A Queen With A Birthright Looking For Her King

Thank you to everyone in the collective. I love energy it tells all. I ask questions because when people read my writing I can connect to their energy and that allows me to see a bit of their soul and my blind spots.

Hi Bud, you need a haircut. I saw your fear and how you go purposely slow when you want to cortisol out and rush. Don’t worry you are on the list just like Mom, I know you know her evil and you chose the wrong side. I am tired of asking you people to be good people.

My family has a lot of enemies and I have a birthright to fulfill, but I don’t really enjoy control and domination. Plus, I have too much humanity to deal with my family on a fair level. So, I am looking to form an alliance with someone who will take care of me in a respectable manner and listen well knowing matriarchy is how we roll. If someone can love and respect me for the power I can provide them, I will marry them and have a baby. How about a November wedding? Do we have to wait to take over till after the wedding? I am pretty sure this is the democrary part I was talking about/searching for.

Hi Mom, remember I told you when I was younger that I was going to get married to a guy with kids when I was 40. Well hey you missed my birthday dinner, but we still going forward.

I don’t really care who it is, as long as they can respect this opportunity I am offering. My family has tried to pawn me off on others for as long as I can remember. My turn to choose my own alliance.

Whether it be someone who owns 1-5 after or before my family, highway 99, or highway 58. As long as I get to live at the Oregon coast in a safe, clean, comfortable home and explore my potential peacefully, I will grant someone else the authority to deal/destroy this mess as they see fit.

So let me know who would like to be entered in the opportunity to take the Kudearoff family down because I would be way too humane.



P.S. You will have to pass the eyeball test, where I look into your soul and see if you have good intentions towards me. This is something no one has ever passed before, but with so much on the line maybe it can be done.

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