Am I The Only One?

I can think of other people who have moved away, but they did not escape. Has anyone from our “district” really escaped? With my family’s military could any of us really ever get away from the destruction? I know I was unable to.

When I moved to Arizona, I just wanted to be a normal person, dive deep into my special interests, and keep to myself. Do you know what it is like to have people always have an interest in you, but be unable to figure out what they see that you did not? Especially, military and ethnic people look at me with great wonder. Not going to lie, I still don’t understand all this mess or what I represent(my lacking sense of self issue), but I can feel that it is something impactual.

Thurston has changed over night. The energy dynamics have changed incredibly. Some people look like I took their favorite toy away. Plus, the air quality is already a bit better. I hope this is a change you all can see and feel in all the places where my people are. We may not be finished with this change of dynamics, but I do feel like the hardest part is over. We can celebrate the little wins as long as we know we need to keep going.

Now, we rebuild and heal. This is the part that really matters because if we skip this part the rest was a complete waste. This is the part where we regain everything that was taken from us and reclaim our destinies. Health is apart of your birthright.

As I sit here at my Mom’s kitchen table drinking my coffee, I can feel my lymphatic system backing up/pooling and my lips are tingling. So I do not think this is over. I am tired of celebrating when others are still committed to the evil we all have inherited. You get to choose which of your birthrights you cultivate. By the way my Mom looked in fear when I tried to open the window, she is not choosing correctly and neither is my Brother. I may have found a brand of freedom for you people, but my freedom comes at a much larger price for my family.

It is what it is, but we do not submit! We keep warring. They do not think I will be able to achieve the success needed in order to completely displace them from their power. They fear the power I have found within myself that they have tried to confiscate from me my whole life. No worries, I do my best when underestimated. I will always war for my people because no one else ever has.



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