Recap of Destruction

Recap Of Destruction By The Covert War Games

This year has been overwhelming with all the things I have learned, not only about the systems, but about the world. I am sure you all can relate. Let’s go ahead and recap all the things the systems are doing to destroy and disillusion us all.

  1. Epigenetic triggers of Autism, Dyslexia, other learning disabilities, Diabetes, and all chronic illnesses
  2. Covert genocide of all races, but especially Hispanic, Italian, Asian, and Black
  3. Dysfunctional processing of Oxytocin by the way our society is set up-this steals our humanity and allows for crimes against humanity more willingly
  4. All the systems are set up to make us all fail-even if we profit from one system we still are set up to fail by all the others
  5. Romantic love and marriage are sold to us as distractions, but what we are sold is not attainable
  6. Health is sold to us in an unattainable version
  7. Carb filled diets are sold to us as a way to keep us manageable, small, and create disease-thus getting us to buy into the other systems more willingly
  8. Marriage is a lie, because we value destruction rather than love and women are not viewed as equals
  9. We are kept in a stressed state to keep us in our reptilian brain-this keeps us small and limits our emotional spectrum
  10. Food, Drinks, and Sex are used as distractions and addictions to keep us in our reptilian brains and keep us small and manageable
  11. Potential is not an option, it is an unattainable uphill battle used as a distraction
  12. Houses are created to distract us for a lifetime and create disease
  13. Medical industry is created to enslave us not heal us, but gets us to buy into learned helplessness
  14. Candida overgrowth is created in our bodies by society, Standard American diet, antibiotics, modern medicine, and public schools to make us accept learned helplessness on a biological level.
  15. Leaky gut is created to keep us malnourished, thus keeping us small, manageable, and diseased
  16. We are conditioned to accept manageable life situations and relationships to keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  17. Fear tactics are usedagainst us to keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  18. Misinformation and withholding of information is used to keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  19. People with Cluster B Personality Disorders run the systems/world and convince the masses an intact emotional spectrum is weak and dysfunctional
  20. We all live in a Truman Show just to varying degrees, depending on how much we are taking part in the destruction of everything and everyone
  21. Our bodies are biologically used as weapons against us by the systems
  22. You are made not to feel at home in your body so you constantly seek comfort outside yourself, thus supporting the systems that aim to destroy you
  23. The Stock Market and alternative currencies are used as a tool and mirage to aid in the game of financial domination the systems play with us all
  24. We are sold conformity as the only way to gain control over our lives, but we are expected to conform to people who are mentally ill(cluster b personality disorders)
  25. Not only are our diets used to destroy us, the foods themselves have been genetically modified and created in labs to destroy us painfully by creating disease
  26. The environment we all live in creates fatty liver and estrogen dominance to make us more manageable, small, and diseased. Plus, addicted.
  27. Viruses and world events are created to make us live in a fear state and buy into learned helplessness and thinking that the systems are the ones that can save us
  28. Reproduction and Pregnancy are used to keep women small, manageable, diseased, and invested in learned helplessness and accepting of their place as second class citizens
  29. The epigenetic trigger of Dylexia steals your quantum field-taking away your ability to access and create limitless potential
  30. Marketing, television, advertising, social gatherings, sports, etc are used to keep us seeking social norms and to keep us distracted, small, manageable, and diseased
  31. Our traditions and values are used as weapons against us to keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  32. Insulin resistance is created by numerous systems and leads to malnutrition-thus keeping us small, manageable, and diseased
  33. We are sold the idea that destroying others is the only way to save ourselves, but when we destroy others we are destroying ourselves, because the systems of destruction do not allow for anyone to escape the destruction
  34. Emotional addiction is used to keep us all controlled, small, manageable, and diseased
  35. When we access our quantum field as a collective we have more power than the systems ever will-this is why group meditation changes the world
  36. Any comfort offered to us is a means to destroy us and keep us small, manageable, and diseased
  37. We live in fear of having our comforts and privilege taken away. We spend our whole lives living in this fear because it is never escapable. The systems do not want you to experience real comfort and security
  38. Your gut bacteria and microbiome are used against you as a weapon to control your body, mind, and spirit. This is why hand sanitizer exists and antibacterial soap
  39. Our epigenetics are negatively impacted so our children are born with gene mutations that cannot be reversed
  40. The worldwide systems are made up of different groups of people who wish to enslave their own people because their privilege would not exist without others being enslaved more than themselves
  41. Since the 1990’s the Dyslexic epigenetic trigger has been impacting almost everyone born and yet the systems are not set up to value what they have to offer(creative brain based)
  42. The worldwide systems are just more covert in some places and more overt in others
  43. Everyone is trauma bonded to the systems that have destroyed them-this is why people who have experienced the most pain still sign up to fight this war when called upon
  44. We are all sold the idea that having humanity is weak, rather than the true strength it is
  45. Shame is used to keep us all small and believing there is something wrong with us, that we are defective
  46. Absolutely No One is immune to the destruction of the systems-even the leaders die from terminal illnesses-there is no buying your way out
  1. Estrogen dominance is used as a weapon against us all because it allows cancer to grow quicker and allows for our brains to reinforce addictive behaviors more
  2. Fasting kills cancer, but doctors cannot recommend it as treatment because they are under orders to practice medicine rather than healing
  3. Shame causes OCD and Perfectionism keeping us stuck in our heads and distracted, small, manageable, and diseased
  4. Our potentials have been stolen from us all, but we accept that we are the reason we do not succeed to the level that we are destined to
  5. We are not taught how to accept things because then we would find a solution. We are taught learned helplessness to keep us paralyzed and victims
  6. We have the power to overcome this covert war because who we are is dictated by the small everyday things we do.
  7. We each are special individuals who are born for greatness, the war games and conformity steals this from us
  8. Public schools are used to force us to conform and break us as children to prepare us for a lifetime of destruction by the systems
  9. Religion is used as a weapon. God and love are used against us all.
  10. Munchausen by proxy is accepted as “normal” even though to destroy another we destroy ourselves first
  11. Life is supposed to be easy and put us at ease. Yet, we allow the sysetms to complicate every aspect of our lives
  12. There is a time and a place for vicious. Instead of being vicious with the systems that destroy and enslave us all, we are being vicious with each other

Okay that pretty much sums it up. There are a ton more details, but you all get the idea. We are being destroyed and we are allowing it. We are blessed because in some places the systems are more overt. Yet, here we are letting a covert war get the best of us.

We are all equal and deserving.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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