A Time & A Place For Vicious

My revolutionary people, you understand I am not asking you to not be vicious right? I am just saying there is a time and place for vicious. And to choose your your battles wisely.

We all need an outlet for our vicious, so let me give you two! A1 and Mr. Utah could have saved us both a lot of suffering. I met them both in 2014. We could have started our revolution way back then, if either of them had been good people. How much of your potential will you never be able to pursue because of them? How much pain did you endure during the past seven years that was unnecessary? Please do to them what you were covertly allowed to do to me, but ten fold. Either they contact me to arrange for reparations or they choose to remain loyal to my Father and become a mute point within a year. You hear me? 😉

Happy hunting!

Nicole Graves

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