Boat Loads Of Hate Pushed Down

Can you imagine how much hate I have been holding back my whole life? I was breed to be genetically great evil and my environment was enough to make me desire to create WWIII. I suppose most kids do not fantasize about killing their Mom, but I sure did. It was a comforting daydream, I often went to.

Over time I have gotten really good at just pushing the hate down and letting the feelings of love that were installed by Stockholm’s Syndrome flourish. Well, the longer I am on this trip and the more my family tries to manipulate me with feelings of love, the more I am just left with hate. No one should have this much hate inside them. My family cult never thought twice about the ramifications of torturing me, because they never even dreamed about having to be accountable for what they have done to me. Can you imagine their shock?

They aren’t shocked, they are angry. Funny how even their emotional spectrum does not allow for accountability. Yesterday, at Winco a man tried to do a covert message about Halloween candy with Baby Ruths. This is my Dad’s favorite candy. The thing is, I don’t like Baby Ruths and never have. This is the perfect example of how you do not get to be an individual when dealing with sociopaths. You are merely an extension of them, how dare you desire to think you are an individual.

This is why I have been able to survive. No one has Ever taken the time to get to know me. Sure a lot of people have studied me greatly, but I am not neurotypical. So when they draw conclusions based on the research they have done, they are off. No one has ever been interested in the why or the how, just what is. Thus, leaving them in left field with their assumptions.

I hate so many people. I could fill up a concentration camp with people who have wronged me, maybe two. And most people would understand my logical reasons for sending people to these camps. But you know what I learned from growing up? I learned that making them be a in a covert prison while surrounded by people who are free is way better than any concentration camp could ever be.


Nicole Graves

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