A Brand New Truman Show

Today, I experienced a brand new Truman Show. This was a SS soldier free show and there were actual real people with intact emotional spectrums to varying degrees. Change is good for the soul!

My whole life I have been overwhelmingly surrounded by SS soldiers, including my Mom and Brother. To be free of them is an interesting dynamic. Can’t say I missed them. Different people, different smoke bombs.

My Mom has been taking the “compost” out at night when I go to lay down outside and I don’t got no job. So this calls for a road trip. I am unsure of where we will go, but we are going. After the past couple months of taking my insurance tests and working uphill against the odds, I need a break from the covert warfare. It is just draining to me. I understand why we all do it now, but still it drains my soul. Self induced pattern interupts can be the most pleasant detours.

This year has been so much! It’s a bit overwhelming., but the truth sets you free. I hope you can feel that in your soul. It feels wonderful.


Nicole Graves

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