Black List License Plates Thurs Jan 6th National City

It has been awhile since I collected license plates. Maybe you all down here in Southern California did not know that there is a black list of people we have created. See if something should happen to me, my revolutionary people will need someone to take their rage out on and my family is not really an option. So I have created a list of you all that know the facts and still support the old systems that wish to destroy us all. You all are committed to destruction and are creating your own destruction with your actions while at the same time preventing the rest of us from being revolutionary.

You will now be treated like me in a covert fashion whenever possible. Jobs will not be yours, loans will not be yours, houses will not be yours, etc. Whenever there is a better option of person, it will be that person and not you. You will be doomed to a life of your own destruction. I am not one to take part in the ways of my family, but there is only so much a person can take. And I have taken it really easy on the people down here.

I understand accountability for your war crimes goes against everything you were taught, but accountability is a natural thing. You are responsible for the destruction you create in the world whether it is overt or covert. Destruction is destruction and you are the source.

California: Handicapped plate 299RH, 6UYY560, 8NYD578, 8MVX774, 6FTF282, CA55J04, 8CXB339, 7YMY130, (star)YES583

May the odds forever be in your favor.

Nicole Graves

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