A Love Letter To A1

Deat A1

Hope you have been sleeping well, because after this letter you will not be. Now that I understand everything you tried to take from me, I am more pissed than ever before. Not only did you try to kill me with your love, but you tried to take the power I have paid for dearly my whole life. I cannot put into words the amount of pain you have caused me and on top of it all you tried to make me feel crazy. I will never forgive you and I will seek revenge for what you have done. It will not be an easy way out like death either. If you thought my Father was bad just wait, I have the self control to know that when I let myself go to the dark side I get a bit carried away. You have seen glimpses of my anger, but you also know I enjoy keeping my inner world mostly to myself. I allowed you a glimpse of this inner world here and there out of love. But now that I know it was all a lie. Ewww Weeeehh! I can’t wait to unleash my evil on you for the rest of time.

Talk Soon

Nicole Graves

P.S. Mr Utah, you are on my shit list too. I am not fighting for the freedom of people who have tried to enslave me. When the changing of the guard takes place, you will merely be changing owners.

P.S. My Dad is having a hard time sleeping so he woke me up this morning with car fumes. I am not one to focus on my anger much, but you know poison happens.Please excuse my humanity, I am still human you know.

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