Monday May 16 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Taurus-What Are The Limits

What are the limits of this power I possess? What can I use it for? What can you all do to help me change the world?

I will always have more questions than answers. In South San Francisco last fall, I figured out the epigenetic triggers of Dyslexia. This is when my family and all the people started in with the E poisons. Can I get you all to do this to them? What’s good for the gander is good for the goose. I suppose this will be a bit of revenge that doesn’t hurt anyone too much. But I do urge you to limit your poisoning of other to a minimal. There is no need to negatively effect your epigenetics all day every day to lash out at others.

I wish I knew the rules, because there still seems to be a double standard when it comes to me. Guess we will see how this unravels.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Sunday May 15th 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus Humanity & Family Ties

Uncle Dave I have one more favor to ask. I don’t know if this favor is more of as an uncle or as a leader of an army. I suppose in our family it’s always both. There is one person I will never be able to forgive unless he steps up. He makes me have all the illogical feeling of revenge and destruction my whole family is filled with or our whole family. I have tried over and over to talk myself down from such illogical feelings. An eye for an eye make us all blind. But as I sit here blind I can’t help but want to poke his eyes out.

I have always wanted people to want to do the right thing. However, I have never succeeded at getting people to treat me fairly. I suppose that is part of what this revolution is about too. We all deserve fairness even though it is not always possible. Sometimes we have to accept that life is unfair. I have shown my overwhelming ability to accept the unfairness of life. But there is this one situation/relationship that threatens my ability to be the larger person. Probably because it was the most hurtful experience I have ever had.

I’m hoping you can say few words to A1. Im not sure how you and your army get things done, but I would you to motivate A1 to do the right thing and reach out and help me in the overt world. I would like him to help get back to were I was when he left me to die. Im okay with any means necessary because I fear what I will do to him if he does not desire and follow through with the right thing. He makes my inner serial killer want to emerge. It scares me I don’t like that part of myself. I’m like my mom and dad I just work really hard to suppress those feelings, emotions, urges. I don’t want to fantasize about hurting him. I want him to do the right thing and take care if me and my dogs like he promised when we had a wedding ceremony.

If you could get him to do the right thing, I think I could forgive him and not have anyone left on earth who brings out my inner serial killer. I understand this a huge request, but I’m sure you have some grievances of your own against him as well. He’s sure full of himself and certain about his privilege. I can only imagine how he operates within the war games or how he used to operate.

Please make him reach out and follow through with bring a good person as he promised me he would be.

Thank you for being my uncle

Love always

Nicole D Graves

Sunday Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus Leaders of the Normal People

I have spent many moons trying to figure out who the leaders of the normal people are. Well, in the past couple days I realized this position belongs to me. But I have never had any co tact with normal people. I have been imprisoned by people with privilege in the war games. Privilege has been my prison. My captors were always just trying to hold I to their own privilege.

So how do I relate to you all if I have had no contact with you all? I am alien to you all. However, we have lived the same lives. You all have loved in a prison with people of privilege as your captured because they were just trying to keep their privilege too. Sure my prison may have seemed fancy from the outside looking in, but it was just like you all’s. I was isolated to keep me small. You all have been kept from things as well. We all were told our place and forced to abide by the rules of our captures, family, and birthrights.

I have had a long time to win the people who partake in the war games over. I’m unsure if you all were submitted to watching me grow up and love as a training tool. But to know me means to see my pain and feel it as your own. I feel your pain because I have endured your pain. I have never gotten privilege from being from my family, unless it was something they could not deny me because the overt world guaranteed it.

I have spent my whole life trying to be a normal human. That is what this war is about for me. I am fighting to have a normal life. My dream is to have a job and have kids. I don’t need fancy, I need security and normal. My dream is to be like you all, but for none of us to have to live in such pain.

I have never had kids because my family was going to kill me after I gave birth. I didn’t consciously know this, but they had been trying to kill me my whole life covertly sometimes and overtly other times. Did you hear about the time my Aunt Lydia dangled me from a ski lift when I was a child? They have done the unthinkable in so many weird ways that they can laugh off covertly and say they were accidents.

I never want anyone to live like I have lived. No one deserves to be treated so poorly. And you all are the closest people I can relate to because I was told I have no power my whole life. I was repeatedly told I was less than and would never matter. I am sure you all can relate.

I won over the people in the war games recently by asking the people who have done me wrong to help me convince the people that I deserve them to follow the covert war rules. Well none of you all have ever done me wrong so I can’t demand you all help me in exchange for your sins. But what I can do is reach out to those of you who can relate to living a life like mine where you were repeatedly told you don’t matter. Will you people stand up for me and help get everyone on board with the changes that are happening? I know it’s a lot to ask, but I know you matter. And I know you deserve so much more than you were ever given. You are more amazing than you ever could have guessed. And i want to help you all see the person you really are. But first I need your help on getting everyone on board with following the rules we have always lived by. Just because my family lived and cheated to win power over the war games and you people does not change the rules of the game. We were all taught to follow certain rules when it comes to our families and poisoning people I suppose. (So I wasn’t taught these rules but you know what I mean). The rules haven’t changed we have just come into some information that has caused us a little change in direction. Don’t allow this little change in direction to fool people into thinking they have the privilege and right to cause mayhem and delay us all in getting to our new destination.

You get to decide how smoothly this change of guards goes for us all. You decide this by how much you allow your neighbor to get away with. You all have been conditioned and taught to police each other your whole lives. Use this ability to create a sense of accountability in each other. Accountability for delaying our passage to a new world.

Thank you all for allowing me to be one of you all because that’s all this war is for me. It’s my battle to be a normal person like you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Sunday May 15 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus Protecting The Royal Family

The war games fancy families were meant to be protected by the war games Armies. This is how some families have earned privilege for generations. This is why SS soldiers exist. They ate meant to be the enforcers and protect what is in the best interest of the war games.

I appreciate that you all have decided to police each other, but what about the normal regular people who are running wild at this moment? This kind of chaos would never take place against any of my family members. What good is being this powerful if you all can’t see the value in not only following war games rules that have been in place for generations? If I have no protection this power is just a death sentence. I have survived this death sentence for 41 years with you all taking part in my attempted murder. Don’t you all think you owe me some reparations?

Here I am holding all the answers to the puzzle and you all are calling in sick for the job you were born to do. Literally you were born to protect my family. Why does this protection not apply to me, but all the birthrights and life of destruction does? Why is what I want to ask you all? Why will you not police the everyday normal people when the Kudearoffs are without power?

Uncle Dave I see you helped me with the war game players and I appreciate that greatly. How many times have you overtly covertly tried to kill me? I’m sure we have lost count, but I can think of 2 times very clearly. You tried to stop me from ever saving the people. Even though you are part of the people and subject to the freedom I fight for. I have shown that I am a good person over and over. The Kudearoffs have showed they are the furthest from good people and only do good for you in self interest. What do I need to do to get you to be a good person with me and do the right thing? You have always wanted to make a name for yourself and your family. This is the biggest opportunity you have ever had. Will you take it?

I sure hope so because I need someone to be on my side. We may be unlikely alliances, but by birthrights we would be following the rules and within clear boundaries. Don’t allow your personal involvement to cloud your judgement. Just as I did not allow my judgement to be clouded when I offered you and your family/people freedom from punishment for your war crimes. Sometimes doing the right thing g means putting your personal feelings aside and doing what’s right for the majority. This is when being a leader is hard, but you do it because it’s the right thing to do.

I hope to see you on the other side of this as my alliance and not someone who rode the line of war games rules just because the people were watching.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

Sunday May 15 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus The Fear Anxiety Depression and Your Soul Calling

You know that fear you feel right now especially but almost all the time? That’s not you. That is there by design. See your gut bacteria is warred on by all the systems. This means your gut does not produce vitamin K2 as it should. This means calcium is not deposited into your bones and teeth as it should be. Instead it floats around in your bloodstream causing anxiety and damages your brain and amygdala. This is what is causing the fear you feel all the time. It is a subconscious fear, so before your logical mind has a chance to tell you you are safe you feel fear. You feel this fear all the time. It’s a paralyzing fear. This fear motivates you to stay small and not to rock the boat. It’s a tool to control you.

You know the anxiety and depression you feel in waves all the time? It comes and goes through the days and it seems unpredictable, but it always shows back up? Well that is caused by your blood glucose levels and insulin levels. Humans aren’t meant to eat a diet so high in carbs, sugars, and grains. Processed foods are a weapon of destruction in countless ways. But our Standard American Diet conditions us to eat all the wrong things.If you want to eat well it is an uphill battle by design. When you eat well you feel well. People who feel well are harder to control.

See when your insulin levels are all over the place. It makes it ai your cells don’t absorb as much nutrition from your food as they are supposed to. This is why most Americans are experiencing malnutrition but are overweight. And you know what happens when you are experiencing malnutrition? You are more susceptible to brain washing and suggestion because your brain is not working properly. So this sets you up for disease and to stay in line as well.

You know that feeling you have now from your heart and soul that is calling out for freedom. That is you. You probably rarely ever honor that voice, but that is you. In the madness of your body it is hard to know what is you and what is there by design. You are the voice calling out for freedom.

Are you going to honor yourself or are you going to fall in line with the voices there by design to keep you small?

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

Sunday May 15 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus A Life Of Death

What would have happened if a week ago you all had disrespected my Aunt Lana like this? What about my Dad or Brother? They would have taken a handful of you and punished you and made an example for the rest to fall in line. Probably medically disabling you for life or burning down your house, something along those lines.

Well, here I am with more power by cover war rules and birthrights and you all are doing things to me you would never dream of doing to the rest of my family because I don’t value punishment. Allow me to sell you on why you need to respect me. Allow me to inform you of why you want to protect me and police your neighbors to protect me. I want you to want to do the right thing. So let me bluntly explain the situation.

You will not survive this without me. I am the only one in a place of power interested in healing. I am the only one in a place of power who knows how to heal and overcome the destruction. When it comes to healing I know the how because I have lived the destruction for a lifetime. Without me you will live a life of death and experience pain your whole life. Your life will literally be a life of death. No amount of privilege will save anyone. Have I told you all my Dad is dying from colon cancer from the systems of destruction? If his privilege can’t save him you are not escaping it.

Allow me to share with you all the words for the destruction I have found over the past year. I will make it quick.

1. There are epigenetic triggers of Autism, Dyslexia, all learning disabilities, chronic diseases, and some terminal illnesses. You know how the food, water, and air are poisoned? Well this effects your Gene’s. No one can escape it.

2. When we experience these negative epigenetic triggers our children are born with gene mutations. This means ever generation is a lesser than version of human. Everyone who has children is helping my family create a slave race and no one is immune.

3. There is a covert genocide of most races but especially Asian, Mexican, Black, and Italian. It is done with food so it effects us all. Have you ever eaten tacos, pizza, or sushi? Well, hows genocide taste?

4. Autism is caused by an antibiotic resistant bacteria called C Diff. We all have this bacteria because we inherit bacteria from our mother and grandmother. Plus with the antibiotics and heavy metals in immunizations we all have a breeding ground for it to live comfortably in our bodies. This bacteria is also in conventional meat and everywhere humans go. Have you ever been to a public restroom? Well you have been exposed to C Diff. Have you ever ate dairy products or drank coffee? Well you have feed C Diff. Do you have an addictive personality? Well this is C Diff because it changes the way your brain processes dopamine. You know all those people in AA and NA who are sold learned gelplessness? Well they really just have an antibiotic resistant infection. Addiction is not a disease it’s just an infection.

5. The cause of Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and many other learning disabilities/disorders is an imbalance of omega 3 to omega 6 during pregnancy. This allows for the baby to grow and develop inside the mother with a weaker and lesser than nervous system which can Never be corrected all the way. Then in life we all have an imbalance of omegas and this the roots to depression, anxiety, chronic illnesses, and most cancers. You know those chips, conventional meats, and crackers you love so much? Yep, they are destroying you on more levels than you ever imagined.

6. Your humanity is going hijacked because the systems are changing the way you process oxytocin. You know how everyone is more prone to social anxiety now? Well that’s dysfunctional processing of oxytocin. Sociopaths aren’t born they are made. If you cannot feel love you are more prone to commit crimes against humanity.

7. All the systems are set up to make us all fail. No amount of privilege will save you. Even if you benefit from one system of destruction you are still set up to fail and fail painfully by all the other systems. My Dad is dying of colon cancer from the systems of destruction he helped to create. You will not be able to get out alive.

8. The world and systems are filled with nocebos ti steal your power and hope for better. If you expect the worst you will continually get the worst.

There are so many more things and I could keep going, but the outcome is the same. You were never meant to live life, you were created to live death and a painful death. I am the only one who can save you. I am the only one interested in healing. I am the only one with birthrights to trump the rest of the people in power. I am the only one who knows how to fix the systems. I am the only one who knows how to heal.

If you are okay with living a life of death and a painful death go ahead and keep disrespecting me. When you think you are making my life hell you are really making your life hell, because without me you all will live my life. And I bet you all aren’t as quick to learn how to heal.

In this moment you are choosing the fate of the world. Do you want to live or do you want to die? The choice is yours.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

Saturday May 14 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus-An Exercise in the Quantum Field & Limitless Potential

Do you think I knew what needed to be accomplished when I left Arizona? Do you think even two weeks ago I knew how to reach all the people or the rules of birthrights which there are countless rules? Do I ever really know how things are going to work out?

No I don’t know a lot of things. Shoot I’m just human and I do my best that’s it. Sometimes my best isn’t enough and that okay because I keep trying and building on what I do know. We don’t have to know how we are going to get somewhere, we just need to know where we are going.

I’m alive because I use the quantum field to manifest. Those of you with the Dyslexic epigenetic triggers and gene mutations have been kept from the quantum field because it’s part of your birthright that makes you able to create limitless potential in the 3D world. Stop asking how and start asking what. What do we want to create? What is it going to feel like? What will your life be like there? What motivates you to create this place and change?

My whole life I have not known much of anything. I know a lot of facts and don’t get me wrong those come in handy, but my feelings have always been my true strength. No one has told me about the war games ever, I figured this whole mess out based on my feelings. Do you see how strong feelings can be? Feelings are your super power. You can create limitless potential with your feelings. Don’t allow the 3d world which is darkened by the war games lead you astray and get you depressed anxious and stuck in your feelings. (Sidenote:  insulin and blood glucose levels are how the systems and war games get you addicted to your feelings. Keto and stop with sugar)

Dream big, if you could have anything what would it feel like? I know it seems illogical. That I can completely relate to, but just do it. There are studies that visualization and meditation can change your epigenetics in 4 days. So you are more powerful than you know. Your feelings and wishes are more powerful than you understand. Your beliefs create the world and body you exist in. This is why the systems are filled with nocebos(opposite of placebos). If you expect bad things to happen they will. If you expect good things to happen they will. If you need to associate this with something outside of yourself take a vitamin every day and think this is my placebo. It is going to make magic happen in my life every day. We all need to take a multivitamin so we may as well make it our own placebo. You are in control of what the quantum field draws towards you.

So many people died from covid because it was a nocebo. We were told this virus was going to kill us. We were shown TV images of people dying. We expected the worst and we got the worst many times. My family gave me Covid twice. It was rough, but it was still just a virus. The last time they gave it to me I was living in my car in Southern California. Zinc stops covid cells from replicating just fyi. We all get emotional about many things, but how you feel about things is what often dictates how they effect us. We are told we are small and weak, but really that is just a means to make us reject the power we all have in our birthrights. You have the same power that has allowed me to survive my family for lifetime, heal covid naturally twice, heal cancer naturally, heal countless autoimmune conditions naturally, and figure out the war games and how to overcome them. Each one of you is just as powerful as me, you just have to believe in yourself. What will it take for you to reject all the people who told you you are small. A lot of them probably didn’t even mean to be so damaging. It was just that they were told they small their whole lives and they bought into it. If you don’t buy into it that would make them feel less than. We have lived in a world where we all have been fed lies about being small and anyone who does not buy into being small threatens the shared reality of the masses, making them question themselves. No one wants to be forced to question themselves about buying in to being small. Not only would that mean they were wrong, but it would mean they missed out on so much. That would hurt them. They would have to admit that buying into being small stole the life they were destined for from them and they are the only one who can be blamed. No one can change your mind for you. You have to allow yourself to be small.

I understand it hurts to realize you have so much power. It’s sad because so many things have stolen that power from you. But the worst part is facing that you stole your own power. We all make mistakes. We all are human. Would it be better to spend your whole life playing small? Or are you okay with admitting you were wrong and standing in that power for the rest of your life fearlessly? I’m okay with admitting to being wrong because I want to stand in my power fearlessly for the rest of my life. And I would love if you all stood right beside me in your power too. Power is our birthrights. Limitless potential and possibility are our birthrights. We don’t have to be from a fancy family or two to be powerful. We just need to fearlessly stand in the power that is our destiny.

Life is about admitting when you are wrong so you can do better, be better, and have better. There is no shame in being wrong. There is only shame in denying the wrongs because you are scared to live better. You all are just as powerful as me. If you weren’t there would not have to be countless systems of destruction to get you to buy into being small. You are the power of the world. I told you all yesterday that normal people are why the war games exist. Without the power you all generate there would be nothing to war over. How many people have fought wars and died to harness the power you all hold inside you in your mere being? Crazy, huh? You are that powerful and when we come together we are unstoppable.

I am not special. You know all those feelings of admiration you have towards me, you need to direct those towards yourself. You are just like me. We have been kept small and told to stay in line our whole lives, but it was all just a lie. They have brainwashed us all and created systems of countless destruction in order to steal our power. Pretty crazy, huh? Bet you never guessed you are worth fighting wars over. You are so powerful families like mine spend generations trying to figure out how to brainwash you into staying small and serving them.

My point in all of this is don’t allow anxiety depression and your small conditioning to allow you to think this moment is hopeless. My life has always appeared hopeless, but look at me alive and kicking and talking to you all and causing a commotion. I was never supposed to reach the people. Today is such a pivotal point in my life. We need to celebrate and be grateful because this was by design never supposed to happen. I was never supposed to reach you and I have been trying for a lifetime. You all are my legacy. I have fought to reach you all my whole life. Today is such a celebration.

I understand finding me a job is scary and feels impossible and overwhelming. You all probably mostly have jobs that were designed to keep you small. The idea of being able to help me find a job that allows me to reach towards my potential is not just frustrating but maddening. Why should I get to partake in my potential? You all never have. And me not knowing about the war games meant I got to explore my potential through more than most people have ever dreamed of. Well let me tell you, I have to be able to survive and have my cup run the over before I can share with you all. When you share and your cup isn’t running over you steal from yourself. You can’t operate at a loss forever eventually you go broke. But here’s what I promise you. I promise you potential. I won’t be able to do it for you, but I will help each and every one of you pursue your potential. I don’t take no for an answer often or ever really. I will use this quality to help you get what you deserve. The last year may have been hard, but I have a feeling the next year will be hard too. But hard doesn’t mean not rewarding or fulfilling. It just means challenging. Changing the world and systems isn’t going to be easy. But you are the first step. Change always starts with changing yourself first. I need you all to help me change so I can change the world.

I bet now your asking me but how? Well we are going to create this change in the quantum field and it will manifest in the 3d world. This is always how I have done it and I have done it alone most of my life. This revolution is the first time I have had help creating something in the quantum field and look how amazing it is turning out. I have connected with people from Washington all the way down to the Mexico border, I have given news updates at airports like SFO & PDX. My point is there are a ton of people I have reached who are willing to help us all. And all those people probably told other people because when you are kept small there is not much to talk about, this is why people love to gossip. We are strong in people and numbers and therefore energy. Energy is all we need to start a snowball of change.

So this evening close your eyes and relax or go for a walk and feel the change we are creating. What does your life in this new world feel like? What does your schedule look like? What does your family look like? What changes do you see and feel? What does your power lead you to changing in your own life? What do you value in this new world? What are you going to do with the power you just now realized you have? What positive feelings are you experiencing and will they last? What will you have to do in order for them to last? What will you change personally? Ask yourself all the what questions and what feelings those what’s bring about. Feel all the feels. This will draw the world we are creating towards us not only in the quantum field but in the 3d world as well. We are manifesting the future tonight and in this moment. Don’t think about how, think about what and feel it.

The how will just pop into someone’s head randomly. That’s how I have figured out everything. How just always appears and it will. Have faith in our power drawing the answers to us all. I believe in God and God watches out for us. If we do the steps necessary he helps us draw our dreams wishes and goals closer. That’s his job. Your job is not to be God, but to be human and dream the dream. When you dream the dream and follow through with the steps you are given you get the dream. In this moment talking to you all I am proof of this. I have been writing blogs and magazine columns and all the things for over a decade and here I am talking to you all. I took the steps for decades to get to this moment. The steps never always made sense but I just took them because what else was I going to do? Admit defeat, never it’s not in my nature to give up. I need you all to believe in the future we are creating and believe in your destiny. You are amazing even if you have bought in to being small you have still taken steps towards your destiny unknowingly. We all do things we don’t understand sometimes. God has been preparing us all for this moment I have faith in all of us.

So tonight do the thing. Have faith in yourself. Dream the dream. Feel the dream and run with the ideas you are gifted. The how will appear for us all if we allow ourselves to have faith and feel what we are creating. This is your destiny, right here tonight. Don’t talk yourself out of your power. You are powerful.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

Saturday May 14 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus-What About Me?

Can you imagine your family trying to kill you for over 30 years and telling you you are crazy? Can you imagine escaping a death camp in Southern Arizona and figuring out the war games as different groups of people attempt your murder on a daily basis? Can you imagine having more power in your mere being than any other member of your family or maybe even the world yet no one overtly respecting you?

My life has been hard, but this past year was harder than healing cancer. When I was sick and healing I hid away from the world and lived in my own world where everything is possible and I deserve greatness. This year I have been surrounded by people who want to kill me because I threaten their way of life. I threaten the truths they hold closest. If what I say is true they have to face themselves from a point of view that makes them uncomfortable and small. They took these feelings out on me as overtly as the covert world would allow which is pretty overt in many instances.

In reality, I did this all for me. My birthrights meant my family would never let me live a normal life. Even if I ran away to the desert and lived in a tiny apartment and rarely spoke to anyone. That was too much and more than I deserved in their eyes. When that was me playing small and agreeing to all the things they told me my whole life as much as I ever had before. My family has always wanted to make me small because I bring out the small feelings in them. Only small people make others feel small to make themselves feel greater than. Remember that!

So here I sit in my Jeep sweating because my food was poisoned with the chemical that gives you hot flashes and spikes cortisol. They love to mess with our limbic systems. But once again I find myself asking What Now? I have been looking for a job all year long. I just want a freaking job that I get to use my brain at. I quit my real estate job in Arizona because my family had gotten to them and they were abusing me and repeatedly expecting me to accept less than I deserve. They even stole commissions from me. My whole life I have been treated unfairly, but it’s not something I have ever gotten used to or accepted.

Last week I interviewed at two insurance companies. The lady that I hoped to work for left me a message that was motivated by my family. I told you all I did not want anyone to endanger themselves, but I also told you I wanted to work for her. Honestly, I’m not a fan of selling insurance but it’s a sales job that can pay well when you do it well. It’s an industry of privileged people just like real estate. I always wondered why realtors were so bad at sales. Well now I know.

This is also why A1 owns real estate companies. It’s a privilege thing. And so I can pretty much bet he won’t jeopardize that privilege by trying to talk to me, let alone help me. That sucks! He is probably the person who owes me the most and instead of making up for the pain he caused me he would rather gamble that I don’t make it and he never has to pay for his war crimes. A year ago, I understand that logic. But now that I have done everything I have done it is probably not as safe of a bet to bet against me. I suppose I want to throw a fit because he owes me for using me so much. And instead of making things up to me and treating fairly even though there is no way to make up for the things he has done. He would rather gamble on me not seeking revenge. Or maybe I don’t know. Why do people want to force me to be a bad person rather than just treat me fairly? I’m forgiving. Im so many things, but I am not a push over anymore.

What good is all this power if I can’t improve my life? I just want to be normal and have some comfort and be treated fairly. I’m not expecting to be taken care of I enjoy working. What would you all do if you were me?

I suppose we can do ultimatums. I suppose this power can be used to destroy others lives if it is unable to help me fix mine from the destruction of my family. I may as well destroy the lives of the people who helped my family get me here. I see the logic in that, but that is not the kind of person or world I want to live in.

So I’m just going to apply for more jobs this weekend. And maybe you all can talk to A1 for me. I don’t know how to convince people to do the right thing when it comes to me. I have been trying my whole life. And it’s the one battle I have never won. Maybe you all can go to bat for me like I went to bat for you all this past year. I would really appreciate it. I’m just human too. I have a heart and I bleed just like you all.

I’m never going to be able to save us all in the big picture without getting my overt world in order. This will just be a moment in history unless I can figure out how to really live my life. So I suppose, I’m not just asking you all to go to bat for me. I suppose I am asking you all to go to bat for us all. I can’t do this all without help. I’m just human, I’m not a God. I need your help. If you all can’t help me with this we all are doomed to a life at the mercy of the Kudearoffs. If I can’t get a job and a home, I for sure can’t have a baby. Which is what I need to do in order to guarantee all of our safety.

So I need all the war game players and all the normal people to come together and save me. So I can keep on saving us all. You all are the best and the brightest because you believe in potential. I have faith in you all. I moved mountains for you all because I believe in you all. Now it’s your turn to move mountains for me.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

Saturday May 14 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus Dear Uncle Alex

Dear Uncle Alex

I don’t why you became special to me on this adventure. I was trying to figure that out today. And its because I saw your pain this year. I saw how much you paid for not just your birthright, but for being from our family. It’s a lot I know. I have seen my Mom enjoy your pain the past decade, I just didn’t know what I was seeing. My Mom has been your keeper. This I can also relate to.

I want you to know you are safe. I can’t save you from the Kudearoffs or having to die to fulfill your birthright, but I can say that no one will harm you. Because I say so and I was raised to be a serial killer who starts world wars. I scare myself sometimes. But here we are and you are safe. Make some good memories to take with you. Spend some time with your kids. Death is forgiving there is nothing to fear as long as you are honest with yourself.

Make the most of the time you have left and be better.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

Saturday May 14 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus-Springfield Walmart Lunch

Freedom is scary. You have no one to blame but yourself when things go wrong. I wonder if all these people taking part in the war games against me understand what is at stake. Do they understand they are allowing themselves to be bossed around by people who have no authority to do so? Conditioning and habits are hard to break, but not impossible.

I see people walk into the store cocky and pleased with themselves for being called upon. However, they forget to look around them and see everyone around them shares these same feelings. No one here is a normal war games player. There is a reason all these inexperienced people have been called on. However on their way into the store they do not put the logic pieces together because they are so wrapped up in their excitement and feelings of finally being special. It feels good to feel special. And when someone else validates you and makes you feel special out of the blue, it really feels good. However, there will always be a price for allowing others to validate you and make you feel special. This is the price of the war games. When you are blind to your own worth you have to rely on others to make you feel special and to feel that worth. This is Communist conditioning. They tell you they love and you are special, but they do that while you follow their agenda and do their bidding. When you are free you have to validate yourself. It’s an inside job and it’s a lot of work. But it’s worth it because when you find your own value no one can take it away from you. It may take some time and a lot of work but you can feel just the same if not better on your own.

Please allow everyone to know, I in no way want to take your power from you. I don’t want to take anything from you. I just want you all to find yourselves and your true power, which is making yourselves feel special and worthy.

I have faith in you all to see the value of empowering yourselves, because I did. After a lifetime of people blowing smoke up my ass to get what they wanted out of me, I have found freedom. I want you all to experience this kind of freedom. And to tell people to fuck off when they try to blow smoke up your ass to get their way. Once you see through the illusion nothing will ever be the same again. I promise you this.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

Saturday May 14 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Taurus, River Rambles

I realized my own growth today. My whole life I have been conditioned to attach to things. Because this allows for me to be controlled more easily. Today I broke the chains.

Yesterday, I spilled soda on my laptop. I love my chromebook so much the whole time I was in Arizona I had a spare brand new one in the box in my closet for just in case something happened. A week or so before I escaped Arizona and left almost all my material possessions behind I opened that spare chromebook. It literally helped me change the world.

However, today it did not turn back on. And you know what? I’m okay with that. Sure I will miss having a keyboard, but I can blog on my phone or journal in a notebook and I have a tablet if I want to dig it out of the bag of stuff I never use.

Things have been my prison. My parents stuck me alone in the downstairs of their house with two rooms filled with stuff. That was my childhood prison. Later after my parents divorced my Dad stuck me on houses alone with stuff to keep busy and I rarely even went to school. A1 kept me trapped because he put me in fancy houses with pools I rarely used and I just kept ordering more stuff. Stuff has been my prison.

I have never been able to attach to people. I’m sure you all can relate, but the stuff never filled that void. I have ordered and bought everything you can really imagine trying to fill that void. Nothing every worked. Sure stuff gives me a hit of dopamine but that fades quick. My dogs are the only things I have ever bought that keep on giving. They light up my brain and my heart.

But today I realized, I have gained a whole world of people. I love you all and I can feel your love. We may not be able to show that love in the overt world yet, but it exists and it’s a million times better than anything that I can buy. Because I earned it. Sure I have a birthright of ultimate power, but I won you all over with my heart. I took the road less traveled and I am better because of it.

Thank you all for making me better.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

P.s. This doesn’t mean I won’t buy another chromebook, but I’m okay without one for right now. šŸ˜‰

May 13 2022 Moon in Libra sun in Taurus State Of The Union Addressing Normal People

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to tune in. This is Nicole D. Graves. You all know my family well, but probably never thought you would hear me address you all. I probably even came back from the dead for some of you all.

I have so much to say, but I’m going to try to keep it short. We will continue to talk. This is not a one time thing. This is a new way of operating. See over the past year I have been creating a revolution. I have everyone in the war games sold, even my Dad’s military and my Uncle Dave’s people. I have moved mountains to create a wave of change. However, you all are the deciding factor. Your vote determines the future for us all. I was told I was less than and would never be much in life much like you all have been. And in this moment we are discovering our true power and destiny. We are the decision makers. Not only for me and you all, but for the world. No pressure you know lol.

I recently found out that my birthrights from my Dad’s side of the family make me have more power in the war games than anyone. Even without getting married and having children, I trump not only the Kudearoff family but my Dad and Brother as well. So I can relate to how you all are feeling in this very moment. The world is literally on our shoulders and everyone is counting on us to do the right thing. For people who were told their whole lives that they did not matter I hope you understand how important we really are.

I was never told about the war games and my birthrights because I have the power to change everything. My family has been trying to kill me for over 3 decades. However, I have learned how to heal and how to survive the unthinkable. You all are like me. You have been kept small and told you were unimportant when in realty you are the answer to everything. You are why the war games exist. Without the power and energy you provide to the systems no one would fight to be in control.

I have been trying to reach the normal people my whole life, but extremely this past year. I want to teach you how to overcome the destruction. I want to teach you how to heal. In the darkness I have found the light and I want us all to heal.

I understand you all were lead to believe that my Brother was to take over for my Dad, but without my family killing me he does not get my birthrights. I hope you understand how hard I have had to work to just stay alive. It’s been a lot to say the least.

Also recently I discovered my Mom’s generation of the Kudearoff family has outlived their birthrights of power. I don’t know if you all know all the rules to the war games. There are so many, but my Grandma Kudearoff died at 58 because they killed her. My Mom is going to turn 66 this summer. They have chosen to extend their lives and their power by breaking the rules. We all know they like to believe the rules do not apply to them. So this leaves them without protection because my generation does not inherit their power till they die. It is Kudearoff open season.

So here we are where I have won everyone in the war games and military over and the Kudearoffs are without their power, but yet they are still calling on you normal people to do their bidding. They like to keep you all in the dark just as they kept me in the dark. Because that allows for them to have more power and for them to condition us to be small.

In this moment we get to choose the world we want to live in. Even when the passing of the guards happens in the Kudearoff family I will still be able to trump them with my birthrights from my Dad’s family. However, I am not the one who gets to choose what kind of world we live in. You all are the deciding vote for us all. We fought this revolution all year to get to you and you get to decide where we all go from here.

I am not here to boss you. I am here to help facilitate your wishes. I like you all have been bossed around my whole life, I do not want to make anyone feel like that. I want to empower you all.

And so here we are at quite the crossroads. This is a place you all probably never saw coming. Just as I never saw myself having this much power. Its overwhelming huh? It’s okay that means you are taking this moment seriously. If you took it lightly then it wouldn’t feel this heavy. That’s a good sign. We all want the decision makers to take this moment seriously for us all. This is where we change history forever. Or we continue down the dark path we have been on for generations.

Over the past year I have found the words to describe so much of the destruction we all encounter on a regular. And I was going to go through the list and try to persuade you to choose me because I have chosen you. But you all know the destruction. You feel it every day. You may not be able to describe it in words, but you have lived it just as I have. And i don’t need you all to choose me, i need you all to choose yourselves. You are the one that matters. Each and every one of you matters and deserves better. This is not about me, it’s about you all.

You all know the destruction because you feel it every day. You need to choose yourselves so we all can live a better life in a better world. You all have been policed by all the people born into the war games just like me. You all have been pushed around and told you are small just like me. Are you ready for better? Are you ready to find yourself and the life you deserve?

We all know what happens when we let the Kudearoff family and my Dad and Brother lead us all. But what happens when we let you all call the shots? Are you all ready for this responsibility? Will you promise to take it seriously and to heart? Rarely do people get this kind of opportunity, so I hope you all understand what is on the line.

Tonight is the night we change the world. The Kudearoff family is no longer in charge. I am appointing you all. Tonight you all decide which direction we all take. Tonight you all are the master of your own destiny. I will be here to help guide you all through facilitating change, but I’m going to need you all to decide on the change you wish to see. I will follow your lead.

Tonight we change everything, but that change starts with you all. Talk to all the normal people, talk amongst yourselves and figure out where we go from here. Let everyone know we are changing everything and they have a say in which way we steer this ship. Let me know what your decision is and I will back you all up and do what is necessary with all this power I inherited. We the people are free. Maybe for the first time ever in history.

Love Always and Forever

Nicole D. Graves