OSU versus USC Saturday September 24th 2022 Moon in Virgo Sun in Libra

Well hello Southern California. It has been since last winter that I saw you all. However I am guessing not all of you knew I am still alive. I’m betting I am even reaching some Oregonians who did not know I was still alive. Surprise I’m not dead. Lol. I have to laugh because coming back from the dead is just weird. So the game is really loud, but I’m betting on those of you who are tuned in will pass the message along to everyone. I have so much to say, but let’s just start with the cliffsnotes so you all can get back to your football game. I started a revolution last year when I escaped a death camp where my Dad intended for me to die. These are the cliffsnotes to the past 543ish days of my revolution.

What you need know

  1. My birthrights trump everyone’s. I am second on the Graves side of the family, second on the Kudearoff side of the family, and both my parents are #2s. Plus, my Dads older sister does not have children and has never been married. So, I inherit her birthrights from the Graves & Bennit family. My grandma and Dad’s Mom, Laverne Lippe(originally Bennit) and her two parents Mr. and Mrs Hitler. Yes, my great grandpa who lived in Texas was Hitler. Plus my Grandpa Dawsia Graves and his two parents. That’s 6 birthrights from my Dads side. Plus, I inherit my Mom and Dads birthrights. By birthright I am more powerful than both my Dad and Brother or anyone in the Kudearoff family, even my Aunt Lana. She only has my grandma Kudearoff’s birthright. My Grandpa Kudearoffs went to my uncle Nick that’s why he was killed.
  2. Learned helplessness is a lie. It’s a systemic Candida & C Diff bacteria infection. You are powerful, you just have an infection. And you inherited it from your Mom, so you have never known how powerful you truly are.
  3. There is a covert genocide of Hispanic, Black, Italian, and Asian people, but it is done using food so it effects us all.
  4. The systems are set up to hijack your humanity by changing the way you process Oxytocin. This inhibits your ability to feel love and enables you to commit crimes against humanity more willingly. Sociopaths aren’t born they are made. This is how my family makes them.
  5. There is a worldwide epigenetic trigger of Autism, Dyslexia, other learning disabilities, and all chronic illness. This is done with many factors, but the main three are omega 3 to omega 6 ratios, immunizations, and antibiotics. Autism is caused by the antibiotic resistant bacteria called C Diff. This is also what causes addiction because it changes the way your brain processes dopamine.
    Dyslexia is caused by an overabundance of omega 6 during pregnancy when the nervous system is being created.
  6. Due to all the negative epigenetic triggers we are experiencing our children are born with gene mutations. So every generation is a lesser than version of human. If you have kids you are helping my family create their very own slave race. This is why they hand out privilege for having children.
  7. The systems are set up to make us all fail. No amount of privilege will save you from the destruction of the systems. Even the people who created the system of destruction cannot escape from the destruction of the systems they created. My Dad is dying from colon cancer from the food system, C Diff, and the MTHFR gene mutation.
  8. I escaped a death camp in southern Arizona and started this revolution in March 2021, you need to join. I have presented this news update to people from the Mexico border all the way up to Bellingham, Washington.
  9. I need your help spreading awareness, especially to the younger generations 90’s kids and younger. These are the people who are impacted the most by the epigenetic triggers and gene mutations.
  10. Your gut bacteria is warred on by all the systems creating brain damage and damage to your Amygdala which causes you to be in a constant state of unconscious fear. This is to keep you small.
  11. I am looking for alliances in this revolution and new world, both overt and covert.
    I have the words for the destruction, the knowledge on how to heal and the power to change everything. Plus, I have built a revolutionary army that surpasses all divisions of people who believe in potential. It’s literally an army of the best and the brightest.
  12. The Kudearoffs are currently without power. My Moms generation outlived their power. They killed my Grandma Kudearoff when she was almost 58. My Mom turned 66 this summer.
  13. Stay tuned for more information updates I need to be able to communicate with you all so I can help you overcome the destruction of the systems. My revolutionary people have created a relay system to broadcast me worldwide. Find a way to get all your people tuned in.
  14. Water is the greatest tool of destruction, disease, and brainwashing. Not only does water have poisons and the wrong ph and spike your insulin, but the chlorine and antibiotics in it allow for our bodies to be drained of zinc and magnesium. These are the cofactors needed to produce enzymes in our bodies. Without enzymes we are unable to absorb nutrients from our food. This is why we are a world of overweight people who are starving/malnourished. Also, when people are malnourished they are more susceptible to suggestion and brain washing. And malnourished people enjoy the pain of others because their brains are not getting what they need to function correctly. So with every shower you take your humanity is going down the drain.
  15. My Dad covertly started world war 3 in about 1978. He and my family plan on building the Mexican Berlin wall soon. This is the wall Trump was talking about.

P.S. If one of you all can help me become a National news update so I can reach all the people I would super appreciate it. Or if you can get me back into all the grocery store news updates I would appreciate that. Anyway you can help me reach more people I appreciate it.

What I need your help with:

  1. I need to get my overt world together in order to breed so my birthrights dont go back to the Kudearoffs when I die. I’m 41 so if you all want my help you need to help me and we gotta be quick about it. Currently I am living in my jeep with my dog while doing temp work designed to keep me small. My family is setting me up to fail and breaking as many covert war rules as possible. I Cannot have children if I cannot provide financially for them. My kids will be expensive because so many people will want them dead. I will need to be able to protect them in all ways! Let alone, I need to be able to protect myself.
  2. Spread my news like your life depends on it, because it does. All the fancy families & especially the farmers and all the other leaders need to know I’m alive and that the Kudearoffs have falsely extended their power by breaking the rules. Have everyone call their people out of this war against me and start brainstorming on how to eliminate my Dad’s professional cult.
  3. Get me into as many communication hubs as possible. If you are from out of town take me home with you. We have created a relay system that goes worldwide. Please tune into the rely and carry it on in any direction you can. The world needs to know what’s happening.
    Southern California I need you to spread my news. To those of you who drove here get everyone to tune into the relay of information we have created on your way home. Freedom of information is the only way we get true freedom. I was in southern California last winter but I have not reached all the people down there. Please help me spread the news of what is happening.
  4. I need your help creating a safe place for me and my dog in the world… i have been hunted my whole life. I need the people worldwide to know I deserve and have earned my place of safety. Let them know there will be consequences for treason. And that I am working on creating better for us all.
  5. A note to all the farmers and all other leaders, I’m unsure of how you all fit into the power dynamics of the war games and world. But you all have some kind of special trump cards. Please use them to protect me and allow me to have a good job, maybe even a career. If you all watch out for me, I promise to always watch out for you all. I have connected with all the farmers on the west coast from the southern La farmers to the farmers up in Washington near Seattle to the farmers in Redmond Oregon. The Korean leaders I have also reached. Plus, I have reached the middle men leaders and the mormon leaders. However, there are always more leaders I have not reached. Please help me Connect with the decision makers and leaders worldwide.
  6. I’m never going to be safe until I have someone to help protect me in my overt world. Your freedom and your grandchildren’s freedom and health will not be safe until I am. Please do whatever you can to help me find my people in the overt world. I have been alone my whole life because my Dad knows it keeps me vulnerable.

Thank you, I appreciate any overt or covert help you can give me no matter how big or small.

Southern California and Oregon state I need you all to help spread my news and stay tuned in. I need to be able to communicate with you all to help you overcome the destruction. Get everyone you can to tune in because we are strong together. This revolution does not discriminate. We have connected all groups of people based on our uncommon commitment to a common goal of better and potential. We deserve better. Everyone deserves better.

Enjoy your football game and I look forward to talking to you all again soon. Please get my message to as many leaders in southern California as possible. I’m counting on you all. Thank you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Wednesday September 7th 2022 Moon in Aquarius Sun in Virgo Late night Rambles-They dont All Kniw Yet

Today when I was eating at Walmart there were people still signing up to fight this war for my Dad and his cult who did not understand what they were doing. They walk into the store proud about taking part in the destruction. They are proud to be chosen. But they walk out in a daze with spiked cortisol trying to keep the charade going while they quickly get in their car and exit the parking lot. I need you all to reach out to all the middle men. My Dad is calling on people he has never called on before. You all need to beat him to the punch and get these people on board with the revolution and the war games by any means necessary. This is a war and we are so close to overcoming. When people know better is an option and they understand the words to the destruction we all have felt for a lifetime they do better because they know they deserve better. We need to make sure people know better is an option.

After rereading the posts I have written since we went offline I am even more proud of us all. I will still post online once or twice a week just to document my journals pretty much. But I need you all to continue to be revolutionary and for us not to rely on the internet for freedom of information. Get everyone who has not tuned in to tune in because feeling connected and apart of something bigger than ourselves is what we all need to feel purpose in life. Being connected will help us all heal. We deserve to be connected. We deserve so much. We deserve hope. We deserve to be appreciated for the miracles we are.

I hope you all realize I’m just a real person. I just share my thoughts with you all. And I’m not a good liar. People with Asperger’s sick at lying, but we tell the truth to a fault. So this is me. I’m not a fake. I’m just really weird and maybe an old soul. I suppose I have hung out with dead people more than living people in my lifetime and that makes for some odd perspectives. Plus, not knowing about the war games or my family made me pretty in the dark in the living world. But I promise to always be me and say what’s on my mind. I dont know how to be anyone else.

I applied for more jobs tonight and I heard back from the temp agency. I may get that interview later this week, fingers crossed. All I can do is keep trying.

All I can ask of you is that you keep trying. Please reach out to everyone to get them to tune in because we are more powerful when we all unite. Its us against the world as we are the world, so we have a shot at whatever we put our minds to. You all overwhelm me with so much amazement and gratitude. You all make me rich in ways I never thought I would be rich. After a lifetime of being imprisoned alone, I have the world on my side. Its overwhelming in the best way possible. I hope I return the favor and make you all feel rich in ways you never imagined too.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Wednesday September 7th 2022 moon in Aquarius Sun in Virgo A Family Of Middle Men

Wednesday September 7th 2022 Moon in Aquarius Sun in virgo A Family of Middle Men

Did you know both sides of my family have middle men in them? My Dad has a younger step sister who must be a famous or fancy middle men. See my Dad’s mom divorced my Grandpa Graves when my Dad was younger. She then married my Grandpa George Lippe and he had a daughter Susan Lippe(I forget what her last name is since she married) Its Walker. Susan Walker.

My Grandpa George Lippe was the only Grandpa I really knew on my Dads side. I only saw my Grandpa Graves on two different occasions. George was my Grandpa. However there was always this strange tension between my Dad and grandpa Lippe. So let’s talk it out.

My Grandpa Lippe owned gas stations when my Dad was younger. In high school my Dad managed some of these gas stations. My Dad was older than the other kids in his grade because he spent part of his childhood in Argentina and he didn’t speak Spanish so school was pretty useless for him. Especially because he was Dyslexic so badly they considered him special. This is why he told you all I was special because he knows how it feels and that no one wanted to take him seriously. So he imposed this pain on me.

The middle men have some control over the car industry still, but they are loosing their footing. They also have control over the gas industry, but my Dad has found a way to make them like the farmers and controls the prices for gas just as the price for food. So maybe the leaders of the middle men aren’t farmers, but instead gas station owners and people in the car industry. This makes sense completely based on my lifetime Truman show. You all control the automobiles and gas industries. I think you all control the natural gas, solar energy, and wind turbine energy industries as well. However, my Dad has found a way to control you all, just like the farmers and the Koreans. I still dont know how my Dad controls the Koreans but there is a reason we do not have Korean businesses in Eugene Springfield anymore. That puzzle is for another day.

So the middle men are family. On both sides of my family. How has my Dad convinced you all to be his cult followers? He views you all as less than, never being able to add up to his expectations or ideals. Yet, you all carry out his wishes the most and with pride. How has he done this to you all? What has he done to you all? He replaced your God with himself. He set unrealistic expectations that you will never be able to reach. He shamed you for not being enough and never adding up. He made you feel less than and like you need to explain yourself and justify your short comings that really aren’t short comings at all. In doing all of this you all forever feel misunderstood and this creates a trauma bond where you desire to prove and show your own worth by demonstrating your ability to destroy everyone around you.

You know how I know how he has made you manageable and small? He has done all these things to me. Your not special this is what my Dad does to everyone he wants to control by making them feel less than. This is what he did to the Kudearoffs. This is what he did to my uncles whi married into the Kudearoffs. This is how he got them to kill their parents. This what he has done to my Brother. My Dad does this to all if us. It’s not rocket science, it’s just manipulation and mind control/brain washing. Its human nature to want to prove yourself. We all want to be valued for what we bring to the table. However, we all will never be able to prove ourselves to my Dad or the systems he created because he created these systems around the belief that we are less than. You cant change a foundational belief in a system without changing the system. No matter how hard you try to prove yourself in the current systems you will never be enough. No one has ever been enough for my Dad, no one. The whole world has tried for decades to prove they worthy to him. Yet, here we are all unworthy together. But we are still being held back by people trying to prove themselves to the systems that destroyed them. It’s a textbook trauma bond situation. How do we make this psychology work for us?

I have spent a lifetime trying to overcome my trauma bonds. I have never known human love. And my Dad doesn’t want you all to know human love either. Because if you know love he won’t be all powerful in your world because love conquers all. When you have felt true love you know what false love feels like. Its empty and doesn’t warm your heart and it doesn’t want the best for you.

I want you all to know human love. I love you all and have proven that over the past 500 days. I have worked hard, sacrificed everything, and moved mountains to contact you all to warn you what is happening. I want the best for you all because I know none of us have experienced the best or even what we deserve. If I thought anyone was able to obtain the best or what you deserve from my Dad I would be honest and admit it. But look at my Dad, death follows him everywhere. His wives Kris and Brenda are dead because they allowed him close, too close. My Mom died when she killed my Grandma Kudearoff when I was 8. My grandma Kudearoff was the only one who could protect my mom too. However my mom was too drunk on power to see that she needed protection. My brother has never gotten to live. He still lives in the bedroom I grew up in. He has never escaped. He may know the war games but he has no clue about the overt world. And he’s not safe to travel like I have been. I may not know a lot of things, but I have seen the world. I have tried my hardest to be a good person despite everything. I have been close to death many times in my life, but I never really understood it. I never understood this closeness to death being my strength. See when my Dad gave me head surgery, he gave me a connection to the other side. I never talked about it much at all until this adventure and figuring out what happened when I had my head surgery. This is why I can hear the world changing. I can hear the inside of your bodies. I can feel everything more than my Autism is supposed to allow. It’s weird but it has allowed me a connection not only to my Grandma Kudearoff but to many of her friends. Ewa was one of her best friends in Oregon when I was little. She was my Aubt Lydia’s God mother. Ewa survived the death marches in world war 2. She was one of those children who walked across countries and survived and got to come to America. She was one of the lucky ones. Funny what we consider lucky huh? I never really spoke to Ewa much when she was alive. But last year I spoke to her a lot. My Grandma told me she would help me while I was in Santa Fe and then Came here to Oregon. It was confusing because my Grandma Kudearoff had been with me since my head injury. When I hit my head I found her in the after life. She and all her friends there pushed me back. They told me I wasn’t done and I had to go back. My life was awful then so you only imagine the fit I threw. No way in hell did I want to go back. My life was filled with pain and for the first time the pain had stopped. My nervous system did not hurt in the afterlife. There was no pain there. But they wouldn’t let me stay. So here I am and I finally realized why they pushed me back last year. In Vegas when I was dying of cancer and I heard God say I was not done with my purpose I wonder if that was my Grandma Kudearoff and her friends there. Because as time has gone on throughout my life her friends have gotten really big in numbers. Her friends are you all’s relatives and ancestors. They have a steak in what is happening right now. They know they made mistakes that have allowed this all to happen. They are just as invested in the outcome of world war 3 as they were world war 2. Me and my ancestors and your ancestors have been waiting a lifetime for me to be able to communicate with you all. I promise if you could win by following my Dad and you were able to prove yourself it would have happened by now. I understand it’s scary to realize you have been made to feel small, but really it was just a lie. You aren’t small and you are worthy and you dont need to prove yourself. You just need to stop trying to prove yourself and just be you.

I am not a swill merchant. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I have ensured my spot with our ancestors just by being me and listening even when I really did not want to. I understand when doing the right thing makes you feel like throwing a fit. I have literally been there most of my life. I understand pain and wanting to make others hurt. However, I understand love and wanting to make other feel love too.

You will never be enough for my Dad. No one ever has been. No one who gets close to him escapes alive. I’m closest to escaping him anyone has ever gotten. Look at me, is this what you wish for? I promise it’s not fun or comfortable. The scary part is I have experienced way worse than this. Have you experienced worse than this? Because I want to tell you some wisdom I have learned from surviving my Dad. No one will ever be enough for him. Because he’s not enough for himself. He is still that little boy who paid dearly for his birthright and was never supposed to be in a place of power. His mom and older sister had the power he coveted. And yet he was the one sent to special education who was labeled special and tossed aside. He lied on his application to get into the military. He was that desperate to prove himself. He still is that hurt boy just trying to prove himself but he never will be able to because he has to prove himself to himself first. When you follow a leader who views himself as unworthy you will never be worthy. I wish it could be different for all of us, even my Dad. I love him. I love my family. They all have hurt me the most, but I love them. And I love you all. I want what is best for everyone. However, we are never going to be enough for my family but especially my Dad. If there was a way to make things work within the systems my Dad has created one of us would have found it. But no one has. I need you all to believe me when I say we will never be enough for him. I won’t be enough. My brother will never be enough. And you all will never be enough. I wish it was different but it’s not and we cant change him. However we can change our beliefs and our actions. We can choose to honor ourselves and not someone who deems us all inadequate. We are enough and we deserve better. We don’t need to prove this to anyone. Seeing your own value means no longer feeling the need to prove yourself to others. Especially other who will never deem you worthy.

Please just stop playing my Dads cult games. It’s not even war games anymore. It’s just a cult game that only survives if you are willing to continue trying to prove yourself worthy to someone who will never see your worth.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Wednesday September 7th 2022 moon in Aquarius Sun in Virgo The Root Cause

Wednesday September 7th 2022 Moon in aquarius Sun in virgo The Root Cause

Well, today was another Truman show. I didn’t have an interview for a job I was/am overqualified for again. And the other interviews or interested companies have been gotten to by my Dad. I can always tell because they over complicate things and use way too many words and always seem to include words like now, immediately etc because they induce a cortisol response in everyone and that stresses your heart. People are pretty see through especially cult members.

Yesterday Pat the owner of Express Employment where I did onboarding yesterday also gave me the answers. She has a killer c Diff infection so bad that she has a hunch back. Posture is linked to your gut bacteria. The better your posture the more influential you will be because you have good gut bacteria. Pat was talking to me about the smoke and fires or something like that and asked if my allergies were bothering me because so many other people had been coming in with red swollen eyes. I told her no and that’s their kidneys not functioning properly. She had such a cortisol response. She felt fear. This is also her amygdala damage from lacking vitamin k2 because her gut bacteria is so damaged it’s not being produced allowing calcium to free float through her bloodstream and causing anxiety until its deposited in her amyglada causing damage and leaving her in a subconscious fear state constantly. Can you imagine how annoying it is for me to interact with people. They put on such a charade but they never address the real issues. Even if they know the real issues they dont address them. Look at my Dad he knows the real issues. He created the systems of destruction. And yet he still has colon cancer because he buys into learned helplessness. He portrays himself as a God but God does not buy learned helplessness. God knows he is powerful. Talk about smoke and mirrors right?

So Pat gave me the answers just like Amber did yesterday. I don’t interact with humans often so I try and get the most out of my interactions. Pat felt fear because she saw no other way if life. Amber partakes in the destruction of me, herself, and her family because she sees no other way. They both are without hope. All the people left following my Dad are without hope. They are hopeless. And they are our only obstacle left in this revolution and civil war. Us the majority have to convince these hopeless people there is so much hope. Even though it’s not apparent in our three d world overtly.

Not being able to see hope is part of the dyslexic epigenetic gene mutations and triggers. When you are dyslexic you focus constantly on how rather than why. And hope is more of a why thing. We have hope because we deserve better. We may not know how we are going to get better in a logical step by step timeframe, but we hold onto hope because the quantum field supplies the answers when we retain a feeling. Vibration is what rules the world and draws experiences and people to you. Have you ever experienced a person that just “rubbed you the wrong way” without doing much but being present in your reality. Well, that vibe. Some people feel soothing to be around and others feel abrasive. This is vibe. We attract people with similar frequencies. Like attracts like. Quantum physics and the quantum field are where everything happens. The only reason my Dad can convince people to do his bidding is if he disconnects them from the quantum world. This is why the epigenetic triggers of dyslexia keep us manageable because they disconnect us all from the quantum and our ability to attract what we desire and deserve.

Can you imagine how far I would have gotten if I lost hope? I would have never been able to reach you all and let you know about world war 3 or the destruction we all face. There has never been much of a reason for me to hold onto hope in my overt reality. I have held so tightly to hope because I create it and it’s part of my birthrights. See there also are epigenetic triggers for autism in all of us. We all have c diff. This causes autism like behaviors. So this is hopeful. My connection to the quantum field and limitless potential comes from my ability to tune in to my autism. So I just need to teach you all how to do this. Which is simple. Everything is simple once you have done it enough. People who over complicate things should be treated with suspicion because they are up to something.

So here’s the deal. Focus on why. Autism focuses on why rather than how. The why is you deserve better. We all deserve better. God doesn’t create a slave race. This is something that is human made and is not right. The quantum field has right and wrong. Just like God has right and wrong. Some things we are not going to agree on like abortion everyone has their opinion on that. But I’m pretty sure we can almost all agree a human is a human and God does not create a sub human species. We experience a sub human species because my families have created them. They aren’t God, they just like to play God. God is the quantum field. God is limitless potential. God created you to be amazing. He does not create mediocre humans. He does not create mediocre anything. God creates miracles. Even if you don’t feel like a miracle you are one. God created you. You have survived so much destruction your whole life just to be alive right now. So much destruction you were not even aware of. Do you understand how strong you are? We have all been destroyed our whole lives. That makes us all revolutionary and stronger than we ever imagined. You need to give yourself credit where credit is due. You need to see you have survived against all odds. Every system is set up to destroy and disempower you. And yet here you are breathing and carrying on with life every day. Do you know how amazing that is? You are proof God exists. You are proof. Do you hear me? You are the proof God exists. How would you still be alive if God was not able to make miracles? You are the proof in your overt reality. Just like I’m the proof in my overt reality that I’m meant to help us all do better for ourselves. There is no reason I have been able to survive the destruction. There is no reason my dog Haywood has been able to survive the years he has been with me when they have tried to kill me the most overly. We all are miracles. Do you understand that makes you the proof that anything is possible even though you dont see the how. You didn’t see all the destruction. You felt it but you didn’t have the words to describe it. Well, feel your body and feel how amazing you are. You are the miracle. What does that feel like? It feels pretty spectacular to me. I never would have guessed how fancy I am just because I have survived. Do you realize how fancy you are? Because you are just as fancy as me. God doesn’t care about birthrights. Those are human made. God cares about souls. You are a soul and body he created. I believe your freewill creates your mind. But you have the tools and ability to change your mind any time you choose.

Please change your mind about holding onto hope. Dont fear change, embrace change. You are proof God is amazing and will give you gifts you dont even realize you have. Just because we cant see the step by step exact how doesn’t mean something is impossible. It just means we haven’t found the answer in the quantum field and we need to hold onto hope and feeling the outcome we wish to obtain in the overt world. We all have the autistic epigenetic triggers and some of us have the gene mutations to hold onto hope. We just have to stop focusing on how. When we embrace hope the answer come to us because like attracts like and the universe and God and the quantum field bring the answers to us. You are a miracle but you also are a magnet. Allow yourself to attract the answers not more darkness.

I dont kniw how we get the people left fighting this war for my Dad to stop. I dont know how I am going to get a job. But I do know we all need to hold onto hope and we need to help remind the hopeless people that there is hope. There is hope for everyone even if they have taken part in the destruction. God is forgiving and we will be forgiving. Sure we are allowed to be angry at those who have hurt us, but it’s a lot easier to forgive people when they stop hurting us.

Please everyone in my Dads cult stop hurting us all. We believe in the miracle you are. If you weren’t a miracle you wouldn’t be alive. Please have hope with us all. We deserve better and you do too. But you have to believe you deserve better first. You are alive and have survived everything so you have earned proof that you deserve better because you are a miracle. The how will appear when you accept what is and feel into the hope that this reality provides.

We all are miracles. God doesn’t make junk, he makes miracles. You deserve hope because you deserve better. No one is excluded from hope or better.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Wednesday September 7th 2022 1222am moon in capricorn Sun in virgo

Wednesday September 7th 2022 12:22am Moon in Capricorn Sun in Virgo Interpersonal Communication

Today, I talked to Amber. This means my emotions were used as a weapon against me as well as my humanity and my heart. However, I rarely take part in communication let alone interpersonal communication. Sure, I dream of having things go back to the way they were before my Grandma Kudearoff died. But I’m smart enough to know that will never happen. My family will never be my family. I will never get my cousin Jessica back. She died when I was 8 right along with my Grandma Kudearoff. My Brother will always view me as the enemy because I have the birthrights he has been promised. My family will forever try to kill me. You all are closer to my family than my family will ever be. And I’m okay with that. Sure, I still mourn all that has been taken from me. But that’s just because I spent most of my life not understanding what was happening. Its been super confusing.

However, today Amber and interpersonal communication with her made the pieces fall into place. And not just the pieces on how they have manipulated me for a lifetime with their feelings because they are addicted to them. But I saw how I fit into the war games on a worldwide level and just how entrenched I am in each of your families. Let me explain:

Today, Amber said all she cared about was Olivia her granddaughter. This is the child that inherits her birthrights. Per war games and rules of narcissism, this child is an extension of her. People with cluster b personality disorders cannot differentiate between them and others. Most people in the war games for a lifetime from families who heavily invest in them have cluster b personality disorders because of the toxins and parasites and poor kidney heart and liver functions not to mention the killer c diff infections. This is why my Grandma Kudearoff was somewhat good to me. I was supposed to be her in the war games. I was an extension of herself. This is why she treated me well and Jessica too. We were her legacy. She may have been a narcissist with a killer c diff infection and failing health but we were her legacy. She took care of us as well as she could because we represented the fruits of her labor for lifetime. She had 10 kids so it was a lot of labors. Bad joke but it was funny no? Lol

The fact that my Dad has hijacked the war games, but I am willing to fight for order and the way things have been intended to be means I have become an extension of everyone who has a legacy they wish to preserve in the war games. I have become a part of all the powerful people in every group of the war games. Without me everything they have worked for their whole lives is endangered. Without me there will be no fruits to their labors. It all will have been for nothing.

My Grandma Kudearoff was raised in an orphanage in Russia or China. I forget which one, but she spoke Russian and was born in China. Anyways, she moved mountains to end up in Springfield Oregon with her 8 living children and husband. If someone would have threatened to take away everything she worked for, I would have feared for their life in the overt world. If there was any way to eliminate this said threat, she would have found it. Because her legacy and life’s work depended on her finding it.

Tonight I realized I am in each one of your families. I am in the farmers families, the Koreans families, and all the middle men families because without me you all will be robbed of everything your families have worked for for generations. I say this because I talk to you all like you are my family. I have treated you all like the family I have always wanted and with love. However, I never understood just how much you all really are my family. I am member of each and everyone of your families by default just by birthrights. I am an extension of you all. Without me your legacies will die. I never understood why you all have protected me so much until tonight. You all protect me because it’s a form of self preservation. I can completely get on board with this. Because if it had not been for my Grandma Kudearoff valuing self preservation I would have never known love. I wouldn’t have humanity if people could not be counted on to take part in self preservation. Others being selfish and valuing self preservation above all else has always been my saving grace. When I started blogging people left me alone because of self preservation. I had no clue what I was doing a decade ago. I was just documenting my life. And it saved me.

Here I am unable to do much for myself, but today I realized just how much the world and every fancy family and person with a birthright and/or a fancy brain is invested not only in my survival but in my ability to thrive and overcome the obstacles and destruction. My success leads to you all retaining what you have worked for your whole life. What your families have worked for for generations.

This is why you all are so kind to me when you can be. I still dont understand the war games or my birthrights fully. And I still dont see myself as fancy. But I understand being an extension of someone because of my grandma Kudearoff. She treated me the best anyone has ever treated me and most people feared her. I suppose this why the farmers and koreans dont scare me. Scary people always protect me. They are the ones who are the best towards me. It always has been like this. Only people who dont have powerful birthrights have destroyed me looking for more power for themselves.

Today, I realized how safe I am because you all will keep me safe. Sure, I have to stay alive and endure the destruction for a bit longer. But eventually you all will get to me and you all will have no problem helping me get a little revenge on the people who have tried to destroy me for privilege because they were trying to destroy you too. I’m not big on revenge, but I like to keep the option open cause I’m human and I think about it. But I’m more excited that I have a huge family. You all are my family and that makes me feel not so alone in all of this. I need that to survive. So I’m going to bask in just how much family I finally have while you all figure out how to get us all out of this situation and restore the checks and balances and places of power we all agree need to exist. Logical order is something we all agree on, because we need logical order to reach our potential as a collective.

Thank you all for being my family. I have waited a lifetime to find you all.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Tuesday September 6th 2022 What Do You All Know

Tuesday September 6th 2022 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Virgo What Do You All Know

Today, I did the overt world and interpersonal communication. It’s so overrated. But I did it. I had an onboarding experience at a temp agency and tomorrow I interview with the client. If everything goes well I start the next day, which would be Thursday. I’m not sure I understand the covert rules that apply to the overt world so I’m not getting my hopes up. But I do have some clean clothes to wear to work if it does pan out. I dont even know what time the interview is besides between 130pm and 3pm near gateway. People like to keep me on a need to know basis in an effort to spike my cortisol. The key to not allowing this to work is non attachment which is difficult and not always possible.

I saw Amber today and made sure Haywood has somewhere to go while I work. He got moved to the attic but it should be quieter for him there. Amber gave me a hard time about Haywoods health and tried to shame me about his lupus. But he has lost weight and is so much happier and healthier than last time she saw him. And I have taken him to the vet, but unless they can change the ph of the water we get there is not much they can do. Sure, I will take him to get his teeth taken care of after we get an apartment and I save a couple thousand dollars to do so.

Then she tried to do the whole what are you going to do with your life thing. I told her I’m happy and healthy and that’s a lot more than I have had most of my life. But I do intend to get a job and get an apartment.

Then she tried to tell me fasting Haywood was dumb and animals dont fast. And that fasting doesn’t heal or fix anything.

Boy when I write it down, it was a lot more efforts to try to brainwash me than I originally thought.

My whole life I have tried so hard to have a plan and create forward movement in my life. In Vegas I gave up and just sat there and played dead. I didn’t even journal or work. I just smoked pot and shopped and did self care stuff. It looked like I was doing nothing, but I was figuring out my body and how to care for myself.

Now I have given up again a bit in the overt world. I’m not going to spin my wheels and stress myself out trying to get ahead in the overt world. I still try more than I should, but I’m not going to try to manifest everything I deserve in this moment because it would be insane to try. I literally am just trying to get a job and not a job that is complete destruction. I may look like I’m doing nothing, but really I’m always doing puzzles in my mind. I am still figuring out my body, the world, and war games. And for now that’s okay. This is enough for me in this moment because this moment is not forever. Eventually my parents will die. They have destroyed themselves for a lifetime. Their death is even something the covert war cannot save them from. It may be many years, but they will die. And per war games rules you cannot have a child with birthrights like mine and not leave them something. My mom would already be dead if this was possible. They were killing her last year when I made my run for it.

Throughout the past 5 years I have taught myself how to survive with as little as possible. I dont need much, but I do need a job. Haywood and I can survive in a small apartment or studio and payoff mu credit card debt in about a year or 18 months. Sure everyone will poison me and try to complicate my life, but they have done that for a lifetime. The more I keep to myself the more people do not have a chance to complicate my life. I can spend the next couple years reading books from the library and putting puzzles together. The library only costs $120/year and it’s free if I find a home in city limits. I have excellent rental history and I have written all down. I understand how to deal with all the poisons now too. I dont need anything hugely amazing to happen I just have to survive. However, I have spent most of my life surviving alone. So this is no different. The only difference now is I understand what is happening.

I dont personally need to have children. I kind of want children but I think it’s most because I crave oxytocin. Which I can get in other ways. However, you all need me to have children. I dont know how you all are going to help me do this. But I’m 41 and the more poison I endure the more damage to my reproductive organs. So if you all want me to do right by you all, you all got to help me. And I’m going to need amazing things to happen in my overt world in order to create the security I need in order to reproduce. Just like how I have told you all that you are just like me. It’s TRUE. What you all do will dictate what I am able to do for you all. I’m not looking for privilege. But I’m also a realist and I know my little dog was kidnapped. You all know everyone will try to kidnap kill and brain wash my children. And you all know I need more than 1 in order for us to really be safe. And I cant leave them with a babysitter and go to work. They probably should not go to public school. Probably not even private school. Being a mom will end up being my full time job and then some raising the future leaders of the war games is not the trivial experience my family makes it out to be. They used to take great efforts on me until I revolted and said something about the sexual abuse at age 4. However, they never cared for anyone well after that moment because they were all dying inside and their health was failing and they all took that out on their children. I refuse to be like that. I will love my children, protect them, and educate them as much as possible about everything I can.

However I am not going to be able to do this without you all. I can learn to be happy just talking with you all about how to overcome the destruction in your covert daily life. But until I have children you will never get to escape the destruction. Right now, we can overcome. But my birthrights give us a way out of the destruction. We dont have to live like this. Now we all know this is a choice. We choose to live like this when we fear my Dad and allow him to bully us. Living in fear means we submit to the destruction and accept it with learned helplessness.

Think back to last year, did you ever think the farmers, the Koreans, and the middle men would be working together on anything? We have done the impossible. We must continue to do the impossible. I really dont have too many steaks in this game. It’s just me and my Haywood. If he lives to be old that’s still only 10years or maybe 14 if I’m super lucky. But after Haywood dies there is no one I care about enough to need to change the world for. However you all have families. Not only children but grandchildren. The war games and birthrights will continue to make you all breed. You will always have people to love and care about. The future of the world matters for you. I don’t love anyone human enough to change the world for, but I do love humanity and I do believe in doing the right thing. So you all luck out.

Koreans you all have the most people with the fancy brains. The middle men have a lot of fancy brains too. I suppose all the war games have fancy brains. I cant tell you all how to help me. I need you all to figure it out together. I need you all to work together so I can help all of you. I dont know all the rules or all of anything when it comes to the war games and my Dads cult. But there literally are a whole world of you all and just one of me. You all have the answers. You just have to come together and figure out what to do and how to do it. Its literally a world against a cult that threatens us all. All the powerful leaders of all groups agree they would like to overcome my Dads cult. Well, my Dad pretends to be a God but he is human and not immortal. He will die. Sure some people may follow my brother but not many. My brother does not have the salesmanship that my Dad and I have. My brother is an overt leader who believes in destruction. He will destroy the people who follow him even more than my Dad does. So the threat of my Dads power dies with him. It may take some years to fully sizzle out, but it will because people dont enjoy destruction when they overtly understand what is happening to them for very long.

So we must prepare for the changing of the guard and the death of my mom and dad. The farmers can control the kudearoffs and my brother more than they can my Dad. The Koreans can also help with controlling them. And the middle men can help by no longer carrying out their orders. It’s a simple equation that will just take some time and patience because we have already started the process.

However, they will continue to try to kill me because my birthrights come without checks and balances. They will forever act like repo men trying to repossess what they gave me. Myself having children and knowing people I can trust these children with if something happens to me is the only way for us all to escape the destruction. It’s the only way for our grandchildren to escape the destruction. It sucks that this is the only option. But we need to be grateful this option exists and my reproductive organs are in tact. In Vegas they covertly tried to get me to have them removed. So we are blessed I believe in healing and health on so many levels.

So I address the world and everyone in it, when I say you need to figure this out for you. All ideas need to be sent to the people in places of power. Allow those ideas to make their way to the leaders. This is a worldwide brainstorming session. We don’t have the answers so we need to create and find them. This is what I have done for over 500 days. Figure out the rules, find the leaders, share my ideas… now I need you all to do this because I dont know all the rules and I probably never will until someone explains them to me. However you all were raised to follow the rules.

And the leaders were born to make decisions for us. We can count on them to make the best decisions because their families places of power depend on them making good decisions in this moment. If my Dad and brother are able to hijack the war games power dynamics we all will forever be held hostage just like I have been my whole life.

My children are the only thing that can save you all from living a life like I have lived. You all have to save yourselves. I cant d o it alone. I have never been able to do this on my own. You all have helped me through every step of the way. Well finally we have the world tuned in and we see we all are on the same side. Now we work together to move mountains. I’m just a representation of the war games. I have never invested in them before 500 days ago. However most of you all have lived and breathed the war games your whole lives. And my Dad seeks to threaten what you have lived by and make it obsolete. This your chance to fight for what you value. This is your only shot to stand up for what you believe in.

Dont let me down because it will be letting yourselves down.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Monday Labor Day September 5th 2022 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Virgo Sunday Church On Monday

Monday Labor Day September 5th 2022 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Virgo Sunday Church On Monday

I went and spent a couple days out at my Grandma Kudearoff’s grave. I forgot about Sunday church. The poisons have been bad, but also I was just in my own little world. I didn’t plan anything to say really, but let’s just do a few of my rambles and see where they take us. I do have a few realizations I would like to share.

So you remember how you have a civilization in your gut bugs. The civilization runs and feeds off proteins and the tourists run and feed off carbs. And you remember how the systems, immunizations, and baby formula/foods set you up to have a self destruct button in your civilization gut bugs. Well, today I realized that our implanted self destruct button interferes with insulin sensitivity and processing carbs correctly. It’s gets better and there is more let me explain.

So when I went from being vegetarian to being meat based I was unable to process insulin correctly even though I was not eating sugar at all and very few carbs. As time went on it got worse and worse. It made no sense. But your gut bacteria is what dictates how insulin sensitive you are. Diabetes and all other autoimmune diseases are really just an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your body. All disease starts in your gut. Recently I started eating junk food to get my calories in and it’s not just a little junk food. It’s a lot of junk food. I eat about 3000 calories of cookie, ice cream, and low sodium potato chips every other day. It’s the most junk food I have eaten probably ever on a regular basis. I’m not sure I will continue this, but for right now it’s working. It has very little dietary fiber and most of that fiber comes from resistant starch from the potatoes. This feeds my gut bugs that produce butyrate which helps with inflammation and healing pretty much everything. Until today I thought I was keeping my colon pretty clear of protein. However, even though I eat raw steak to bypass my colon, i am still getting 50grams of protein from the junk food. If i switched to a different kind of ice cream from butter pecan it would probably go down a bit. Never mind i googled, it would only bring the protein down a handful of grams. This is why vegetarians get enough protein without even trying. I dont know how much we really need, but I do know my gut bugs feel so much better when I eat as minimal protein as possible that goes through my intestines and colon. Raw meat is awesome. But the less protein I feed my colon intestines and gut bug civilization the more I am regulating my insulin levels better. There is no real good logical explanation other than this. Because I am eating ounces of sugar every time I eat.
Now take into account that the immunization requirements changed in 1990/1991. My Brothers generation is even less able to regulate their insulin levels because they are required to have more immunizations. This is another reason why they are a subhuman species. The less effectively you process insulin the less nutrition you absorb from your food. The more malnutrished you are the more susceptible to brain washing and suggestion you are. The less effectively you process insulin the more you are addicted to your emotions. By the time my Brother was born my Dad knew I was unable to be controlled with the gut bugs he created even though they starved me and gave me a killer c diff infection. So he upped the anity with my brother generation. And this doesn’t even take into account all the environmental epigenetic triggers that cause us to process insulin maladaptively.

So when we look at the melineals aka the 90s kids and we compare them to the 1980s kids we see how much damage can be done with just a few shots and epigenetic triggers. I can only imagine what the covid shots did to everyone. Now do you understand why it was a series of shots and not just one? Kind of scary, well not kind of really scary.

So eating protein again is scary because 50grams on my eating days is a lot. My body definitely needs the fasting day afterwards to regulate my gut bacteria. For now this seems to be working. I do get bloated and have gas after I eat but I am eating a lot of junk food. After my fasting day I’m back to skinny, but I can tell I’m eating more fat than I need because my skin is loose and I retain water around my core. My heart is reacting to all the fat, but they have been poisoning me a lot too. So I’m doing good with just eating every other day. I have gained a few pounds back, but I needed that. We are not meant to eat a high fat diet. I enjoy eating a moderate amount of fat. However, I’m liking eating high carb. My body does well on carbs when my gut bacteria is in check. It has been about since mid July since I ate protein and that seemed to be a good amount of time especially with 22 days fasted in August and 10 days fasted in July. Life and health is all about your gut bugs and microbiome. My brothers generation needs to fast to regulate their bugs. They are the first generation that was born with a shorter life span then their parents. Why dont we ever talk about this in society? I swear people are so quick to talk about the weather but they never want to talk about the important things.
Not eating fiber is the biggest thing for me. Fiber grows C Diff and I’m pretty sure it grows both your civilization and your tourist gut bugs. Fiber kills my intestines. I can handle some of it, if it’s from the right sources. But most of it kills me. I can handle gluten, but whole wheat is crazy awful. Gluten feeds c diff and irritates people with autism. If you have a child with Autism which you all do if you have children, cut out dairy and gluten and they will behave better because they won’t have as much pain in their intestines and guts. We all have more nerves in our intestines than we have in the rest of our bodies. Your gut tells your brain what to do. If your gut is inflamed that message will not be relayed as easily or correctly.

I dont know how to stop protein from getting into your intestines and colon without fasting or just eating raw meat. But I encourage you all to do some form of protein sparing. Earlier this year I ate organic yogurt and it made my stomach feel so much worse than ice cream that’s cheap and has bioengineered ingredients. So we really have to rethink everything. Yogurt has more protein than ice cream. That’s the only real difference I could think of.

Do you know what’s in the middle of Oreos? Its palm oil aka saturated fats. I had thought saturated fats were okay because I ate them when I was meat based and healing my leaky gut autoimmune diseases and cancer. However, I no longer think we are designed to eat much saturated fats. I think if you are sick and need to heal your gut so it stops leaking you should do whatever you need to in order to heal it. However, carnivore keto and being meat based are just a band aide on a broken bone unless you fix the underlying problems. I love meat now, mostly just raw meat, but I dont see myself giving it up any time soon. However if the poisons stop and I got more of an ordinary life I would definitely cut back on my meat consumption. Getting to eat rice has been a dream of mine since like 2017. One day I’m going to eat rice. My body can handle it now, but I just have to wait till I can cook it for myself so I dont get overly poisoned. There is a reason for blue zones and people who eat a balanced diet living a long time. However we have to take into account our genetic modifications and the motives of the systems to make us lesser than and dependent on the medical system. Even my Brother takes pharmaceutical drugs to help him digest his food. My mom has been on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals since a little after my brother was born. I was on anxiety pills for the majority of my adult life. My Dad and the systems do this because it makes us small and manageable. When we depend on a drug to have a decent quality of life we will forever be controllable and manageable. You can heal yourself just like I have. It’s a never ending process in the current systems we live in. Health is forever going to be a journey. You are never done being healthy, it’s something you will forever have to work at. That doesn’t mean you are broken it means you are constantly evolving. What works for you now, will not always work for you. Your gut bugs are constantly changing and they require your support.
However, the biggest part of this ramble I need to stress to you all is that we need to help my brothers generation and the generations that have followed to find health and heal. They have never known what it feels like to feel good. They have never woken up not in pain. They have never known potential. They are the future and we need to help them heal. They deserve so much more than what they were dealt. Diet is the most important step. They need to fast and eat less protein and less chicken and pork big time. Chicken and pork are acts of destruction. I had not eaten pork until being at my moms house last year besides in Arizona a bit. Pork was the one meat my mom would allow me to eat when I was little. She didn’t let me have things to be nourished. She only fed me destruction. Pork is riddled with omega 6s and c diff. I ate a pork chop last year and my intestines bleed. Gross I know. But pork is the only thing that has ever done this to me before. It was scary. When you eat bacon you are endangering your insides. It’s hard to give up because its addictive. But there are so many other things that we can become addicted to that make us better humans instead of lesser than.

I’m high and rambling and everything is glowing so excuse my lack of focus. But I need you all to help the 90s kids find health by cooking them foods low in protein and low in fiber. Resistant starches are good but keep them low. FODMAPS are important. Low fodmap foods especially veggies are great because they dont feed your gut bacteria and right now we all have an overgrowth of bad gut bugs. They literally are meant to kill us and make us live in disease, depression, and anxiety. Please start skipping breakfast. Start cutting out chicken and pork. Eat more beef. If you can stomach it, eat raw beef. You will be shocked how amazing you feel afterwards. Its literally a rush of nutrition. I have never found a food that makes me feel as good as raw beef. Fermented foods come close. But if you have leaky gut ferments will make you have a histamine response. So heal your gut. The 90s kids need to heal their gut. I’m pretty sure formula nowadays creates leaky gut and most of us never recover from it. I was never able to fully recover until this adventure and being forced to not only fast but eat raw meat and not much else due to the poison. The most revolutionary thing we can do is heal our guts. My gut is so healed I rarely notice when I get a flea bite anymore. My histamine response is so low I dont notice it itching until I get really poisoned then I feel act up again. Are you that person who swells up huge with any bug bite? That’s your gut. Do you have anxiety or depression? That’s partially your gut, but its also the amygdala damage we are all designed to have. Heal your gut I swear it will help. Any kind of dis ease you have will improve if you heal your gut. You deserve to feel good. You deserve happiness. Your birthright is to be a happy and healthy person even when you wake up. We all need to take raw garlic because when we have leaky gut parasites leak into our bodies. Parasites are linked to everything. There is even a parasite linked to bad driving. There is a parasite linked to mental health conditions. Do you have a cat? Cats carry the parasite linked to mental health issues. Did your grandmother or mother ever touch a cat? You may have been born with this parasite. Have you ever fasted for a prolonged time period or done a parasite cleanse? If you haven’t you dont even understand how good you are supposed to feel.

I’m rambling, but I’m starting to realize the middle men have not heard all the things I have figured out about health and how much we are set up to fail. They pride themselves on taking part in the destruction but they dont understand the whole story. Or maybe a lot of them are just too sick to want better for anyone including themselves. Health is not some unobtainable thing. Its something within reach, but it takes conscious efforts and trying a lot of different things because we aren’t all the same. And we all have different bodies and kinds of disease. You are an individual and so is your mind, body, and soul. You just have to learn to listen to them. They are constantly talking to you. You just have to learn their languages.

So tomorrow I have an interview thing set up with a temp company. Fingers crossed I will finally be getting a job. Sure, maybe the insurance lady from last week will call back, but we all know that’s highly unlikely. So fingers crossed I get this call center position. It’s not going to be great money and they will try to destroy me. But it’s a job. It starts at 6am but that means I get off at 2pm so I can look for another job if I want. When I lived in Sierra Vista I worked at a group home at 6am in the mornings and went to real estate school at the same time. I can do this because all I have to do now is work, talk to you all, and take care of myself and Haywood. I cant say I’m excited to start working again, but I can say I’m excited for forward movement and to see what the future holds for us all. I’m ready for my overt life to get better. It’s been a really hard life, but especially since 2017 its been a war zone. However I have healed and I keep healing. And I want you all to know what it feels like to overcome. Because without overcoming so much I probably would have given up. We all need to experience our own power to understand the magic we all possess. I’m not special. You all are just like me. You all have the power to overcome. You just need to prove it to yourself. Seeing it is believing. sometimes it takes seeing it in order to believe it. Are you ready to prove to yourself you are powerful? Because you have what it takes, you were just never supposed to know you have what it takes. You are the answer you have been searching for.

Love Always
Nicole D Graves

Saturday September 3rd 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Virgo A Revolution Without Internet Saturday Edition

Saturday September 3rd 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Virgo A Revolution Without Internet

I am so beyond pleased and proud of you all. Thank you for doing everything you can to keep me safe and help me change the world for us all to get better. You all make me feel safe. Sure, I still experience daily attempted murder profusely, but as long as I have a way to communicate with you all we can work together to create better. And one day I will be safe and you all’s freedom will be safe with me. It still blows my mind how important I am in the war games, because I still just feel ordinary and not even ordinary because I dont get ordinary. My whole life I have been made to feel less than, but you all make me feel like I’m one of you all. Thank you. Not only have you let me feel heard and seen, but you have validated my worthiness. I hope to do the same for all of you all.

I see a bunch of middle men who feel disempowered. They feel powerless not only in the war games but in their lives. Pretty crazy when you step back and look at the situation as it really is. The middle men destroy one another more than most. They are the ones who are most likely to be alone in the world because they destroy each other, especially their families. My Dad got my uncles to kill their parents. How many people do you know alone in the world because of the destruction of their own hands. My Dad wants my Brother to be alone in the world. He wants me to die and to kill my mom and then my Dad himself will die leaving my brother all alone. That’s not family or love or even smart or logical. We are pack animals we are weak when we are alone. This is why my Dad isolates not only me, but all of us as much as possible. The less access to others we have the fewer options and opportunities we have. And yet, the middle men view destroying their limited families as demonstrations of their power. And it’s not like they have extra children like the dark side. The middle men are like the Aryans and have regular size families. Rarely do they plan ahead to have a spare or two like the dark side.

So middle men feel powerless and destroy each other to prove their power. Yet, they still dont feel their power. I encourage you all to look around you. Look at your families, your children, and your friends. You all have the worst epigenetics out of any subgroup in the war games. And the systems are not set up to declare a covert genocide on you all. You all declared a covert genocide on each other. Sure my Dad sold you all on destruction and the systems are set up to destroy us all. But you all are the ones who have used your power to destroy one another. Look around you again, you all are so powerful you have destroyed each other down to a gene level. This is more destruction than any other group has done to their own group, without the help of a covert genocide against them by the systems. Do you all realize your power now? The generations to follow you will have learning disabilities till the end of time unless you all can breed with others who do not share your extreme gene mutations. If that’s not power I dont know what is. You felt hurt and powerless so you took it out on your great great great great grandchildren. Seems a bit extreme. But I suppose we can all give you all the benefit of the doubt and take into account you may have not known what you were doing. However, you all are very short. And this is because you starve your children of protein. You had to have known this was going to have a negative effect beyond just stunting your children’s growth. Plus, you all really do this to #2s who’s job is to reproduce and carry on the legacy of your family and your genes. Your genes that you believe to be greater than, but you literally wage war on these genes to make them less than. Did you all really think this through? Because it lacks logic on so many levels. I hope this is something you all can blame on following the orders of my Dad. But you know he may have given the orders, but you all used your powers to make his wishes come true. Even though it meant destroying what you value and pride yourself in.

So to all the middle men out there you are powerful. Look at your people. Look at your families. You have destroyed each other very close to the point of no return. I hope this is something you all can learn from and grow from because without growth you all are on a dark path that is not going to get better.

Why do you all like your children to do meth? Do you believe that will make them stronger, just like you believe c diff will make them stronger? Why do so many of your children go to jail and prison? Your group makes up a large percentage of the criminal systems. You know why this is? Its because of gene mutations, epigenetic triggers, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So you starve your kids as children, get them to do meth as teenagers, and then they go to jail or prison and you all wonder why. And you are even so full of yourself to blame it on them being ungrateful or not good people. When in actuality you did this to them. My uncle Dave did this to my cousin Jessica. It was not her fault she ended up in prison. She was conditioned and raised to be who she became. It wasn’t her destiny, it was her environment and conditioning. Why do you all do this? Has anyone ever told you that you are to blame for your own sins and the ripple effects they produce? Because you are at fault. You are not powerless. You are not the victim. Your children are the victims. Now Jessica’s son Matthew he is probably a product of his conditioning just like Jessica was and is.

My Grandma Kudearoff never told me to look out or care for anyone, but my cousin Jessica. I love her so much because she shared so much of the rough life I experienced as a child. After my Grandma died it changed but up till then we were treated very similarly by orders of my Grandma Kudearoff. We were equals. I was never raised to be greater than. If anything I was raised to be less than.

So I understand that you middle men were raised to be less than. However, it was a lie. You all are equals. Just as Jessica and I are equals. My Grandma Kudearoff told me to stand up for her because she wanted Jessica to be my equal. I understand in the war games many people may not view her as my equal, but they cant see what I can see. Jessica cannot even see what I can see. And you all cannot see what I can see.

We are equals. The middle men are more powerful than they ever imagined. You all are more powerful than you ever imagined. You can use your power to continue to destroy each other or you can use your power to heal each other and create a better life not only for you, but for your great grandchildren you have been punishing. My Dad did not have the power to destroy you all like you have been destroyed. That was your own power. You destroyed yourselves. And you have so much power you all did the most damage out of anyone. I know that’s shocking and hopefully a bit overwhelming. But that’s how powerful you all are. You all can move mountains if you choose to. And I really hope you do because I want my cousin Jessica back one day. And if you all dont choose to be revolutionary I will never get her back. When my grandma Kudearoff told me to look out for her, she was really telling me to look out for all of you all. It’s been about 35 years since my Grandma Kudearoff told me this, but she said it a lot because she wanted to stick. And here I am telling you all, you are my equals. I want better for you all because you all deserve so much better. But you all have to want that better for yourself first. You have to believe you deserve it. I cant say anything to change your mind for you. You are in charge of your own feelings. You have to decide you deserve better. It’s a feeling in your heart and soul you have had all along, you just have been told to ignore it for a lifetime. That little voice you hear and that ache in your chest. That is your soul trying to cry out for help. That is your destiny asking to be allowed to flourish. You have to choose to listen though. It’s the hardest choice you ever will make. You have to choose yourself and your families and your unborn grandchildren over my Dad and being his follower.

I’m not looking to fill my Dads shoes. I’m not a cult leader. I do not believe myself to be a God. I’m just Nicole. I just have lived a really hard life and spent a lot of time reading books and talking to God. I’m not special, I too am just a product of my conditioning and my gene mutations. I’m just like you all in that sense. I just have different experiences and different gene mutations. But we all are human and we all deserve better.

And you know how you all can help us get better. Allow me to have a job. You all are allowed the most power in the overt world because my Dad views you all as manageable due to your place in the covert war. I’m not asking for anything I don’t deserve or for privilege. I’m asking please let me be your equal. In order for us all to heal, I need to not only survive, be able to financially provide for myself and keep myself safe from everyone my Dad motivates to try to kill me. But I need to breed in order to ensure you all are safe from the rest of the Graves and Kudearoff families. I wish it could be different. But then again I am grateful to have found a way out for all of us. Now I just have to manifest this way out in the overt world. And here I am in the overt world alone everyday. I am fighting this war alone and I have been fighting my whole life. I just need you all to help me so I can continue to help you all. I want to continue to move mountains for everyone. But it looks like you all get the deciding vote on if we all get potential in the long run. Because unless I can get a job that allows me a career we all are screwed. I can tell you all everything I know about the destruction, but without playing my role that my birthrights have handed me the farmers, the Koreans, and your leaders and I are pretty powerless. I was born to be your leader, but I also was born to breed and bring together so many people with having children who are the leaders of tomorrow. And it all starts with a job. The farmers and the koreans and the middle men leaders have been fighting for me to be treated fairly in the overt world. But until I convince you all that I deserve to be your equal, we all are a bit doomed. Please allow me to be your equal so I can fight for us all by being ordinary and fulfilling my roles in the war games. And so I can have my cousin Jessica back because being alone is really hard.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Friday September 2nd 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Virgo The Irish Middle Men

Friday September 2nd 2022 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Virgo The Irish Middle Men

The Irish are the ones in charge of the middle men. However, my Dad has taken over the leadership of this group because they were the least threatening in the war games power dynamics. So he could control them with the privilege he handed out very easily. This is why I have been surrounded by people with freckles my whole life, but I never really thought twice about it. My cousin Dylan looks so Irish and I never noticed so does my cousin Shelbi.

I was not raised to be racist. My parents couldn’t covertly explain racism to me because I would have told them that was wrong. I dont understand racism. I do understand that equality is something we have yet to achieve in this country. Even though the constitution and the civil rights movement of 1960s promises us all equal playing fields.

So my Dad has hijacked a whole group of people from their rightful leaders within the war games. Did the middle men used to have farmers? I hope they did because I would like them to have farmers again. So they have a voice and are represented in the war games power dynamics and checks and balances.

My Dad hijacking the middle men is why they have such bad epigenetics and gene mutations. He is the reason they are riddled with the gene mutation fragile X Syndrome. This should be a lesson to us all. When we see what has happened to the middle men in 40 years we see what joining a cult aimed at destruction could do to us all. It’s literal proof of why we need to protect ourselves.

The middle men have been engrained in my life and my destruction since the very beginning. And yet, they were the very last group my Dad used to create my Truman show and destroy me since I started this revolution. They are the ones who have the most to gain from joining my revolution. I literally want them to have what they have been fighting for. I want them to be seen and heard and apart of the decision making. My Dad marginalized them so they would be controllable and he could conquer them and become their false God.

So how do we convince the middle men left fighting this war for my Dad that they have more to gain by joining us than continuing to be a cult member? Well, we could say look at your genes and the effects of what following a cult leader has done not only to you, but your children and grandchildren. But they would probably take that offensively. We could say we want them to be represented in the war games power dynamics and decision making. But that would require them listening to their rightful leaders and following rules. They dont seem to like rules even though rules give us all boundaries that allow us to stay safe.

So they dont care about their genes, their children, their grandchildren, their learning disabilities, their rightful leaders, etc. What do these people care about? Now that’s my question. What do people so invested in destroying the world really care about?

Well, they like things because they have incredible c diff infections that cause autism and allow for them to connect with objects more than people. However, they are so sick they cant even take care of their things. So, they sign up to destroy everything so they can get more things. But they are so sick those things fade into junk and erode in value quicker because they cant fo the upkeep. They become hoaders but its all mostly junk because they dont take care of their things. I’m not judging I’m just following the logic and things I have seen throughout my life. I dont like to clean either. And oh boy have I ever collected stuff in my life because I just wanted human connection but it wasn’t in the cards for me.

So what if I was able to change the cards the middle men were dealt. Right now you all feel like me. You all think people are just not in the cards for you all. But what if that could change? What if that could change overnight? Would you all be willing to do the right thing for us all?

See us over here in the war games, us over here who seek to follow the rules and not be cult members, we want to include you all. We see that you all have been preyed on and treated unfairly. We see how this has effected you all down to a gene level. It will take you all generations to overcome just the genetic destruction. And on a gene level you all are in desperate need of reproducing with us. Because you all have gene mutations that will continue to exponentially get worse if you all continue to breed with each other. You all’s survival as a race depends on you all mixing with us. If you dont you all will continue to become more of my Dad’s subhuman slave race he has been creating for generations now. You all were his test subjects and the future looks grim for you all without us. You all literally wont survive in human form fir more than a generation or two. You all literally have the most to gain from joining this revolution. And my Dad knows this otherwise he would not have kept you all in the dark as long as he did.

So you know how you all become human again, down to a gene level? You join us and we accept you knowing you were just trying to make the most of a bad situation. We understand you did the best you could with the cards you were dealt. We all have done some awful things, but we don’t have to continue to do them and keep ourselves stuck. Its time to do better because you know better now.

So join us and stop being in a cult that literally wants to make you into a slave on a gene level. We want you all to be human with us. We want you all to be seen heard and represented in the war games dynamics. However, currently you all are holding us all hostage. We cant help you all if you continue to hold us hostage. No one is going to want to help you fix your gene mutations and intense epigenetic triggers of you dont stop trying to destroy us to get the upper hand. We are offering you even playing field and to be equals with us in this fight for potential on all levels. We may not agree on all things. But we all agree you all deserve better. And we want to help you get that better. The south Americans, the Scandinavians, and the koreans are all with me and behind me when I say we are waving our white flag. We want you all to join us because you deserve better. And we all apologize for not standing up for you all sooner. But everyone has just been doing the best they could with the hands they were dealt. But it’s time for us all to do better together. Now is the time. We all deserve better. But we all have to come together in peace in order to create better for everyone.

Please join us we want to help you, but we need you to help us too.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

Friday September 2nd 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Virgo A Test Of Time

Friday September 2nd 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Virgo A Test Of Time

I got my website back up last night because I connected my domain to my new hosting myself. After being on the phone for hours yesterday and getting the run around, I realized we cannot rely on the internet at all. When we rely on things, products, and/or services it makes us weak because my Dads cult can manipulate these things and people to be weapons of destruction. Independence is the only way to freedom for all of us. So, we are going to continue to do my messages without the internet. I will post on my blog every few days but this way people know they need to find my messages through other avenues to stay up to date in a timely fashion. And maybe by next year we can just do away with my blog completely. That’s the goal. We need to be connected without any possible roadblocks created by my Dad. He made me a communication hub in my mere being. This is what we need to utilize.

So you all heard me last night and you did rely the messages worldwide. That’s so mindblowing and amazing. Thank you to everyone for being revolutionary. I appreciate each and everyone of you all.

I need to talk about me. And ramble because yesterday was really hard. Ever since we removed the people from my Dad’s cult from the war games places of power a couple days ago the poisons have gotten stronger once again. However, the caliber of people has decreased yet again. I am sure my Dad will always be able to find people looking for validation outside of themselves who are selfishly seeking privilege rather than the greater good for us all. This is the ugly side of humanity my Dad has made possible, this does not happen in nature. If someone is greedy and selfish in a natural pack animal situation, the pack isolates or kills or teaches this greedy individual a lesson. And in turn they shape up because not having a pack in the wild is the same as death. Ostracizing the people who associate with my Dad and his professional cult is the natural way to correct the dysfunctions in society he has created. I hope you all are doing your part to make this a reality that people fear enough to not take part in the shenanigans. There is a reason my Dad has isolated me my whole life. It will kill most people.

I tried to call the IRS today and the automated system once again told me that they were too busy to take my call. I got an email to schedule a phone interview for an office job through a temp agency and the link was not working correctly. My Dad is still blocking me from being a fully functioning human being in the overt world. This is not allowed and yet he has done it for a lifetime to try to get me to stop trying. I am not going to stop trying. However, I am mad and frustrated. But I’m not going to let it get to me too much because that will just stress my organs more. And no one needs to stress their organs more because the systems already aim to destroy us all enough. Being calm, patient, and tenacious are the best things for us all. Because we need to keep trying.

Who is immune from my Dad’s reach and cult? The farmers are just like me, we are a bit stuck. Even though the world will listen to us. The Koreans have even more power than the farmers and me, but I’m unsure of how my Dad has them stuck. But he must because otherwise they would have helped me by now in the overt world. I have teamed up with the most powerful people in the war games and yet it’s still not enough. The middle men leaders are getting better at getting their people to follow their rules and orders. I have to admit I was worried about this bunch because they seem to not be accustomed to following rules and orders. But they are shaping up nicely with some time.

My question is why are the Irish people signing up to destroy me still? Or is it beyond race by now and just about the people who join my Dads cult? I am sure tired of race and subgroups. However as I make more progress my Truman show changes especially on YouTube. Canada and Great Britain are big time supporters of my Dads cult. However, I hope last night we were able to get the whole story out to the world because they dont all know what they are fighting for. My Dad never tells anyone the whole truth. Everyone is kept on a need to know basis. But the thing is we all need to know the whole story. People do better when they know it’s an option on the table.

It’s been 521 days and I still dont kniw the right questions or things to say to enable you all to help with my overt world. I just need a job. Preferably a job where my Dad isn’t bossing everyone around me to destroy me. I dont think I have ever had a job like that before. And somehow even though I have a direct line of communication with the world and the most powerful leaders people are still signing up for the privilege to destroy me in the overt world without any signs of fear. My Dad has them in a trance of sorts addicted to privilege and growing their C Diff infections so his influence over them will continue to grow.

I solved lactose intolerance yesterday. Yesterday, I ate about a third of a big container of ice cream. It was butter pecan ice cream. So it even had buttermilk in it on top of cream. However, I took garlic before and a ton afterwards and I did not get diarrhea because the enzymes in the garlic helped to digest the lactose. Plus garlic kills C Diff. So my C Diff infection did not grow from eating the dairy. And garlic feeds your good bacteria and supports your kidneys, liver, and heart. So I overcame the destruction of dairy and ice cream. I’m still a little bloated and gassy, but I ate a third of a container of ice cream that was poisoned. There would be something inhumanely wrong with me if I didn’t have some effects from it. So if you are going to eat dairy just eat raw garlic before and afterwards. It will help you digest and protect you from C Diff and liver damage that dairy is designed for. Koreans I know you all have a problem with dairy just as much as me because of our fancy brains, so eat more raw garlic. Its been helping me stay alive and healthy.

It has been almost a month of me watching food videos like Mukbangs and food competitions. It’s not the best for my insulin levels but I have learned so much about mirror Neurons, gut bacteria, and the destruction that food is designed for. However, my question still is why do you all feed your C Diff infection as if you have the belief it will make you stronger? My family does this. My Mom and Brother have always eaten things that make their infections stronger while making them weaker. My whole life I have been the one in my family with the best eye sight. Because your c diff infection attacks your kidneys and your kidneys not working properly attacks your eyes. My eyesight has gotten really bad since 2017 when A1 left and real bad on this trip. But they heal if you heal your body. My eye sight has always gotten better and worse depending on my health. I never understood this before but I do now. But I still don’t understand why you all think an infection will make you stronger. Do you view your humanity as your greatest weakness? Because growing your c diff infection steals your humanity and makes your mirror Neurons react to people who choose destruction over everything. The stronger your infection the more your mirror neurons will react to everyone. Rather than being picky and only firing rapidly for healthy successful people. This is another reason malnutrition makes you more susceptible to suggestion and brain washing. Why do you want to be brainwashed? When you feed your infection, you are giving up control over your mind. And you can still eat some junk occassionally if you take raw garlic or other antifungals or natural antibiotics. So there really is no excuse other than you just don’t want to have to think for yourself. And then if you don’t want to think for yourself you can choose to listen to me and get healthier. Literally all you have to do to get healthier is lay off some of the foods that really feed c diff, but mostly all you have to do is take raw garlic a few times a day and every day. It won’t solve all your problems but it will make everything improve. Once your health improves your mind improves and then you want to do more to help your body, mind and life get better. Raw garlic is one of the most revolutionary things you can do. Just make sure it’s not the garlic grown in China that’s an act of destruction in itself. Even though they poison my garlic it still works. So just do it. Its cheap, it’s easy, and it will save your soul and lessen the disease and pain you feel.

Okay so what’s the magic solution to me getting my overt life together. My thoughts are the sooner we can get people to stop joining my Dads cult the sooner I can have a real life maybe for the first time ever. So the more you all can do to police each other the sooner we can all move forward. This needs to be a worldwide effort. You all can help save me by policing your neighbors and your coworkers and your families and extended families. Do everything you can to explain to people why they need to do better and get healthy. The healthier people are the easier it will be to free them from the mind control they have been conditioned to believe is freewill. Garlic helps with absorbing more nutrients from your food, so cook with fresh garlic and feed the nonbelievers. Eventually they will see things in a whole new light.

Remember to have your one meal a week and create a church within your own families. Church is just creating a space for God to come into your life. God is love. We all need to make room for love in our lives. Love is the opposite of destruction. We need more love.

Anyone who can help me contact the irs and use automated phone systems with more ease I would greatly appreciate your efforts. Anyone who can help me get a job I greatly appreciate. I just need to be able to financially provide for myself in the overt world. Anyone who can help with this in anyway I greatly appreciate. Thank you all for your time and for being you.

Love Always
Nicole D Graves

Thursday September 1st 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Virgo A Revolution Without Internet

Thursday September 1st 2022 Moon in Scorpio Sun in Virgo Testing Testing Is This Thing On?

Hello Everyone!
Tonight we test our ability to stay connected without using the internet. We need to be able to talk even if I cannot access my blog and/or phone. If someone does try to hurt or really kidnap me, I need to know you all will be able to hear me. And not just the people who are in my vicinity. I need to know you all can broadcast me up and down the west coast especially. But I also need to know you all can help me reach the world. I’m not so much a revolution nowadays as I am the war games.
Now I realize I have not been fighting the war games my whole life as much as I have been fighting and surviving my Dad’s cult. I may not agree with everything in the war games, but I love logical order and we all need the order the war games provide us in order to have clear boundaries on how to create success in our own lives. Success should and needs to be able to be something we strive and obtain with hard work and dedication. Not something we do deeds of destruction to be granted with. So the war games have become the revolution. And I’m so very proud of you all for the progress we made yesterday and today.
Removing the people who choose to honor my Dads cult, but still wish to retain their privilege from the war games was us standing up for ourselves like never before. If our birthrights hold us back from overt successes than why should we allow people who hold us back to retain their privilege. Because they are just going to hold us back more and destroy not only us but the systems we live by. You did great and I’m beyond proud to be fighting for the war games with you all. Never in my life did I think when I started this revolution I would be on the same side as the war games. But I’m in such good company. You all are my family and not in the bad way like I want to destroy you and pull the wool over your eyes. But in the good way like we are going to change the world together and create ripple effects of love in the world. When people come together for a common cause and put their differences aside its amazing how powerful we can be. And those differences start to fade because we become family. I’m proud to be one of you all.
So I saw really ordinary people today. There were no morbidly obese people at the grocery stores today. There also were not very educated people at the grocery stores today. The skin color of the people working at Safeway changed over night literally. My Dad really has the lock down on the grocery stores. I still find this shocking. I’m not sure how to overcome his presence in the grocery stores and food supply but we will figure it out. All the answers come with time.

Who are the redheads? Are they the Irish people? Amber is Irish. My friend Christine from Redding is Irish and she has been trying to contact me by phone. Why are the Irish people still fighting this war against me? Why do they believe themselves to be super fancy? I still haven’t figured it out. But they are convinced they are fancy and they have quite the egos to match this fancy.
So Graves is English like Britain English. We have a code of arms or whatever. We are apart of the fancy people there. I dont understand how it works completely, but I know I am the fanciest one in the Graves family and so I’m pretty sure that means the Irish people need to adhere to what I say or at least not try to kill me with my Dad. So tonight I need you all to get my messages to Europe. My Dads cult is worldwide and I need them to understand working for my Dad is Treason and a crime that will displace them from the power they are granted by their war games birthrights.
My Dad’s military army, I need you all to help with this. I know you all listen in and I know a lot of you are #2s. I’m a #2 too. You and me we bleed the same. You could have been born with my birthrights. And I could have been born with yours. We are the same. We all have been assigned the role of protecting the people and the war games. I need you all to help me do my job by doing your job. We need to defend the people from a threat that will take us all out of power if not eliminated soon. This means spreading information. When people know better they do better. We need to allow people the chance to do better. This means the whole world of people. Not just the people on the west coast I have reached personally. I know I have reached all the United states, but I dont know about the world. The world needs to understand my Dads cult is participating in not just creating world war 3, but they are perpetuating world war 2 just on a different continent. The Mexican Berlin Wall will just be the beginning. We are all being destroyed because my dad started his cult with his worldwide military army. His 18 years in the Army was a way for him to create a cult to enslave the world. The military army dropped out and most people who retired from the military dropped out. However there are still people who joined from his military army and graduated into his professional cult worldwide who are partaking in things they dont fully understand. The people I saw fighting today dont fully understand what they are doing. Its frustrating for me because I see things so differently than you all.

Let me explain what I have been studying lately. Your gut bacteria is something that we all subconsciously see/feel. People with more diverse gut bacteria and microbiomes are more influential. This is a survival mechanism. All mammals are wired to survive. Its apart of your reptilian brain. If you are a wild animal it programs your brain to be influenced by the healthiest mammals in your species and or pack. You dont want to take advice from a sick pack member. He probably cant hunt well and you should listen to the pro hunter for survival advice. You are programmed to survive and do well at it, just like all mammals. You need health to survive well.
This mechanism that is built in to your brain involves your mirror neurons. Mirror neurons mean when you see someone do something it makes your brain react as if you are doing the thing. So you see a prime speciment of your species doing something and this makes your mirror Neurons fire like crazy because your brain says hey you need to do this to survive. However, when you see a lesser than version of your same species doing something your mirror neurons are not as quick to fire because they see the actions that version of your species as not as desirable because that speciment does not have as desirable gut bacteria diversity aka influence aka health. Your survival brain only wants you to be more like people who are good at survival. Your brain uses your mirror neurons to make you better by making people with more diverse gut bacteria more influential. So you see someone winning at life and your mirror Neurons fire like crazy so you are more motivated to win at life too and so their actions are something you view as desirable. Your brain wants you to be successful. It wants you to mirror successful people. Your gut bacteria is how your mirror Neurons and brain dictate success and who to view with influence. This is all subconscious most of the time. Unless you consciously think about what is happening in your brain and study it like I do.
The systems my Dad has created to con us all into destroying ourselves use our mirror Neurons against us. I suppose the war games always have used mirror Neurons, but my dad takes it further. This is why he has all his cult members poison each other all the time. It erodes their gut bacteria. The more he erodes their bacteria, the more influential he will become. My Dad has awful gut bacteria. He has cancer. He has a super bad C Diff infection. In order for you not to see past the smoke and mirrors and wizard behind the curtain he needs to erode your gut bacteria as much as possible and quickly as possible. This way he has influence over your reptilian brain before your logical brain has a chance to say hey does this guy really know what he is talking about?
It’s all smoke and mirrors and he’s just a wizard behind the curtain.

Today at the grocery stores, I saw people with eroded gut bacteria who were listening to their reptilian brains and mirror neurons. They are lost and dont even know it. Smart people know when to say when. When you know better you do better because even your reptilian brain will say hey we are about survival. No one wants to sign up for a suicide mission when they fully understand what is happening. The people I saw today did not fully understand. We need to make sure everyone fully understands what is happening. Life is about survival even in the most basic and simple parts of our brains. People who sign up to be apart of my Dad’s cult view it as survival of the fittest. We need to let them know it’s not. Its survival for no one. My Dad represents death. People need to see this. I am unsure of how to convince the ordinary people I saw taking part in his cult today of what’s happening. But I know you all can convince them because you all knew they existed. I had never seen people like I saw today before. But you all not only knew they existed but you have interacted with them before. And these kind of people exist worldwide. I need everyone worldwide to know being associated with my Dad’s cult is a death sentence. It will hijack your mirror neurons and make them a weapon against you. It will be the death of you. And the weapon is your brain, your reptilian brain. The same brain that reptiles have will be used against you. And it will cost you your life.

I realized today how my Dad changed and died when I was young. Something happened when I was about 4yrs old, about 1985ish. My Dad quit the military and stayed home with me eating ice cream in pjs and having PTSD. My mom found great joy in it, so it has to be something pretty bad. I believe it has something to do with the middle east and then the gulf war. Something happened to my Dad in the military that made him quit. He was traumatized. And he only ate ice cream for months. Ice cream grows c Diff very quickly. Especially when you eat it in great quantities without eating much else. This is when the last part of my Dad’s humanity died. He never really glowed big with happiness again after that. He always was clenching his jaw even when he smiled afterwards. This is when C Diff stole his humanity beyond repair. Well, its repairable but he never wanted to repair or replace it. That’s why he has colon cancer.
I ate ice cream today and I ate it a couple days ago. I ate ice cream in Bisbee Arizona last time almost 4 years ago. And today I realized as long as I eat enough raw garlic or take other antifungals, it’s not as bad of a weapon of destruction. Taking natural antibiotics and antifungals has kept me alive. I encourage you all to take efforts to cleanse your body even if you are eating crap. It’s all about balance. Eat the ice cream but take the raw garlic or eat some coconut oil. Shoot eat coconut milk ice cream and still take the garlic. Life is about balance, not being perfect. Just do things every day to be better. And you will get better. It’s really that easy.

And lastly I need a job. I know the Koreans, the farmers, the leaders of the middle men pushed for me to be treated fairly in the overt world. And it worked a bit. I got callbacks and interviews but people still aren’t treating fairly. You all heard my last interview. So maybe you all can push a little more for me to be treated fairly. And maybe the Irish leaders can join in and be revolutionary with us all in the war games and help me get some fair treatment. You all are fancy, I just haven’t figured out how or why yet. So maybe you all can use your fancy to help us all out. Because my survival is the only way out of this mess for us all. I’m all about being a trooper and living in a war zone but I need a break and a job is just the break we all need me to have. Winter is coming and I need to be able to afford shelter this winter.

Okay my revolutionary people. This was our first shot at a worldwide message without the internet. I hope it works.
And how have the war games kept people without fancy birthrights in line for generations? Can we go ahead and do that to the people who are signing up to be in my dads cult and commit treason? It seems like now would be a good time to utilize people’s mirror Neurons to get them to fall in line. Thank you.

Love Always
Nicole D Graves