A Farmer Meeting

I need all the farmers to tune in. We will be having a meeting and discussing our common enemy: The professional Army my Dad has. This is his Army that he uses to keep us all small and limit our potential. I just recently identified them yesterday as their own group. But I have been kept up two nights in a row with lead poisons. Lead poisons are what made my mind an INFJ. I do puzzles when I experience this poison. My Dad knows this poison enables me to put pieces together and solve puzzles. However, I stead of stopping or switching to a different poison he keeps using it. Take about biting your nose to spite your face. This is the same stuff that allowed me to realize I reached the Southern LA Farmers the night before. Get everyone to tune in I got a plan. Its choppy but I’m stoked about it. My mind was created to be a weapon of destruction and I have never had people to share it with. Especially people who have common problems and interests that we can work towards bettering. I only slept a couple hours and I get chatty when I get excited. I figured out how to take out our biggest common enemy. It will be fun. It’s a war people! I’m finally in on the war. Its ball time. Okay talk soon gotta charge my phone.

Nicole D Graves

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