Convicts, Military, & The Happy Reds

Well, my people are in Korea(have you ever looked at Korean IG?), but they allow them to have education and information. With me they abused me extremely while withholding education/information and when they finally realized that they could not turn me, then they tried to get me hooked on drugs. I did not like coke because it made my body hurt and meth scared me, but exctacy was my love. Does everyone who takes benzos get dosed with mdma?

This is why I am God like and do not connect with the 3D. I have had mold and heavy metal poisoning on top of being on hallucinagens most of my adult life. God, this makes so much sense on why others are so incapable of love and why my animals are so amazing. After being covertly locked in different rooms by myself for the majority of my childhood talking to God and then hallucinating on it for my adult life, no wonder I feel like I have figured out how things are supposed to be.

Last night, I got two cups of gas station lead coffee. Well, I am sure you saw me smiling like an idiot, out of control rambling, and listening to my Truman Show You Tube tarot readings. They put mdma in all my caffiene drinks now since I stopped taking pharmaceuticals. I did have a few years where they did not think I needed them because they thought they were killing me with the mold, heavy metals, and gases.

Mdma was created in the 1980’s(can we believe that?) to treat ptsd and it makes me feel sane, kinda like weed. With the trauma I have experienced, lead poisoning, mold poisoning, continuous gassing, and asperger’s my cortisol levels are through the roof. My anxiety pills used to tame my adernal glands but now it looks like my coffee and rock stars do. Do you all get a side of mdma with your coffee?

Currently I am still in northern Nevada, there are still convicts and military people following me. The convicts, military, and law enforcement are nationwide groups they have influence over I am assuming. My family must not have as much faith in them or they are just poisoning me extra for punishment for knowing too much.

They created me to be great, but every time I show any kind of greatness they punish me.

Love Nicole

P.S. Der are they doing this to you too? We used to love drinking the rock stars together. Or were you just there to make sure I drank them?

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