Dear Aunt Lee

Dear Aunt Lee

I am not mad at you. Sorry I reacted poorly when I saw you yesterdag, but you know the poison is strong. They are trying to get me to have a heart attack, but you know because my Dad has done this to you too. What did you do that pissed him off? I don’t care who you have sex with. I am just interested in making sense of my choppy logic life. You are the only woman in the Kudearoff family that I was programmed to look up to and my Mom always had increased blood pressure when she talks about you. So things make sense and that makes my brain and heart feel better. I always wondered why your kids got to be healthy. They wanted me to grow up and be like you, willing to make sacrifices for my children. I kind of admire what you did. I am all for using being a woman to my best advantage.

You know this is the biggest and the scariest thing I have ever done. And if I fail the world is going to pay for it. You are a Pisces like my Dad, so you can connect in with your emotions. I need your help. I have learned to read minds and energy, I know it sounds whoo whoo but can you even fathom how I got this far? I know I can’t. I am beyond overwhelmed when I really think about it all, but no time for emotions now. The world is on the line.

Tell me what to do, tell me what pieces I am missing still that will help me figure this puzzle out. There is only one group of people left enslaved besides the Tacoma guys(and some that have grown older and higher in rank), it is a group of hybrid Nazis(Scandinavian and South American) but they are old school like they have not been called upon since the 80s. Who are these people? There were a ton in Florence. Just sit and think clearly the answers. or think about it while walking the dogs. I know it sounds crazy, but just try it nothing to loose right. Its a covert favor. Sorry again for the cortisol response. Dream of what this could mean for us all! <3

Love Always

Nicole Lee

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