Cultivated My Microbiome To Improve My Epigenetics This Week. How About You?

I cultivated my microbiome to improve my epigenetics this week. Not the most fun I have had, but I always learn a lot. The gut is your second brain and eww the stories it tells! After doing my extreme elimination diet on the road and then landing back to my Mom’s house, I have gained 20lbs in about a month and am ready to get back on board with my healthy ways again.

Health is a bit of a struggle up hill due to all the poison and the toxins at my Mom’s house, but trying is better than giving in and just taking it(aka rolling over and dying). I have things I want to do in life and that means I need to feel well enough to do those things. It is a struggle to stay on carnivore/keto with all these carb filled foods around. The snacks are what get me, I want to snack and I was not a big snacker in Az. So this snacky part of my microbiome I had to have developed while on the run(aka from eating potatoes). Thus growing my gut bacteria.

My running theory is with diet, fasting, and herbs I can alter my gut bacteria to no longer want to partake in this dopamine causing act if I get the biological factors in my favor as much as possible. Also, I am hoping this will help with my willpower which has gone to nothing with food(boredom!). I know it has to do with emotional eating for comfort and being triggered from all the pain, unfairness, and trauma that I have experienced in this house and with my Mom and Brother. But on the other hand, this is just what being home has always done to me. Of course now, I need to take into account that the water and the food and my things gets poisoned here too. So this should be about as revolutionary as things get, because anything you all can do to get your brain and body working more in your favor the better.

Try Herbs/Methods to alter your microbiome that I use: Clove essential oil, Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade, apple cider vinegar, fermented foods, coconut oil, caprylic acid, ginger, turmeric, aloe, garlic, biotin, and chorella/spirulina. Adding just one of these things to your daily routine can make you a better person literally.

Knowledge is power. But Action is God.


Nicole Graves

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