Day 75-The Day Santa Fe Got To Know Me

Well, it took less than a month for Santa Fe to realize I am Not who my family claims I am. After seeing me eat raw meat with my hands in dirty clothes for over three weeks, they finally got the message that I am here to stay. Thank you Santa Fe for finally seeing the truth. I love the desert and poisoned meats are my norm. So I am glad you all realized this is still better conditions than I have lived in for many years. If not all of my life.

My family claims that I am a princess of sorts, but in reality I am the one they tried to break the most, all of them. However, my Asperger’s genius makes me always come back to life after they break me. Don’t get me wrong, they hurt me all the time(over and over) and make me feel so jealous of people who do not have to overcome their own family cult. However, I have not lived this long to give up now. Plus, I know my dogs would be greatly tortured if anything happened to me. It is bad enough they are having to deal with the heat and the fasting.

When I found out I was good at real estate they were trying to destroy me the most they ever have. I was healing cancer, living in a death camp with gas bombs, mold, radon, and they were poisoning my food, poisoning my toothbruth, my lotions, body oils, toothpaste, putting E in my rock stars, etc. They were trying to kill me covertly and it just was not working and they were getting pissed. I flourished at the death camp. Giving up everything that I really enjoyed was the only way to survive, but I knew this because this was how it was when I was a child. Playing dead is an important war strategy everyone needs to learn. They thought I was dead and that is when I made my moves and then ran for it.

If I can flourish in a death camp and find my calling in real estate, I can flourish now. I looked at my video today and even though I am dirty and sweaty, you can tell I am getting healthier and healing. Life is all about progress and boy I love progress. It is always worth celebrating. I know this war is nowhere near over, I have celebrated too early too many times already. I doubt this will ever be over completely. However, today was a great step in the right direction.

Thank you Santa Fe, I appreciate you!

Nicole Graves

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