Afternoon Meditation 230 to 4pm West Coast Time

The people left fighting for the old system are mostly Hispanic people now. The demographics are forever changing, but they changed greatly over the weekend. We still aren’t quite there though. Some of the Hispanic people fighting for the old system are not in the know. So, let’s help them today.

When we meditate this afternoon, I need you all to focus on your heart and love. All the people left fighting for the old system are experiencing feelings of lack. They do not feel like they are enough and/or that they have enough. I want you to send all the people left fighting this war feelings of healing, love, kindness, appreciation, health, wealth, abundance, and anything else you think will help them realize destruction is not the way to handle this situation.

Also, play your mind movie at the beginning and end. I will go for a about an hour and a half, but join in when you can and for how long you can. There is no right or wrong. Just do what you can and breath and feel good. Changing the world does not have to hard, just like your individual life does not have to be hard.

See you this afternoon. Love Always

Nicole Graves

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