Your Voices Say It All

Absolute power corrupts all.

My Mom gave me all the answers yesterday. It is just fun in my weird reality to get her to do her old sick helpless person act and watch her interact with some of the people who we pass when walking the dogs. I know you have vested interest in this war when you partake in the talking of nonsense with my Mom. Can all of you sell your houses and move because the property records will always exist. I may not know the how or when of anything really, but in my life I have learned to just collect information until the pieces come together.

I have experienced the worst of the worst when it comes to people trying to turn me to the dark side and in turn trying to punish and destroy me when they fail. When you all see me, I hope you are reminded of your weakness. Of course, I am angry. Of course, I am hurt. I just do not express these feelings the same way you all do. Sure I could try to get even and start poisoning my Mom and Brother, but then I would be just like them. I do not accept that this way of life is how humans are supposed to live. And when you give in and start trying to get even in the same manner in which you were hurt, you loose and give up your power.

I heard in your voices yesterday when I was making cold calls at work that you all know it is me. If I have to learn to over come objections better than most, I can do that. I have always had to be better in order to survive.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

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