Compare Apples To Apples

You know that saying about all suffering being the same? It’s a lie. Not all pain is equal. I am an instance in the war games where I was dealt a pretty lame hand of cards, but you know what? I still think about those who have it worse. I understand you all will do what you have to to others to get yourself to a desirable place, but you know that is just a biological misfiring right? This is merely an effect of increased cortisol levels and toxins in the system. Sure there are calming techniques, but life is always easier when you do not have to overcome biological warfare. We are built from the biology up.

Think about the things I saw in the group home! I grew up covertly locked in a bedroom for the 14/15 years of my life that I lived with my parents, only brought out for public/family events and for abuse. These kids had it worse. It is covert warfare so some of it seems “normal”, but it is not normal just merely normalized. Any of us could have ended up in one of those homes. All it takes is saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, look at me! We are blessed to be able to be free even in a covert way. And one day we will be blessed with so much more.

Sweet dreams of realities of the future!


Nicole Graves

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