Be You Love

In the past 285 days, I have done the unthinkable. My whole life I have done the unthinkable by surviving with my heart in tact. It seems as if I was born to do the unthinkable. However, my whole life I just thought I was ordinary and faulty. There is a whole world out there that believes themselves to be ordinary and faulty because the systems have set us all up to fail. We are all made to believe ourselves to be incapable of living a good life. Because if we put the blame on the systems where it belongs we would revolt and change the systems. Why would we allow for the systems to not only destroy us, but make us feel bad about it like we are the reason for our own destruction?

The world is going to find out about they systems and what all is happening, it is inevitable. It may not be today or tomorrow, but eventually everyone will know. And they will know that it was you all that kept them from the truth. Your legacy will be that you enabled the system to continue to destroy people. The people you call friends, coworkers, and family. Everyone will know that you are just as bad as my family, but maybe even worse because you all are the ones who get your hands dirty. My family may call the shots, but you all are the ones with the blood on your hands. What does that feel like? How are you going to explain yourself to your children? How are you going to explain yourself to your God?

I have spent my whole life doing the right thing because I believe people are good. I believe when people know better they do better. But maybe I am wrong, maybe it is accountability that motivates people to do the right thing. Well, now you have both. You know better and you all know you will be held accountable when the time does come. Do you want to be the hero or do you want to be the villain? Do you want to make yourself proud or do you want to shame yourself and your families for generations?

This is a pivotal time in our evolution and history. This is a moment in time that will be talked about for generations to come. And you get to choose who you are. You get to choose how you are remembered, you get to choose your legacy. There are only a handful of moments in your life that define who you are. This is one of those moments. This is a moment where you declare who you are loud and proud to the world.

Are you proud about the person you are declaring yourself to be? Because as I looked around me tonight, I saw people who felt guilt. That guilt is just the beginning. It will only snowball from here if this is who you choose to be. Guilt is an emotion that is supposed to motivate you to do the right thing. Guilt is not an emotion that says yeah this is the person I want to be.

You need to get right with yourself and you need to do it quickly, because the world will remember what you choose to do this weekend. The world will remember who you are. Because your actions dictate who you are.

Be you love.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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