Wednesday Morning

Yesterday at work, the young guy from the midwest showed his true colors when he enjoyed my pain. I have told you all not to do this around me because it gives me a window into your soul and family lineage. I warned you to be human.

So everyone at my work is involved in the war games by birthright. The young guy is from middle America, Ohio. I have met someone from his family in Sierra Vista, Az when I was working at the group home and going to real estate school. Also, what do the last names Cruz and Craft mean? Because there were kids like me in group homes. Thanks again to the guy there that told me about Aspergers. He kind of made this all possible.

I play stupid everyday. But you know what, I am the one who has survived all the poison and attempted murder. Maybe instead of enjoying my pain you should ask me for tips on how to survive these things that you are bound to experience by birthright too. No one escapes the destruction.


Nicole D. Graves

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