Chula Vista The Finish Line

Today, I reached Chula Vista. This is my finish line and moment of completion. I have succeeded at what I intended and set out to do. I started this adventure fleeing for my safety, but over the months and many realizations I came to understand just how big this all was. My coming into the understanding of who I am involved us all. This is why my family never wanted me to know who I really was. In finding myself, I freed us all.

Now, you all understand what is happening and can defend yourselves from the covert war tactics my family cult wages. No one deserves to be destroyed, we all deserve so much better than this. I cannot control what you all do with the information that I have gifted you with. But now I do know that I will be remembered for bringing you this information and this will be my legacy. Information is power and it changes people. And then it changes the world.

Now is your turn to decide how this is going to change the world. What are you all going to do with the information I gifted you with? It was worth risking my life to bring it to you all, but let’s get real my life has been under attack since my Brother was born. So it wasn’t as brave as some people want to make it out to be. It was just the logical solution to the difficult situation my birthright created. Logic is a beautiful thing, it calms my soul because it is not emotional. However, it is moral and does take right and wrong into account.

How are you all going to do right by yourselves? How are you going to do right by society? How are you going to do better?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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