Can The Lady In Silver City New Mexico Help Me?

I wandered the desert for years, but I just did not go far enough, huh? Is the lady in Silver City, New Mexico like me? Or did she help create me? I had my astrology chart read by a lady past the point of no return in Sedona a few years ago and she told me I was meant to live west of Arizona. Energy is my religion so without considering the source I listened blindly, just as my Mom knew I would.(Thank you for finally giving me my correct time of birth Mom. I appreciate it.)

My Mom did not have enough time to colanize the whole nation in her 4 years in the Army, especially because she spent time in Korea. Thus, all the Koreans who have come after me throughout the years. She wasn’t the first in Korea though, because A1 did not like her. Enough to try to steal me. Can you imagine, wow he was brave, huh? A1, thank you for what you tried to do, I appreciate it even though you were motivated by evil and self interest. Now I understand the look on his face when I bluntly told him if he got me pregnant I would kill it, hate him, and leave. Men have always viewed me as a sex toy and possession, thus the adult industry worked really well for me. Before the few years I spent with A1, I never got to say many intelligent things/thoughts. I can tell when I break people with my brain and I am sorry it made you feel less than. You are smart, but you have lead poisoning really bad. You ruined my airport daze because we had no security and you thought someone would steal me, huh? Why risk taking me places if you knew what you knew? I appreciate it. You did a lot for me to make me feel like a normal person, thank you. I will always have love for you in a really weird way.

A1 is older than me and born in Korea. Also, he was partaking in our family cult tradition of killing his parents in Virginia. Meeting his Mom is what made his house of cards fall down. He had promised me she was a nice person I would enjoy spending time with, but she was just like my Mom and had an outburst of anger while I was there that ruined it all. A1, why do you not like my Mom? What did she do to you?

By the time my Mom was in Korea he was in Virginia/Boston. And he was granted a scholarship to a Catholic boarding school as a child. His evil is the evil of the church.When we meet he told me it was like destiny or something cheesy like that, but he wasn’t lying. I was promised to him after my surgery, huh? Is this who my Mom chose to replace the alliance Grandma Kudearoff picked for me/our family? There has to be a reason California feels like home. I feel God in California more than normal.

A1 was pretty smart, but I made him feel stupid and he hated it. He knew I was right about emotional intelligence being the secret sauce to smarts. And he also knew he did not have what it took to obtain it. Can you all see this yet? Emotional intelligence will get you places book smarts will not.

But Silver City, is the lady like me or did she help create me? There have to be others like me because they had to test it out on others. My brain/connections work too well for this to not have been tested. Cousin J has pain from her head injury, but I do not. I have a connection to God because God is energy. Where are the others like me who have a connection to God? Where do they hide us? We were created to be healers? My Grandma Kudearoff was like me and she was raised in a Russian Orthodox orphanage.

Where are my God like people?



P.S. Thank you to my Dad again for allowing me to read the bible once when I was little before we visited you Mom. It was a great story, no way would I have ever guessed it was so close to my story.

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