans. They know my Dad is boss, but they do not fear him as the ethnic people do. Because he is one of them.

Roy Butler was the Aryan who found me in Sierra Vista.(Fragment: the owner of the real estate firm I worked for was Hispanic and I do not know how much about the war games he knew, but they had already tried to kill him with cancer and he had an Aryan girlfriend.) I was supposed to be Roy’s golden ticket to getting back in the good graces of my Dad. Or maybe he was going to try to use me as leverage for something. I am not sure, but he was being punished. He had already put 30 years of military service in, so his life had never been more than punishment. His family was from Texas to. He and Gail had a daughter like me that I think they really tell themselves is not smart. She is kept even smaller than I was, still to this day. Gail I hope you honor your daughter, just because she is smarter than you does not mean she is a threat and not human. It just means she has different strengths. Let her be who she is, even though no one ever let you be you. Just because it was done to you does not mean it is right. Accept that she deserves better, because you did too. But no one was there to accept it for you. If you are a true counselor you should be able to step outside of yourself and see the situation for how it really is.

I was raised as a Hispanic, the lowest of the low. I have been destroyed my whole life. I never knew what it was like to wake up happy and/or not in pain till living in the death camp in Arizona. I was not supposed to live past my 30’s just as all the Hispanic graves I saw in Santa Fe. My Brother is only a few steps above me and will not live as long as my parents. But he has always been treated better, because he never rejected evil or destruction. My Brother enjoyed learning how to kill when my Dad used Brenda as a training tool. My Mom had no qualms about telling me this.

Yesterday at the beach, an Aryan bald guy commented on how happy Teka was. I told him life is supposed to be easy without thinking twice about it. My munchies and I like the simple things in life. Walking on the beach and seeing the ocean is a treat for us. We all try really hard not to take things foregranted. I can’t wait to sit on a couch with my babies and watch tv without being poisoned(maybe even have some clean water and food). So simple yet blissful, because we have NEVER experienced it before. After living in a death camp and being destroyed the whole time they have been with me, we all choose to see the beauty in the world. Haywood is more of a realist than Teka and I. He will bite someone no qualms and I love him for that. To the guy who tried to touch/poison Teka and Hay almost took your hand off. I hope you choose healing. Just because you pretend not to be hurt inside does not mean others cannot see your pain. Just that you cannot see it. You are just like my Uncle Dave.

The boy in Albequerque working the Self check out who had the really bad epigenetics and tried to take his hate out on me, but really hated himself. He was/is an Aryan. He is the one who helped me figure out I was looking at people’s epigenetics. He looked relatively okay on the exterior but when I looked at his insides he was the biggest mess I had ever seen. Especially for being relatively young: 20 something. Seriously worst of the worst and I have been studying people my whole life. (Fragment: the people who watch over the self checkouts seem to have the worst epigentics. Like they can’t be trusted to touch others food without poisoning it all.)

The Aryans are the ones who work at the grocery stores. This is why my Brother’s best friend Quinn has worked at the grocery store since high school and got married right out of high school. I saw him when I went home on this adventure and all he could look at me with was pure guilt and shame. He did not come around again after that. Quin is not as overt about the war games as my Brother. I wonder if they are “butt buddies” as my family calls it? I always wondered why a boy with such potential was wasting his life at a grocery store. One day my Brother had an outburst when I was asking about it and said, “He is just an underachiever.” I have always had questions about settling because it is something I have a hard time doing and understanding. Why settle for less than you deserve? Why sell yourself short? I was taught goals are important.

My Aunt Lydia acts like an Aryan(so did A1 to an extent). She is just as evil as my Mom, but more covert in her mannerism/actions/lifestyle and likes to think of herself as more civilized. (Fragment: Just like the people on Coburg road in Eugene who had deep guilt when I did my grocery store sit in there.) Aryans do not want to look at the reality of the situation that people like me suffer for their priviledge everyday. Shoot most of the people in the world suffer for their priviledge. Their lives look comfortable on the outside, but from the inside they are worse off than the people in Vallejo and most ethnic people. They are tortured and admitting to the pain of others would mean having to deal with their own pain.

My Dad will kill the Aryans just as he did Kris and Brenda. Some of them seem to want to be more civilized, but others embrace destruction just like the South Americans. However, the Aryans who profit off the war games are the only ones left fighting this war. Even most of the South Americans have dropped out, but there are a few who are still in because they too profit off the war games.

Most of the world sees my side and wants better. But yet I am so confused on who I can trust. Choosing the wrong person/people could be the end of us all. And yet staying on my own will be the end of us all. Money is the hugest tool my Dad uses to control the Aryans just as he tried to use money to control me my whole life. So the only way I am going to find my people is by being able to provide great wealth. So real estate is the answer. Because everyone else will sell me out for money.

This may be the biggest decision of my life and the literal world population is riding on the fact that I am a good judge of character. No pressure there or anything. But yet in the overt world I am just a lady looking to revolutionize the real estate industry.

I am really starting to hate California. Such ugly people ruin such a beautiful place.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

My Dad Is Creating A Slave Race

Well, I never understood how right I was when I said that I am you all’s last chance until now. My Dad is killing off all people who are not “Aryan” and carrying on with Hitler’s idea of idealism. However, I am not Aryan and neither is my Brother. But all the women my Dad would point out to me when I was younger and tell me I need to be more like them were. These are who the upper class white people are, huh?

Men like my Dad are marrying into ethnic families like my Mom’s to gain their territories. It is just another way to conquer the world and take over. I am just a war byproduct. No wonder my home life felt like the Holocaust. However, the Aryan people only make up probably 1-3% of the world population if that. The rest of us are just supposed to be slaves and live short, unhappy, and unhealthy lives building the systems for him? I am not the only one my family cult is trying to kill, they are trying to kill most of the world population.

Once again it looks like the majority of people are on my side and believe this to be wrong. Even some of the upper class white people were not looking too proud of themselves today. I think people have just been desensitized to doing the wrong thing. But when they really think about what is happening and what they are doing, they know it is wrong.

I do not expect perfection. I believe in being a human, but hurting other people in order to consider your life good just seems wrong to me. This did not break me, but it shocked me because this is illogical mass destruction. WWII never really stopped it just changed continents for headquarters(or did it because we have a large military presence in Germany).

You all know this is wrong. But you have never had anyone with as much power as me agree with you. And now you are feeling your humanity and you fear your humanity so it makes you even more scared. Get mad with me please! This is wrong and it is illogical. This makes humans look bad. I decided I am human, it is just that my family and my Dad’s people are not. You all, my revolutionary people, are human with me. We have done what we had to do to survive, but we want more for ourselves and for humanity.

I gotta get out of California soon. I am starting to hate this place.

Love Always with Hope For The Future.

Nicole Graves

Nothing changed my revolutionary people we still segregate and create the world we want to live in. Revolution still on! Now I realize just how important it really is once again!

The World Got Darker Again-They Knew

A bald guy in the back seat of an SUV made it very clear, the upper class white people knew very well they were killing the Hispanic people. I had to come to Whole Foods in Santa Barbara and get some E meats. OMG! You people pretend to be civilized, but you are just as vicious as my family cult. Did the Hispanic people know they were being killed with Mexican food? Had they just accepted this is the way it is?

You people just do not stop shocking me. This is why I saw so many Hispanic graves in Santa Fe that died so young and by their photos from chronic illness. Has the world just accepted that we are being killed? This is just too much. I thought I had finally gotten all the pieces I need and it just keeps getting worse. Seriously, genocide is acceptable?

Wow! I don’t even know what to say!


Nicole Graves

Revolution Update-Oct 26th

Do you see all these people pretending that their actions have nothing to do with a mass genocide? It is pretty interesting, I wonder how they sleep at night? The world changed overnight. But people are still defending the dark side. I think it is just mostly the people west of 101 who are fighting this battle. Though I have seen a few Hispanic people too. Once again I do not understand, but maybe there were people who knew about the Hispanic genocide and they were okay with the blood on their hands? What do you think?

I can not imagine killing anyone let alone a whole race. But this is something people in my family do like to take part in, so it is not as shocking as it should be. I also remembered my Mom told me when my Dad first took her home to meet his parents they freaked out because they thought she was Mexican. Now that makes so much more sense. And I understand why my family looks down on my Aunt N for marrying a Mexican. Family politics are a weird thing when you are Communist and Nazi.

You all can breath I bought more time today. I got an increase in my credit limit on one of my credit cards. I never thought to ask for that, but the automated system told me it was a good option. LOL I am still learning about how to take care of myself in the real world. I was never taught to be self sufficient because my family never wanted me to live on my own. It feels really good to teach myself how to live in the world that I was never supposed to experience.

But seriously how can so many people still be partaking in this war and the old system? They poisoned the meats at Target here in Santa Barbara so I would avoid buying it to all th people who are not hip to the poisoning. A lady next to me was going to buy some pork where the top was all bubbled up and I had to stop her. I do not know what side of the war she was on, but it was just natural instinct. “Don’t do it!” No one deserves to eat poison and the people here are used to clean food.

You all know that all the grocery outlet stores and discount stores poison their food, right? They get you to poison yourself with the cheap prices. I used to love going to the Grocery Outlet with my Mom as a kid. I felt so much more than she ever explained. What she was doing was showing people that this is what we do as she bought the poisoned food herself. Once again another thing I will never understand. But I felt famous when I went there, just like I did when I went anywhere with my Grandma Kudearoff.

I need to ask you all to gossip as much as possible today. I really cannot believe that people would be so willing to show their support of genocide when they support the old ways. They want to believe there is no blood on their hands, but there involvement today shows they have no qualms about keeping others down and/or literally murdering a whole race. Woah, right?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

How I Would Heal My Younger Self-Part 2

I forgot eggs. Eggs are a great nutrient dense food. Be careful about where you get them and who you store them around because they are the perfect vessel for poison to be added to. Just as most food I suppose. Everyone who is healing should try to eat eggs.

Here are some ideas to get you all started on the how.

Chaffles are waffles made out of eggs and cheese so they are low carb. These can be used as bread for sandwisches for lunches.

Homemade jerky can be made in the oven on lowest setting. Be careful of the spices you add, but this makes for a great snack.

Liver is really nutrient dense and will speed up healing. I like to cut it up in tiny pieces and put it on a cookie sheet in the oven on the lowest setting for hours and dehydrate it. Then you have little pieces so you can take one or two everyday like a vitamin.

Find a butcher that is revolutionary and ask him for ideas on new cuts of meat to cook. Beef is the best and there are so many ways it can be cut and cooked you never have to be bored. However, with time I believe most people will find what works for them and stick to that. Food is not supposed to light up your brain, it is supposed to fuel your body.

Eggs put in muffin tins and baked make for great snacks as well. The goal is to eliminate snacking between meals, but at first during the transition it is okay to do what you need to do to make the change. Intermittent fasting is an important part of healing as well as dry fasting at night.

Finding other things that help your brain release dopamine is the real key to any diet. And getting enough sleep, when you are not rested you make poor decisions. This is why my family cult is big into sleep deprivation. So sleep as much as possible, it is giving your body time to heal.(Fragment: teach your children photography it trains your brain to find the beauty in the world. Go walking together and take pictures and create something artsy/crafty with those photos/memories.)

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Why My Family Was Never Able To Control Me-Love Is A Verb

The way I was taught to love in my family was that love was a noun. It was something you had for someone. This is not love. Love is a verb. It is shown to people in the actions you take towards them. When you look at love as a noun, you are teaching obligation.

My value system and my family’s value system are very different. They could never offer me what I value and I could never offer them what they value. Which leaves us both unable to see the value in the other. I want love and potential and they desire destruction and hate. I have never wanted their power and money, just their love and a good life with family.

When you cannot give another what they value in life it is really hard to value them. It is incredibly logical that I do not love them and only like and mourn the idea of what they represent. Just as it is hard for them to see my value.

Knowing the values of those around you is crucial in knowing if they will value you.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Calcium Causes Anxiety, K2 Fixes Anxiety, Weston Price, Niacin Detox, Detox Baths, Saunas

K2 is a vitamin our gut bacteria is supposed to produce(like B12). However, with our gut bacteria being warred on rarely do we have a sufficient amount. If you suffer from anxiety at all this is a sign you need more K2. I enjoy Vitamin D with K2 mixed in. It is a good mix and will help with multiple things. Also, start making your own sauerkraut at home, it has K2 in it and it is so good when you make it at home because you can put whatever you want in it. I love to put turmeric in mine. Look up some recipes on YouTube, but avoid the traditional asian spices because those are nightshades and cause autoimmune disorders. Avoid nightshades at all costs, they are genetically designed to not be digestable nowadays and cause leaky gut.

See if you do no have enough K2 then calcium cannot be deposited into your bones and teeth. So it floats in your blood stream. This is what causes anxiety. Do you have bad teeth and/or brittle bones? Well, you need to take K2 so the calcium in your body gets to where it needs to be.

Have you noticed that Red Bull has calcium in it? I think this is to cause anxiety on purpose. I noticed calcium in some hot dogs as well. There has been calcium added to a lot of things, but if you/we do not have enough K2 it will just cause anxiety and not go where it is supposed to go.

Also, lead that is used in so many of the poisons to keep us small is also interfering with your bones and teeth. Lead displaces calcium. So if you have bad teeth you need to do a heavy metal cleanse and make sure to take K2.

The mental health industry is going to make you worse with all the medication they hand out like candy. They have no real research on a lot of the medication and it all kills your gut bacteria. Avoid any pharmaceutical medication you can like the plague. It is designed to kill your gut bacteria and not cure you just enslave you to the medical system. Instead, learn to listen to your body and give it what it needs. Discomfort and dis-ease are just symptoms/signs that it needs something. You just need to learn to speak your body’s language because it is always trying to talk to you.

I thought about how I learned to listen to my body and I do not think you all are going to like this answer. LOL 🙂 I moved from Las Vegas to small town Arizona and I just sat with myself. I sat with myself a lot as a child because they were trying to break me and locked me in rooms with nothing. But I learned to listen to what my body was doing. I did not understand what I was doing then and I really did not understand how my body worked, but I always tried to listen and feel what was happening.

All you have to do is focus your attention inside, just as you would pay attention to someone speaking to you. Sounds weird, I know, but just try it. Sit somewhere comfortable or lay down in bed and close your eyes and relax and just feel your body. Feel where you have pain, feel where you have comfort, and feel what needs help. Chiropractors and massages seem to help a lot because they put you back in line and then you know what it feels like to be in place. Most of my life I was out of place in so many areas my body was hectic and that is okay and normal for the world we live. You just have to make an effort to put it back together and tune into it.

Your body takes care of you, so take care of it and it will support you more than you ever imagined possible.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

Detox baths are something that really helped me a lot! Epsom salts, coconut oil, baking soda, Diatomaceous earth food grade, apple cider vinegar, clay, essential oils -try adding some of these into the tub and laying there for 30 minutes to an hour. Take the time to listen and feel your body and destress. Epsom salts are amazing because you absorb Magnesium through your skin and it helps you detox along with like 300 other functions in your body. Magnesium keeps you out of the cortisol fear state and allows you think about how to fix a problem rather than just having circular thoughts about it. So take a bath and focus on a problem and find the how. You all are literally designed to find the how, there should be some comfort in this. Because you have been designed to figure out how to make your lives better, you just have to do it.

Also saunas are amazing! Joe Rogan is a huge advocate listen to his you tube videos about it. Saunas are how I detoxed heavy metals. I sweated out purple stuff. Look up the firefighter detox protocol for the 911 workers. This is what I used where you take niacin and flush out the toxins and then take binder after to absorb them. It is super magical. The niacin detox protocol works when you take hot baths too. Do it regularly and you will be amazed how many of your aches and pains go away. Your body is not supposed to be in pain all the time. I did not know this before

Weston Price is the dentist who studied why people were deteriorating as industrialization took over and people moved to the cities and gave up their traditional/cultural ways of living in 1930s is the most insightful person I have found in regards to health and wellness. I did not find him till this adventure, but what I did to heal was pretty much the same as what he found to be necessary. We need more nutrition than modern/industrialized food is offering us in order to keep our epigenetics in order. Genes do not mean much, it is the gene expression. However, the state of your gene expression greatly effects your children. When you are preparing to have children both men and women need to take at least 6 months to a year to prepare your body and eat a nutrient dense diet and take supplements. The state of the man’s epigenetics is just as important as the woman’s. When people from many cultures lived traditionally they knew it was best to space children out at least 3 years apart so that their bodies had time to heal in between pregnancies. The way we go about breeding is a huge factor in the health and wellness of our society and this is not really talked about in modern medicine. Greatness takes time and preparation.

Creating Segregation-We Take Care Of Our Own

My Revolutionary People

We are the best and the brightest. Part of putting ourselves first is putting the people who value potential first. We need to take care of our own. This means if you are a hostess seat revolutionary people with a revolutionary server, if you are a doctor prioritize revolutionary patients., etc. People who value destruction and the old system, do not value potential. They do not deserve to experience the services we provide in an above average manner. Because their value system aims to keep us all average and small. Let’s allow them to live in the reality they are supporting. Life is all about return on investment. We need to invest where we will get the most return.

Remember when I said I wish I could just send all the people who value destruction away somewhere and they would destroy each other. Well, this is what we are going to do. When you are at war and you get hurt, you do not cross enemy lines to go to the doctor, you go to the doctor on your side of the war. This is what these people need to experience. They need to experience the consequences of their decisions. This is how we will hold people accountable, by not allowing them access to the world of excellence we create everyday in the small actions we take.

My Hispanic revolutionary people, I know you have been conditioned to be vicious. When you encounter someone honoring the old system, please remember this person is okay with the genocide of all Hispanic people. They have never cared what kind of person you are, just what race you are. Treat them accordingly.

My revolutionary medical professionals, I hope it goes without saying that if any of you are involved in the medical treatment of any of my family members please withdraw your services. My family only deserves medical professionals who value destruction just like them. They created the systems that have caused their illnesses, they do not deserve your efforts.

Greatness is a choice, just as destruction is a choice. We will support each other and they will destroy each other. It is a bit poetic, but yet it is absolutely logical too.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

My Dad Does Have Money

My Dad does have money, huh? This is how he keeps people in line. I know he killed his last wife so he has her money too I am sure(Brenda Holloway). He just made my computer screen do a Nintendo thing. But I am sure you all knew he had money and I was the only one in the dark right? Why have so much money and not be able to spend it. I mean he has been rigging the stock market since I was in middle school so he has to have money. What a weird family I am from. I will never understand and I accept that but I do not have to like it or jump on their crazy train.

Just because something is and you accept it does not mean you have to accept that is the way it should be. Life is a choose your own adventure and you just have to live to make yourself happy. But when that happiness gets in the way of others happiness that is when you cross the line.

They do have money and he has really been playing financial domination with me because his money did not keep me in line. It all makes sense now. Money has never motivated me to commit great evil. Sure I like money a lot because it means comfort, but it is just not a huge motivator to sell my soul to the dark side. I think I am the only one who he was unable to break with money. He showed me a gold watch that his Dad left him when I was young and told me one day this will be yours. And in my mind I was thinking why would I want a man’s watch? I suppose things just don’t mean to the same thing to me, because to him it is a representation of the destruction he has committed.

Great evil only breeds more evil, once you sell your soul for money you will have to continue to sell it for more money. There is no one time only great evil in my family cult. You sell your soul for a lifetime and the comfort you get in return is not even really that comfortable.


Nicole Graves

Dad I miss the person you were to me when I was a child. I looked up to and you were fun and I did not see that you were dead inside. You were my hero and this is what hurts the most. My hero is destroying the world and he destroyed my family just because he could and we did not play into his fantasy world as he thought we should. You have broken my heart over and over in this lifetime and I do not know how you are okay with that. I guess I miss the person you pretended to be. The moon is in cancer and I get emotional when the moon is in cancer because I tap into my feelings which I rarely do. I wish you could be my friend like you used to be. You have studied me enough you know me like a friend should. You all hurt my heart so much and that is what you love about me I continually break because I love what you represent in my heart of hearts. I wish you all could feel my love but all you feel is my destruction. I guess I wish I knew the how. How can you not feel my love? How can you be like this? I know the answers because I have searched for them for a lifetime and finally figured out your brain. But the answers did not make me feel better like I thought they would. Now I just want you to get better because I figured out how to fix you too. I have solved some of the greatest puzzles on this earth and still I am not satisfied. I guess I am your child. You destroy things and I ask why and how and figure out how to fix them. What a team we are. I miss the guy I used to love but that was just an act/a persona you put on for me.

Rambles At Night

Sometimes I just need to write. I have given up journaling so bare with me. Teka just puked up hotdogs on my phone while I went to the bathrooms. Leave them alone for a few minutes and the people gas the Jeep so bad the small dog pukes. Smh! I am so tired of people torturing my dogs to hurt me. This is how those of you with children feel. I somewhat get why you give up your humanity, it hurts. I hope the guy and gal in line for the bathroom in Target feel good about what they did. I will never understand you people.

They gased me again with the E gas, but I have felt like this for years. The whole time I was in Arizona they were dosing me with E and all kinds of other stuff. And yet I still figured out real estate. The older I get and the more I learned about health the more difficult it has gotten for them to keep me small. This is what I want to give to you people. Information changes the equation.

I never realized my family cult was trying to eradicate the Hispanic people with Mexican food till today. How does that make you all feel? It really pisses me off because they fed me Mexican food a lot and it was my favorite kind of food. The little girl I saw last night really got to me too, because her Dad never thought about food the way I pointed out. He was just not informed and I kind of feel bad for him, but his ignorance may cost her her life if he doesn’t correct his actions. My whole life other people’s ill intentions and misguidedness(sp?) have stolen my potential. I wonder a lot of where I would be if I had not been held back my whole life. No really the money and physical things part, but I wonder what my brain would be like and my mindset. How I would actually be different. I know if I would have accepted the war games I would have been a spoiled brat and an evil genius so there is a blessing.

How long is it going to take you people to see this is a war that really needs to be 100% committed to and ended. We all just need to come together and overthrow the system. I do not know how to talk you all down from so much fear. Your humanity make you have more fear and it is a never ending cycle.

The systems are literally designed to enslave and kill us. But we need to work like a slave while alive to contribute to the systems to make my family cult not even rich, just more powerful. I just do not understand. If my family had millions I would understand(maybe they do and I just don’t know because someone has to make money off the war games. I know the people west of 101 make good money off it.). My family are so dead inside they do not even value money as much as they should. They would rather destroy people. Look at me, I could have made a shit ton of money and made it so my whole family never had to worry about money and yet they do not care for money and freedoms. They value destruction and dark side evil. It is such a waste of so many things. They wanted me to be their evil genius but since I rejected evil they reject any other kind of success I could have accomplished. They pollute the world and waste natural resources and they want everyone to have kids so quickly and in so many numbers. We are not going to have the resources to make the world a good place for those children. It is all so illogical.

I am never going to understand the why and this is why I just accept it. I do have hope and faith that you all will see the logic behind what I say. I have to believe that you all will see that I am right when I talk about how no one else in my family is like me and that I am literally the last hope. I am merely a genetically modified mistake that is your last chance. They know better than to make another one like me because look at the mess I have caused.

Learn about your gut bacteria, it has all the answers you need for good health even when living in a toxic world like this.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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