Butchered Inside

My Dad/family cult seem to have a corner on a few markets that give them power still. The grocery stores are still enslaved, especially the butchers. The gas station workers are still enslaved(oil and trucking industry). Along with a lot of state and government workers. And I am noticing a lot of people are still voluntarily supporting the old ways because they feel unable to curate their own power in the new system where we value potential.

Let me tell you, just because you do not see your own potential does not mean it does not exist. You all have been conditioned to think you are average. Average merely means ordinary and no one is ordinary. It is statistically impossible for everyone to be ordinary. It goes against the laws of nature and logic. You are a one of a kind, just like your DNA. Just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not there.

What do I need to do to free the remaining people who are enslaved? How do we reform the food industry/culture/system? My Dad/family cult has taken generations literally to create the food industry. Starting probably back in Argentina with the people who raised cattle. This is why the butchers are some of the deadest and most tortured and yet powerful within the old system.

Even if you hunt and kill your own game, you have to take it to a butcher to be processed. My Grandma Kudearoff was close to Darla the lady who owns Bright Oaks Meats in Springfield. And there was a well known hybrid butcher in Eugene who was/is a very regular strip club customer(his son’s phone # was erased out of my phone so I know he is an important member of my family cult). Butchers have the opportunity to change the world today, because we need nutrition.

We are all being starved. The lack of nutrition in our food is a huge problem. It is what allows people to take part in evil without thinking twice about it. My family cult uses our basic human needs against us at every opportunity they can. Thus, why we do not have access to clean food, water, and air.

What do I need to do to free the butchers and allow them to see they can change the world by stopping taking part in the destruction? Because when they destroy us they are destroying themselves in the process. I understand we all need to make a living and we seek comfort, but at what cost to the people do we allow ourselves comfort? Where do we draw the line? Sure what they do does not kill us immediately. It slowly erodes away our humanity over time until we become hollow vessels of what we are meant to be and once were.

Are you all tired of feeling empty inside? Because nutrition is the answer.


Nicole Graves

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