Dear Albuquerque

Dear Albuquerque

Thank you for understanding the severity of the situation we are all in. Dealing with the Kudearoff family is not an easy situation for anyone. It is just something you learn to step back from and look at logically without emotions.

So, there are two options. Option one is you sign up to destroy me, you fail, and then they destroy you. Option two is you just live your life and leave me be, while I partake in exploring my potential and healing Autism/Asperger’s. Neither option is ideal, but in the later you get the option to have a better life in the end.

I don’t know how many of you know that my people in the group homes are like me and not whatever my family told you they were. We all deserve so much better and we deserve healing. And you deserve to actually meet your children for who they really are that has been stolen and hidden from you.

I desire to heal everyone, including you. There is no reason we are all living in such pain and disillusionment. I am not asking for your help, just for you not to get in my way with your efforts of destruction. Allow me to work with God on my birthright, the way he has shown it to me. Rather than the way my family has perverted it. Now is the time for healing.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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