90s Generation-Xbox Generation

This evening I have been surrounded by the Xbox generation as I like to call them. These are my Brother’s people who do not understand what is on the line. They were not around before the world went dark, so they just do not know. Just as my Brother does not know. I need you all to make a war update for these people. They need to understand what is on the line and that this is not a video game. There are no extra lives, there are no other worlds, this is the only life and only world we have and we have to make it better. Their brains do not work the way mine does, but I do know they do not understand that their brains are dysfunctional by design. They don’t understand the way they are is not natural. I am not sure how to get the point across to them about this. They are not broken, but they have been disabled by the systems just as we all have. But they were the first generation that was warred on the most with immunizations and many of the environmental epigenetic triggers.

I need you all’s help to reach the 1990’s kids. They aren’t broken, but they have been held back from being their true selves. All they know is destruction because they were born after the world went dark. Please talk to them. Please reach them. Please tell them and get them to understand. This is not a video game, this is real life. And life gets so much better than they have ever had the opportunity to experience. If we cannot get through to this generation, they will be the end of us all.

Thank you for your help

Nicole Graves

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