Dear A1

Dear A1

I am unsure as to who you really are, but that is how I feel about everyone pretty much nowadays. My gut bacteria has been warred on harshly today and the moon is in cancer, so I am writing you out of emotion. Never a good idea, but at this point at least it will make me feel better. It does not matter if you care about me or love me, I know you understand the power I hold and how smart I am. It will only take me a year and a half to get married and have a baby and in that time I can create great wealth using my newly found real estate skills.

Please help me, not only for me and the munchies, but for the changes we can make to the world. You used to tell me little pieces here and there about your childhood and so I know you know suffering. Can you help me help the world? No one should have to grow up in this madness. I may not know you, but you do know me the most I have let anyone know me as a grown adult. Please do something. I do not need a romantic partner, just a partner in this revolution.

I am negotiating with terrorists so you know it must be bad.

Love Always


P.S. To Elise Noble from Noble Real Estate and Thomas Trujillo from Keller Williams Santa Fe, I heard in your voices that you know who I am. You will have to answer for what you did today. Not to me, but to your ancestors and your higher power. And to the people of Santa Fe and the rest of the world.

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