Beltline West

I have found a bit of magic over here on River Road. It seems to be against the rules to try to destroy me too badly here. Well, at least with your car, the unibomber smoke bombs in the store were plentiful. I wish I knew the rules. However, it does seem like the Scandinavians got their territory back. I have made a difference!

No matter how much my family cult has tried to covertly and overtly brainwash me into believing what I am doing does not matter, I have just kept going. This change is part of my efforts. I don’t think you can imagine how happy this makes me. Since March, I have been running from my family cult through numerous states and this is the reward I get. It may not be my justice, but it is still justice. I hope this has happened up in Portland for the Uffins too.

I love logical order. Thank you!

Nicole Graves

License plates while I wrote this:

P.S. Thank you to the guy I talked to by the river today. You are the first human conversation I have had in weeks. I hope you find a job that makes your soul sing and pockets heavy. 😉

License plates while I wrote this: Oregon 140 LJA, 360 LLG, 044 BYW, California 8TDY477

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