A Graves-Kudearoff Civil War-Dear People Of Springfield

Dear People Of Springfield,

Hi, my name is Nicole Graves. Donnie Graves(the grandson of Hitler) is my Father and Margie Kudearoff-Graves is my Mother(I’m sure you have heard of the local Kudearoff family, right?). Do you all remember my Grandma Kudearoff? She was a short lady who never learned how to drive, but knew exactly how to make people smile and feel loved. She was your leader until you all were enslaved and punished by my Father.

I do not know if you have heard, but my Dad and I are currently having a bit of a civil war. He wants my Brother to take my place/birthright and for me to be killed. We have been at this war since March when I escaped the death camp he created for me in Sierra Vista, Arizona. My whole life I was told I was just an ordinary person. No one ever explained the war games to me, but I was kept small and punished often just as you all.

You are my people. I am just like you. I am pissed off and tired of struggling uphill just to merely survive. It is time for a revolution. My Dad is dying and so all I have to do is out live him and we all are free to explore our potentials. Please be revolutionary with me and the Scandinavians/Republicans. We do not need to be kept small, manageable, and diseased any longer.

We deserve greatness in whatever form we choose to pursue. Let’s start a Revolution right here in Springfield, Oregon. Power belongs to the people who create it!


Nicole Graves

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