Another Case Of The Mean Reds

Have you ever watched “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”? Well, I finally understand that Audrey Hepburn is talking about getting dosed with lead when she talks about “the mean reds.” I got another case of the mean reds from the coffee I had in my Jeep, after I walked the dogs after writing my last blog post. I know better than to leave my Jeep out of sight, but I thought things finally changed a little. Why do they want to war on my brain, if they are the ones who created it? Especially, when they know I am willing to work with them if they just let me do something positive.

They haven’t started gassing me again, yet. So, it is just extremely covert destruction. But I can assume the gas will start again soon, as punishment for knowing too much. I only saw one Christmas tree man today and he was removed quickly from my Truman Show, by an old man who had the same nose as Uncle D.

Now, the women past the point of no return are giving me the answers. They always have because they are like my Mom’s energy. But I never wanted to believe what I have seen. They are jealous. Destroying your children takes up a lot of your free time, so they have no clue who they are. When you do not know who you are, you buy into being replaceable. And the fact that I am irreplaceable is something we all agree on.

I think you all understand me being irreplaceable more than me, but as this journey progresses I realize just how much being irreplaceable has impacted my life at every turn. Even not knowing all the things you all know, I still know I am irreplaceable because I have taken the time to explore my heart and soul through my passions. Plus, merely living life and experiencing things outside the norm for women has allowed me a ton of personal growth that most women are lacking. This is what makes me dangerous, not only is my brain better, but I have had time to cultivate it.

If I have to choose a man for safety, I choose Mr Utah. If he won’t poison my coffee or my dogs.



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