Day #198-Time To Be Bossy

My revolutionary people, I believe we have Sacramento on board with our revolution. It is quieter here than it was in Medford last night. I hope you all can feel the peace in the air. People here are in a bit of a state of shock, but good shock. I think this is something that most of us never expected.

If you are hearing/reading this I need to ask for another favor. I need you all to call the people you know in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I will go to as many cities as I have to before I move onto Nevada, but I have to admit I am tired and I just want to go home. Almost 200 days of being revolutionary is a lot for anyone I think. Now is the time where I have to put myself first, so I can figure out the best way to continue to be revolutionary and help us all explore our potentials.

A1 & Mr. Utah, you both are worth more to me alive. I have no problem building a death camp around each of you and sleeping well at night, but I would prefer if we could be a little more civilized than that. I need help realizing my potential so I can help my people realize their potential. And I want go home and never HAVE to go to Oregon again unless I want to.

A1 you always were an amazing activities director. I need you to get me and the munchies a suite at the Delano, pay 5k on my USSA credit card(you know my info), give me my credit card back, and find me a hotel that will accomidate(spelling?) me speaking this winter and meeting the people. The more money I can make the more people I can help. Plus, I would really enjoy having a worldwide ripple effect, because I know my Father and Great Grandfather have made some worldwide ripples that I need to make up for. Also, I would like to talk to you about real estate. I figured out how to do ISA work for a whole brokerage. I would love to sell real estate in Lake Havasu City because I do not want to do anymore schooling. Plus, I know a builder there that is paying too much in real estate fees that I would like to work with. If you and me can get along I think we could make a lot of money together and make a big difference in the world. Email me and I will check it tomorrow.

Mr. Utah, I would like my allowance back, but double it. You know my paypal or you can text me for my bank information. Also, I would like you to help me and A1 with the reparations that I owe to Nevada and Arizona. I am unsure what this will entail, but I am sure you will not mind making a few trips to Las Vegas to figure it out with me.

Mike I would like you to help me figure out the logistics of going to meet the people in person this spring when we can travel to them. I mostly would like to do the west coast and NV, NM, & Az to start. This will enable us to raise more money to support the exploration of potential for the people.

Marc from Texas & the Cosmo, I would love for you to keep me safe like you did before. I am unsure what you are up to these days, but if you are still in Vegas I would love for you to work with me on all my projects to make sure I am doing things in a safe manner. I enjoy being alone, but I know this is not the smartest thing to do all the time.

Okay that is all the bossy I have in me for today. Tomorrow we wake up and be revolutionary some more.

Thank you again my revolutionary people! You are magic, never forget this!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

License Plates: California 5cmx847, 8TBZ767, 8RLN562

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