Creating New Traditions

The thing about this war is it is a covert war. The only power they get is the power you allow them to have. Sure, my Brother may have a birthright that makes him powerful in the cover war, but it is a birthright of destruction. I, however, have created a pretty overt revolution that involves creation of a better life for us all. Just because my birthright does not allow me to change the war games, does not mean I am going to stop changing the world.

Money has never been able to satisfy me. Freedom is what I have always sought out above all else. I refuse to accept learned helplessness. I refuse to accept that we all have to put up with being destroyed by the systems in place. I may not like that the only way out of this mess is for me to have a child and to raise that child with values that reflect my own, but I do still see that as a way out and something to have hope over.

I am going to need you all’s help though if this is going to work out. It is not always the second who is in charge. Just look at my Mom’s family, the Kudearoff’s, my Aunt Lana is in charge because my family cult breaks the rules when they see fit. Well, let’s break the rules. I want to help you all create something that works for us all. We do not need permission or to follow the rules to make that happen. We just need to continue to be revolutionary. There really is no other choice unless you all just want to roll over and allow yourself and your children to be destroyed.

We do not have to accept tradition when it is no longer working for us all. We just need to do what we need to do to update the traditions. Revolution still on!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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