Calling Out To SS Soldiers In California

My revolutionary people, I may have jumped the gun this morning. Yes, some of the people I saw this morning in Sacramento were dead inside, but I do believe they are still the minority. Luckily Haywood had to make a pit stop east of Sacramento(Davis, I think?) and I found so many people who were not in the know about our revolution. And then I did the logic equations and it makes complete sense.

See there aren’t many Scandinavians here, narcissists go out and like being around people. But people from my family cult are more like sociopaths and they mostly only go out to destroy others, so they stay home a lot. Everyone in my family cult who has been kept small has been kept at home a lot too. This is part of the equation of keeping people small. And people are kept smaller here than they are in Oregon and Northern California. This is why my Dad punishes Northern California so harshly because they have not given into the isolation necessary to forward his war games.

So SS Soldiers of California, I need your help. In every small living community, apartment complex, condos, gated community, retirement community, etc they have you watching over the people. Well, I need you all to let the people know we are at war and a revolution like never before is on the line. Let them know how hard we have been working at this up in the Pacific Northwest all the way down to Redding. We all deserve freedom and potential.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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