Code Names, Surnames, & Middle Names

Can you imagine how tired I am of being treated poorly by people with narcissistic tendencies? I am pretty sick of it. Not enough to be a serial killer like you all, but still sick of it. The only power I have in the big picture is being me and the common theme that I have had to overcome throughout my life is people withholding information. Well, this is how I learned to read people. Just being around people helps me piece together the puzzle of my family cult. I try not to give credit for these pieces too often because I know the ramifications and this is the closest to a covert killer I get.

So, let’s talk names. You all don’t know my family’s names. It is as if you all have aka’s that are used just for cult purposes. Communication and gossip requires names, not necessarily real names but names. My name is Nicole D. Graves, my middle initial is the first letter of my Dad’s first name. My Mom and all her sisters are like this too. However, out of my cousins I am the only girl who followed in this family tradition(as my Mom has explained it to me). But there are other names that have been used for “tradition” purposes for the others. Like my Brother who is an Earl Graves and my cousins who are Lee Hatch’s.

You all really do not know who my family is, but I am sure you are getting closer to figuring it out. If my family cult is so proud of their way of life, why do they not want to take credit for what they have done? Do you want to know who helped me figured this out?


Nicole Graves

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