Being Supernatural by Joe Dispenza

The book “Being Supernatural” by Joe Dispenza is something I highly recommend consuming. It is available on YouTube as an audio book. Information changes people and opens your mind. Any time you learn something new you are changing your perspective on life. And as Joe says, “Your personality is your personal reality.” When you learn new things you are changing your reality.

It took me about a week to listen to this book because some of the concepts were so huge and impactual I had to take time to digest them and rearrange my reality. So take your time and maybe do some meditating while you listen to it. I love doing two things at once that are good for me. It is super satisfying.

And while you are checking out, “Being Supernatural” check out some of Joe Dispenza’s meditations on You Tube. These are the ones that I like to listen to when we do our group meditations.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. What is happening out there? The world is so quiet. I have been in National City for long enough that they have locked down my Truman Show here. But there are black people showing up in my Truman Show again. The people are a demographic that I have not seen probably ever. They are hurt people hurting people, because the war games have never let them take part in hurting people before. It is interesting, well it is information not really too interesting just human nature.

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