Dear Aunt Lana, Aunt Lydia, & Uncle Brett

Dear Aunt Lana, Aunt Lydia, & Uncle Brett,

Why are you all not helping me? Aunt Lana you have been enslaved to my Mom for my whole life. She still pressures you to partake in her dark war games that she greatly enjoys, but you are not dead inside completely. You refused to come over to her house when I was there about two months ago, because you did not want to play her games with me. Why does our family feel like I am worth sacrificing? You are my God Mother and you know my Mother has never been interested in my best interest or even my well being, but you do nothing still. How do you do this? I understand you have to watch out for Der, but how do you rationalize the ten years before he was born?

Aunt Lydia & Uncle Brett you both are also my God parents. I remember when you were young, in love, and so fun to be around. Do you remember me? I still do not understand these war games completely, but there has to be something you can do. You all have watched me be tortured my whole life and just turned your heads the other way, pretending it wasn’t happening. Is that what you are doing now? Have you written me off as dead for your own sanity/conscience?

I suppose I really do not expect you all to do anything, but I just needed to vent. Why didn’t you all just tell me about the war games, instead of letting me endure a lifetime of pain? I still love you all.

Love Always


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