A Nun Named Olga In Calistoga

The gas on the way from Eureka to San Fran was intense last night. Do you all get flashbacks from childhood when the gas is used strongly like this? The past five years have been full of flashbacks. If they would have just left me alone, I would have went on trying to live my life thinking I was the problem. I am sure a lot of you can relate to never being able to obtain traction in life, even with great efforts and genius.

My cult/the union traumatizes people until they give into evil, starting from a very young age. And they never stop trying. I lived in a death/work camp in Sierra Vista, Arizona for over two years before I was able to escape. They have camps like this all over the nation as punishment. The only hopes of getting out of these camps is rolling others under the bus. However, I know you all know how to play dead and dumb while plotting just like I do.

Back to the flashback, a nun in Calistoga told me this all would happen when I was three or four. It was the same trip where my Mom and her older sister(let’s call her La) got permission to do something. The nun and I prayed and my Mom made fun of me on the way home for doing so. My Mom doesn’t respect God or the traditions of the church.

The church is not all bad, they knew about me before I did.



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