A Letter To My Family’s Enemies

I am unsure of who the enemies of my family are, but I know they have to exist in great numbers. This could be dangerous, but I would love to form an alliance with one of you. My family will kill me so I really do not have much to loose.

It is not only my genes that makes me valuable. It is what I know about all of them. They wanted to make me have a baby because they knew I would protect a child and that would make me manageable. Just as my dogs have made me more manageable. I was right most of them are serial killers and I am one of the few who is not. My Aunt Lee and my Aunt La are the two I still have hope for, but not great hope. I know better by now.

If I stay here they will just keep me imprisioned and get me sick again. But they know I will stay because they have created literally no where to run. I know my readership stats do not reflect my true readership, because I see you people have connected with the energy of my writing. Please reach out to everyone you can. This is where you can help me and no one will know. Who can I join forces with that will benefit you the people the most? Who else out there wants to create a world similar to the version I envision? Who has the power to create the change you desire?

My mind won’t last long here. I am already sleeping more than I have in years. If there was ever a time for action, it is now. Please help me fix what my family has done/is doing. I am counting on you.

Good people deserve good things!

Love Always


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