Crossing Imaginary Lines

I crossed more imaginary lines today. The people in Northern Nevada are not as used to destroying me, as the people on I-5 or in Oregon or Arizona. Maybe they are just still shocked by the fact that I am still alive. My Mom has not seen my Aunt N since last March, when she found out I was still alive. This was literally a week before Covid started and we went into quarantine. Dare we assume there is a connection?

I bet my Aunt N wants to destroy my Mom so badly! You know what I can get on board with that, but I prefer just to watch. Two serial killers battling it, but with their rules and imaginary lines of covert warfare, how entertaining. Do we get snacks? No matter what happens to me my Mom’s life will be hell from here on out. Then she will die and have to face her worst sins. My human side can take great joy in this! Especially after seeing how the year in her house has not humbled her whatsoever.

Also, seeing the looks on the people’s faces is pretty priceless when they see me and realize the wizard behind the curtain cannot manage their own family. If they were as fancy as they claimed to be why not just be overt with me and make me listen? What are they afraid of? Do they maybe believe partially in the proficey the nun’s told me about when I was 4 in Calistoga? Or do they fear it because they disrespect God and our ancestors every chance they get?

I applaud your work Aunt N, making my Mom stay in her house is the best punishment for her because she feeds off other people. She has become quite ill and an even more extreme disassociation machine. The way she literally jumped off the couch with fear and anxiety when I told her I was leaving means she fears you greatly. But why is my Brother being punished for her sins? I love my brother and I would like him to stay alive, no matter how much evil he has taken part in.

I may never fully understand or know all the rules of this war, but do you know how to love? Love is the greatest trait in a leader. Did my Mom beat your heart out of you as a child? I was the only one she had to pick on when I was a child and she did not steal my heart. I can teach you how to change your brain so you enjoy love again and reverse your dark empathy. I can teach you all how to make your brain release dopamine when you see others winning. It is beautiful. This is why the world and life are so amazing to me.

I come from the dark side, but I learned how to live in the light.

Love Always


P.S. Why do I have a feeling not everyone knows I am still alive and you are just trying to do damage control?

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