But Everyone Is Doing It, Right?

There are no rules to Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy in our family cult, huh? Well other than, everyone takes part so it is a communal crime that no one speaks of. Well, there is just another way my parents messed up for you all. Did you all really think that I would never speak up about being poisoned my whole life by countless people?

Going to the Springfield police today was hard, but it was a good effort. I am so tired of people walking all over me, because they think they can get away with it, over and over. The police did not take me seriously, but they still went out to my Mom’s house. My Mom acted shocked about me filing a police report, but everyone knew I would because they heard my vlog from this morning. They just did not think that I would actually do it, because it would mean breaking the trauma bond with my Mother. No longer does her well being outweigh my own.

My Mom told me I need to find somewhere new to live, shocking right? Basically that means I need to find somewhere else to park and I don’t get hot food. However, this also means that no one has me under control or close enough to poison. I needed to get rid of the crutch I call a Mom, love is not supposed to destroy you.

I wonder if my Dad will punish her and my Brother for this event? She has kicked me out of her house numerous times, starting at age 10. It probably has saved my life because I have always known her love was conditional on me letting her torture and kill me. Which is a pretty tale tale sign of dysfunction, right? My Mom has never been able to hide her agenda of making me pay for ruining her life. However, she had to have me to come into her place of power. Rock and a hard spot, huh?

The people are scared of me more than I ever imagined they could be. I was never taught to defend myself in any way. So, this is shocking to everyone. This is the danger in keeping some of us in the dark that they all had been concerned about. If I do not have any crimes to hide my guilt from, what is stopping me from holding them accountable for their crimes? I am not in this with them and they finally see this. This is what being a good person has earned me. The ability to call them out on their crimes.


Nicole Graves

Ironically, they sent Cahoots out to talk to me first to try to get me to not speak with the police and file a report. I always knew they were not good news, but now I have confirmation on them too.

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