An I-5 Show-What Are Your Thoughts?

Did you all see the cars on I-5 last night? Oh that was quite the message, it was like toddlers throwing a fit. My family cult has lit up every state I have been in with poison to scare me and my revolutionary people. Arizona and Nevada were the best when the red headed bikers, military, and fancy ethnic families were chasing me with intent/permission to kill me. Now I have made such a spectical there is no way they can covertly kill me and not raise eyebrows somewhere.

Santa Fe was the best when I was camping out there and I ended up at a discount grocery store and announced my presence to my Dad’s people. They had such great hope when they found out I was still alive. Then my family cult lit up the whole town with poison and Santa Fe is in the mountains so it was quite the show.

This is just my Dad throwing a fit because the facts don’t add up like he would like them to and this is one situation he cannot bend to go in his favor. You got to remember this is just a family fued and he is just my Dad. He may be something special to some of you, but he is just my Dad. (Fragment: What happened in the military/Army in the early 1980’s with my Dad? It was something that made him quit the military and hang out with me at home for a long while eating ice cream by the gallon. My Mom has told me he was experiencing PTSD, but we all know that can be eliminated by cultivating your gut bacteria/microbiome. What is the real story?)

Fragment: Ironic that I am the one person who could help my Dad heal, huh? He destroyed me my whole life and I developed the ability to heal. Now once again, here I am with something else that makes him jealous and feel inferior.

Let’s review the facts:

  • I have never been married and do not intend to marry.
  • I have never had children and do not want them(maybe another dog though).
  • No one can overtly kill me.
  • I escaped a death camp in March of this year and he still hasn’t tamed, kidnapped, or killed me.
  • I am not scared of my Dad, because I have already been tortured by everyone I have ever known my whole life.
  • I have been imprisoned and held covertly hostage my whole life.
  • I do not know human love, only Stockholm syndrome.
  • I was raised to be a serial killer, but I have Asperger’s genius. So being a killer does not appeal to my logical brain.
  • Narcissism and cluster b personality disorders run in my family cult. Thus limiting their ability to use empathy and develop emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is what separates smart from Genius/wisdom.

If you are ever on the run from my family cult here is what you need to do.

  • Turn your phone on airplane mode.
  • Find an affluent residential area after dark. Then find a dead end or cul de sac. Park and do not get out of your car till morning. There will most likely still be SS soldier people, but it will be mostly Scandinavians because they believe in potential and send their children to college. Thus the blond hair and blue eyed stereotypes for sority and frat college kids. This is how you can tell the difference between narcissism and sociopathy. My Dad’s South American Nazis are sociopaths and are into destroying everything. This is why the world went dark when my Dad took over in the 1980s.
  • As long as you stay away from poor people like how I was raised you will be safe. My Dad knew his people would stab him in the back if they had the chance so I was kept around mostly Scandinavian SS soldiers as a kid and the Kudearoff family.
  • Food is their weapon of choice, so learn to eat raw meat and stay away from carbs as much as possible. Until this trip I never ate raw meat and the degree of healing I have found from it is amazing. Ground beef has more chemicals than other cuts, but do what you can. The carnivore diet is how I healed cancer and autoimmune responses. (Fragment: Thank you to Dr. Shawn Baker for his blog. He is an SS soldier that has pissed my Dad off and he saved my life with his content.)

So, Z’s are the facts!


Nicole Graves

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