Are You Ready For The Kicker?!?

Every aspect of my life is a Truman Show, trying to send me covert messages to self destruct. Well last night while watching You Tube, I realized my family cult/my Dad know what they are doing is wrong. They are the ones who taught me right and wrong, but they withheld the truth from me. Hmm, I wonder why?

You know why they withheld the truth? Because I am addicted to logic and at age 4 I spoke up about the sexual abuse. They could not explain the sexual abuse to me in a logical way that would make me accept their reality. So, they just started drugging me really badly. I forgot about the sexual abuse even though it continued and got extremely worse. They tried to break me with sex from countless people. Just like my Dad was broke when he was held hostage when he started the Iran/Iraq war in the 1980s. How dare I be stronger than him. How dare I reject the dark side.

I have been arguing with my parents illogical ways since before I can remember. I am not the kind to stop talking back when they are speaking nonsense. They did not even want to try to explain this mess to me because it is illogical and they knew they would not be able to win with me. Logic is my language. How did they convince you this way is right? Did they even try or just tell you this is how it is?

This is not right and most of you know it!


Nicole Graves

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