Chula Vista-Where Evil Lives

Chula Vista

I have never experienced so many people who did not profit off the war games, but yet knows what my family cult is up to fighting their war for them. Why are you defending a system that aims to destroy you. Not only does the old system want to keep you small and manageable, but it wants to keep you diseased and in pain. Have you not learned from the pain the systems have already caused you?

Many of you all are immigrants. You moved here to have a chance at a better life, right? Well, here I am offering you a chance at a better life that does not involve destruction and pain and you are choosing destruction. Have you forgotten what you value in life? Because unless you value destruction over everything else you are fighting for the wrong side.

My family cult seeks to destroy everyone and you all should understand and know this the most out of anyone. Have you been tortured so much that you have forgotten what is like to experience real joy and happiness? Have you given up on a good life for your children? If you are left fighting this war you are fighting for not only your own destruction, but the destruction of your children and grandchildren as well.

I hope you change your mind and join my revolution. The people up North and I have fought so very hard to give you this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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