Are You Ready To Channel Your Anger With Me? Tony Robbins Challenge

The world has changed in the past couple days, just listen and feel it. I may have sparked some of this change, but you people did the hard part, the actual changing. Where do we go from here? Where ever you want to is the answer. We all have different destinies and purposes, I cannot tell you what is right for you and no one else can either. Part of your destiny is finding your own purpose.

My purpose is helping you heal and reminding you it is apart of your birthright. You know what? I have no clue where I need to go from here. And what do I do when I do not know what is next? I learn more about myself to understand the tools I have to work with better. We are all going to be enslaved to someone else until we are pursuing our purpose without the limitations of others. Your purpose is your freedom.

Tony Robbins has always motivated and made me feel grateful to be a human. Which let’s be real, this is a tough sell. Last night while I was watching my Truman Show You Tube tarot(craving cauliflower and pineapple, weird right), I found Tony’s “Own Your Future Challenge” starting May 11th and it is free. Seems like it was made for me and you too. Let’s start a special interest together: Working towards our purpose by learning about ourselves.

Sign up here:

We can chit chat about it on the Jeep cam at night to keep me busy and plan for my future, because I am just like you and if I do not save myself I will be enslaved for the rest of my life.

Are you ready to channel your anger with me?

Love Always


Thank you ahead of time!

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