Accountability Is A Super Power

Accountability is at the root of this whole ordeal. The SS soldiers who ran away to Scandinavia and South America were running from accountability for their actions. They viewed themselves as not responsible because they were merely following orders from my Great Grandfather, Hitler. Well, here we are almost 100 years after the fact and once again we are face with the issue of accountability. It is a full circle moment for us all and our epigenetics.

So, how do we address the need for accountability? Well, the answer is not punishing people. The answer is getting people to be apart of the solution and fixing what they helped to destroy. We all deserve better, so we need to create better.

My Mom has paid so dearly for the war games and her birthright. She never knew love either. If she had known better she would have done better. Don’t get me wrong, this does not excuse any of the pain she has caused me and/or the world. However, everything is about perspective and point of view. If I chose to purely punish my Mom for her war crimes, then the world would miss out on the gifts she has to share with the world. Everyone has talents and gifts that will help us all recapture our collective destiny. Punishing people robs us all.

My ability to see the big picture and the value in individuality is what allows me to move past my anger that screams for blood. We could forever be stuck in this cycle of punishment and war or we can choose to be better and rebuild. We want to be better, right?

Be the change!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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