Brokers & Realtors Of Santa Fe

Dear Brokers & Realtors of Santa Fe,

I hope you are ready to be revolutionary. Finding a source of income and a secure wifi connection is my only hope to accomplishing this revolution and surviving/thriving. Luckily, I have been training to do real estate inside sales my whole life, I just did not know it till last year. My background in sales, market research, client retention, legal collections, NLP, freelance writing, and blogging make me better than I could have ever imagined at real estate.

Last year during the pandemic, I received my Arizona real estate license and discovered that inside sales is hard for other people. With my Asperger’s genius and ADHD this problem was like candy to my brain. So, I cracked the code on how to increase conversations and decrease phone calls. I hope to be revolutionary in real estate and create a service that is nationwide like Zillow one day. However, currently I seek one broker in Santa Fe to make a lot of money for. I can increase conversations while decreasing phone calls for a whole brokerage by writing emails laced with NLP while using some things I consider to be common sense and social media strategies. I just need one person to give me a chance. Let me geek out, do what I am good at, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Santa Fe, this is how you can help me while still following the covert rules. I am starting to reach out to brokers/real estate agents, but every time I do the Kudearoff cult starts gassing me extremely. I need your help, please know that when I call you it is literally a phone call that could save my life. I understand it is risky to get involved, but I will create great wealth for whoever is willing to be brave enough to go out on a limb and take a chance on me. As long as you have agents who can show, do contracts, and answer their phones, I can pretty much do the rest.

Sales and my family cult has taught me how to change people’s brains to work in a manner that is more effective and healthy. I create communication that makes people’s brains light up when they receive it. Sales is not about things, it is about making people feel good. When you make people feel good they want to be around you more and they want to buy what you are selling. It is a pretty simple equation. Humanity is what people seek the most in this weird world and I have found a way to give people humanity while teaching it to them at the same time, subconsciously.

Please organize and figure out who is willing to give me this shot at not only my revolution, but life and creating health and wealth. If you are not the person able to go out on this limb for me, please have a referral of someone you know who can help me. I know I am asking a lot, but I am willing to put in the work to make it worth your while so you have enough wealth to keep you safe. Money is one of the greatest tools when protecting yourself from people who value destruction over greatness.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nicole Graves

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