A Metaphorical Death

You know what is more painful than actual death? A metaphorical death.

Why are we waiting for my Dad to die, just because I am a good person. When my Dad wanted his place of power he killed his Dad. When my Mom wanted her place of power, she killed her Mom. Why are we waiting? The only thing that would be better than death for my Dad is to see the world improve without him in power. There is no reason to wait for him to die. We can all start living our best lives now!

I see the people who are left fighting this war for him are just the people who want to belong. They want to feel like they are apart of something bigger than themselves. Well, join my revolution. Over here we believe in potential, having a good quality of life, and not destroying people. It is still a new movement, but the people have expressed great interest in my politics. It seems my Dad has aged out of his position with his outdated views on the way the world should be.

Let’s revolt and change the world overnight. The only thing that gives my Dad his place of power is the people and the power plays he uses them for. Why allow yourself to be used to further our suffering? After last night, I know you all want to explore your potential just like me. What are we waiting for? Permission? Let’s take what is ours! There is no reason for us to continue to live like this. We don’t have to break the system, just merely reform it.

Starting tomorrow no spending any money. Get your gas and groceries tonight, I understand you may need to get a few things here and there but limit it to what you actually NEED. I know the SS soldiers and fancy families have more than enough groceries and so do the people who get food stamps. Tomorrow we start a real revolution. Let’s freeze out the people who are profiting from our pain. There is no reason for this to continue. Say no to being used for things that do not profit you or your potential.

Let’s show my family cult that the people are the ones who deserve the power they create. We do not have to follow tradition if it is not working for us. We can change and adapt to the times. I love you my revolutionary people, tomorrow everything changes and we start fresh.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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